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Orange County Cavy Haven

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Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals

Mission: The specific charitable purposes for which this corporation is organized are to provide temporary care for abandoned, neglected, and mistreated cavies while placing them in new homes, and to educate the public concerning their proper care. OCCH volunteers began rescuing guinea pigs in 2001 to fill a need left by the closing of the major guinea pig rescue in Los Angeles. A major activity of OCCH is public education.

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Client Served

Rating: 5

I'am Edgar Ramirez and I am in the 7th grade and I attend Vista View middle school. I have been in SteppingUP for 2 years. SteppingUP is so great because they prepare us for college and they help you with scholarships. I have learned about the A through G's and what classes I need to take to become a doctor.


Rating: 5

I became involved with Orange County Cavy Haven as an adopter - my husband and I adopted a pair of sisters (Lilly and May), and we were so touched and impressed by the care, time, and effort that went into the process (not to mention falling head over heels in love with guinea pigs!) that I wanted to become more involved. What I have discovered volunteering with this rescue is an incredibly dedicated, motivated, hard-working group of volunteers who put their heart and souls into saving pigs in danger. The support system is amazing - I have been able to reach out for advice at any time, day or night, my ideas are taken into consideration, my input is valued, and I really DO feel like this rescue is making an impact. With very few exceptions, everyone works well together and pitches in to help with events, fostering, donating, shelter scouting - you name it, they do it. I am so honored and proud to be a part of Orange County Cavy Haven. I would advise anyone thinking about volunteering to do so - it is incredibly rewarding, and there are so many ways to help. If you can't afford to make monetary donations, volunteer some time. If you have space in your home, foster - or adopt. if you don't have any time but want to help, send in a check! Everything that volunteers do - no matter how big or small - DOES make a difference. I have to admit, I was quite taken aback by the one negative review here, but when I did a search, every single one of her reviews is negative. I think some people just can't find happiness, no matter what they are doing. Don't let that affect YOUR decision to help the charity of your choice it is definitely worth it!

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I have had many interactions with OCCH. The volunteers have been so generous with their time and knowledge - I honestly would not have made it through my various "piggy crisis" without the help of OCCH. Their knowledge and love of all things "guinea pig" is unsurpassed. If u are thinking of recurring a guinea pig, there is no better community to become involved with.


Rating: 5

I adopted my first guinea pigs from Cavy Haven several years ago. I was very pleased with the thoroughness of the application process and the attentiveness of the adoption counselor and foster from whom I picked up my pigs. I was new to guinea pigs and they stayed in touch with me and helped me with my questions and clearly loved the pigs they turned over to me. I started volunteering with them shortly thereafter because when I would go to their Supply Day to pick up supplies I had ordered, I noticed that they had a lot of volunteers working hard to help people out and I wanted to pitch in. What I learned is that OCCH is a group of hard-working, dedicated volunteers who care deeply about helping guinea pigs and also the people who adopt from them. I am not surprised to see the review by NevadaGirl. She is very young and perhaps has not worked with volunteer organizations long enough to realize that nobody is getting paid to attend to her every need on her time frame. She immediately started bashing the last rescue she helped out with saying much of the same things she's saying about OCCH. Instead of thanking people who tried to help her and even donated their personal time and supplies, she started making unreasonable demands and expecting everyone to drop everything to put her first in line. She was asked to leave because her negativity was impacting others in the rescue. So now OCCH is just another in her growing list of volunteer organizations she can bash. That doesn't surprise me coming from a young person who is just starting out in life and needs to learn that the world does not revolve around her. What also doesn't surprise me is that she would allow her personal vendetta to possibly affect innocent animals. What does surprise me is that GuideStar would allow negative personal attacks on this site. OCCH has helped hundreds of animals who otherwise would have perished and the person who founded the rescue and the long-time volunteers have given countless hours of their life in pursuit of one goal - helping guinea pigs. It's a shame that GuideStar would allow someone to take out a personal vendetta on someone in a forum meant to focus on the work of nonprofits. I know that OCCH has done and will continue to do overwhelmingly good work in the community and for the animals and people who love them. I am proud to be a part of such a wonderful organization filled with people who donate so much of themselves to help animals who are so often thought of as disposable.


Rating: 1

I found this group through a volunteer organization online. I had fun for a couple of months with them. The lack of organization and passing the buck that went on got old very fast. I recall one woman who had a busy job in finance often doing events alone, or with myself and one other person. People would keep recommending that the supply day events be done the morning of even though it was proven that with the amount of orders doing all the bagging and measuring was not going to work on the morning of the event. I found out I could foster from my landlord. I was barely given supplies, but was given money for veggies given at the time I was not working and could otherwise not afford to foster. I had issues with the woman who runs the group who is never at events - she answered the emails and none of her emails made sense and the bullk of them come across as very passive aggressive. Given the poor organization and the poor delegation of tasks, I would not recommend that you volunteer with this group. They do not abuse the animals but the people who volunteer are not treated well and it seemed like a few of the people - including the leader who has mental issues - were carrying all the weight in an organization with over 42 fosters (at the time I was with it) and somewhere near that many volunteers. They were not good at broadcasting for help even. Just very poorly organized.

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cavyhaven_info 07/12/2012

This volunteer was dismissed for negative behavior towards other volunteers. We value our volunteers and strive to provide a positive environment and a rewarding volunteer experience. To learn more about our volunteer programs, visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cavyhaven

1 Kimberly Kay W.

Client Served

Rating: 5

We adopted our two guinea pigs in February of last year. I have to admit, I was a little taken back by the questions and impressed at the thoroughness of the adoption process. I now understand that Orange County Cavy Haven doesn't just want to disburse their rescued piggies to anyone that comes along. They want to be assured that the potential adopters understand the time, effort and financial commitment that is involved with each adoption. Would it have been faster to go to my local pet store a just buy a guinea pig,?sure...but what a great opportunity we would have been passing up. These pigs have been fostered by volunteers that only have the piggies best interest at heart. Several times a year these volunteers offer their time and services to those that need supply's, pig grooming, or just have questions. Orange County Cavy Haven doesn't stop at the county line either, often on their blog and facebook you'll read of "transport trains" set up to save guinea pigs in LA, Riverside or San Diego Counties. We had the honor of being a small part in one of these transports last year. My daughters were so excited to help a little pig in need. Guinea Pigs make get pets and companions. My husband and I are loving them more than we ever thought we would when we got them for our girls. The volunteers at Orange County Cavy Haven are loving and selfless when it comes to these animals, for this I can't thank them enough.