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Causes: Climate Change, Population Studies

Mission: Population Connection, founded in 1968, is the nation's largest grassroots organization concerned with the impacts of rapid population growth. Population Connection's mission -- to slow population growth and achieve a sustainable balance between the Earth's people and its resources -- is based on the fundamental premise that the finite resources of the world cannot support an infinite number of people. Continued population growth is foremost among the factors aggravating deforestation, wildlife extinction, climate change, and other critical environmental and social problems. As a U.S. based organization, Population Connection works to educate and motivate Americans to help meet the global population challenge. By encouraging people to get involved and educate others, Population Connection believes that Americans can begin to alter current trends and make the personal and political decisions necessary to ensure a high quality future for all.

Population Connection advocates a variety of measures to reduce population pressures, including adoption of a national population policy, reduction of wasteful consumption, access to safe and affordable contraceptives, enhanced educational and employment opportunities for women, and international support for voluntary family planning programs.

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Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

I was introduced to the Population Connection curriculum while a doctoral student in social studies/history education. I became a trainer in 2005 and have been presenting Population Connection workshops at conferences and to the undergraduate education majors I teach since then. I am impressed with the relevancy of the topics covered (ecology/global issues related to education and distribution of resources) as well as the way these topics are integrated among content areas e.g., one lesson may fit standards in math, social studies, and science.
The lesson plans are well-done, tailored for both beginning and veteran teachers; in addition, the folks I work with at Population Connection are dedicated and passionate about the program. Every semester, students list the Population Connection workshop and activities as one of the top activities in my course!



Rating: 5

I started teaching in 1990 and using Population Connection curriculum in 1993. I have also been a trainer for the program since 1993. These are the easiest activities to use and with the new state standards PC curriculum are staying current. I have used these in a variety of levels of education - middle school, high school and college. I have used these activities with Girl Scout troops also.
The great thing I love about PC activities is the interdisciplinary usefulness of them. I can work with teachers in other depts or I can present multiple subject matter areas within my classroom.
If I could use only one resource that I have in my current toolbox of teaching, Population connection curriculum would be it!!!

2 Sue Ellen L.


Rating: 5

I have worked as a volunteer educator and PETNet trainer since this organization was ZPG. They have always been extremely enthusiastic and helpful with their assistance in setting up my teacher workshops. The materials are timely, educational and fun. The teachers I mentor enjoy the activities and bring them into their own classrooms.

As a classroom educator, I use the PopConn materials in my AP Env Sci, Env Sci Honors & Env Sci classes to teach population issues, making it the central focus of our studies of human interaction with the environment. There are activities for students of all levels.

2 Falco G.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 3

They do good work. I have been visiting their website frequently for information about Population-development & Politics surrounding it.
However, I have been doing so only for a few months to be able to say more about Population Connection.



Rating: 5

In addressing the issue of human population, Population Connection addresses an issue that is not only key to the future of our planet, but one that few other groups even seem willing to acknowledge. Population impacts the quality of life for humans as well as wildlife, and my support for Population allows me to take a part in improving the relationship between man and nature.

2 Taysia K.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

Population Connection is a fantastic non-profit that not only highlights the population problems facing the human race, but they also do a great job of sharing positive news and progress on the overpopulation front. They keep the community aware of ongoing political progress as well as bringing general awareness of overpopulation to the public. I am so grateful they are doing such an amazing job and shedding light on the most pressing social issue of our time. Thank you Population Connection!!