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Rating: 1

This is a nonprofit in name only--it's really a moneymaking racket for a few elitists at the top of the pyramid. Charity toward the poor is not only neglected, but it is also forbidden. We were regularly counseled not to bring poor people to church, and even though hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised for "world missions," the missionaries testify that they are kept in poverty and not adequately supported. There was an attempt a few years ago to gift 39 acres of prime real estate to the founder's son in law, but public exposure forced them to retreat. Don't be fooled--it's a family real estate business disguised as a church. If I could select zero stars, I would.



Rating: 1

I was an active member, and ordained minister in good standing in this church for 30 years. I witnessed much of the abuse, and intimidation referenced by the postings of many former members of this group first hand.

Recently the testimony of three young women, raised in this group, has been published, additional allegations have been made by more woman who suffered similar sexual abuse, but they are reluctant to come forward for fear of reprisal, and or current membership in this group.

Their abuse occurred in various states, and by various ministers of this group. At the time, the accusations were taken to the current senior pastor and CEO, Michael C. Kekel, COB Joseph H. Olson, and other current members of the board(s) of directors, as well as family members. Their accusations were dismissed with no investigation, and with little or no repercussions or consequences to the perpetrators of these crimes, and no report to police or CPS was made.

Pam, Lisa, and Julie were sexually abused, raped, and suffered physical, spiritual, and emotional abuse over an extended period of time. All of these victims have suffered in silence for many years, having been shunned by the church and their families. Most of the average clergy, and members of church had no idea that this conduct was even possible much less perpetrated upon these girls, by their leaders.

These three women made credible accusations of sexual misconduct by Roger W Davis, James R. Ashmore, and Ralph Saint Clair, of rape, and Michael C. Kekel of voyeurism, and corporal punishment with a sexual nature. Their testimony included names, time frames, and places, with corroborating information from reliable sources.

The families of these young woman conspired with this conduct, and turning a blind eye to the witnesses of their daughters, refused to believe them. These women were ridiculed publicly and privately, slandered, and finally excommunicated. These actions are disgusting and completely detestable by any normal standards of decency, much less by officers of the clergy, and highly esteemed members of the church.

As a splinter group of the “holiness movement,” this church was founded under the Missouri Statutes as a non-profit corporation 355, and the IRS 501c3. The Missouri Statutes require that the boards of directors be replaced for conduct such as these allegations, hiding sexual misconduct, misappropriation of funds, malfeasance, and all other related activities . Examples of corruption are clearly seen on the Pierce County Wa. real estate website, gifting of 40 acres of prime real estate from the COB to the CEO without the knowledge, or consent of the congregation(s), gifting of real estate, financing of properties with church resources, purchases and sales to and from board members, and friends of the board, avoiding sales, excise taxes, and market rates are corrupt, and demand criminal, and civil action against these extortionists.

These leaders have used the first amendment of the US Constitution to hide their questionable practices for decades.
Former members of these groups have reported to governmental agencies such as the IRS, States Attorney Generals, Secretaries of States, Prosecuting Attorneys, and Sheriffs departments, but have failed to bring criminal proceedings, or change the practices of this group. The statutes of limitations for the three women have expired in the various states where these alleged crimes took place. News media has been contacted as well. Presently, only the Mountain News, and several blogs have reported this activity.

I call upon the current members, and body of the congregations of this church to call for a vote to remove the Board(s) of Directors and all the leadership of these churches and replace them with Godly and humble leaders that will be accountable to the congregations, and to God. The original vote to install RW Davis as the CEO, of the corporation, was fraudulently presented to the congregation, and was never intended to be perpetual, and with no accountability to the membership of the church.

These leaders live in castles, live extravagant lifestyles, and have no accountability to the congregation(s) which they are supposedly serving. These people serve themselves, and their families. The congregation(s) should demand that they be replaced.

Both of these church corporation(s) IRS status as 501c3 charitable institution(s) should be revoked, and the pecuniary profit and personal gain of these individuals should be forfeited back to the church, for its intended use.

The IRS, the States Attorneys General(s), the Secretary of State(s), of Missouri, Washington, and other States, have an interest in holding these leaders accountable to the founding documents of the organization that states that they are to be a non-profit organizations. The private inurement doctrine is another private benefit rule applicable to public charities. The doctrine comes directly from the language of section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code that only organizations “no part of the net earnings of which inures to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual” may be exempt under section 501(c)(3). A 501(c)(3) organization that violates the private inurement doctrine fails to be operated exclusively for one or more exempt purposes and is subject to revocation of its exempt status.

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