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Mommy & Me Rescue

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals

Mission: Mommy & me is a no-kill, Pennsylvania state licensed, charitable non-profit 501(c)(3) rescue center servicing the central Pennsylvania area. We are dedicated to rescuing dogs that are in need of homes, no matter the reason. We take in a lot of special needs dogs that require extensive medical care, strays, puppy mill dogs, and cruelty cases. Dogs that are ill, pregnant, nursing, or too young to be placed at the center are cared for in my home. They are treated as members of our family until they are able to be adopted or transferred to the center. We strive to learn as much as we can about an animal so that we can make sure they are a great match for their new family. We screen potential adopters intensely prior to allowing them to meet a dog or puppy.

Target demographics: Dogs in need all over Pennsylvania

Direct beneficiaries per year: Over 200 dogs get the vet care they needed and find wonderful homes.

Programs: FIDOS is a program that pairs incarcerated individuals with rescue dogs. The offenders work with the dogs on basic obedience, house training, and crate training. The dogs will then be placed for adoption through Mommy & me Rescue. This is a great opportunity for the dogs and inmates to help rehabilitate each other and work towards a brighter future.

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I reserved the dog Zena on November 1. When I got to the shelter, they gave me the dog in the close up and refuse to admit their mistake. They either microchipped the dogs in error by name or gave my dog Zena to Susie's owners. When I advised her immediately upon pickup, she denied it. But, it was the last puppy in the litter left and we'd already traveled more than 6 hours that day and we're more than half way home. So, I said that I'd try to make a go of it since the children were at home waiting for a puppy. The puppy has delivery gut feeling moments of sweetness. But, she is a very dominant and somewhat aggressive personality. Throughout the process I advised Carole that temperament was the key ingredient-- I have been involved in pet therapy and a certified pet therapist for years both with children and senior citizens. I contacted them to state my concern about her biting behavior -- not puppy mouthing but biting. We have been trying a number of different approaches to try to break her of the biting but she is still biting aggressively. She is biting the children, the other dogs (German shepherd and border collie) and she is biting the adults. We are not inexperienced dog owners. I have discussed this with the vet, we have modified our approach but she is still biting. When I brought this up to Carol, she demanded an immediate return of the puppy stating that we don't love the puppy, called the local police in my state (4 hours away) to report that I'd stolen the puppy after paying $275 for her. She did not furnish Zena in the photo who I put the deposit on, but as you can clearly see, furnished me with Suzie and will not refund the $275. Whether that is because it was intentional or unintentional, I'll never know. But the fact that she continues not to own up to the mistake and escalate her mistake and accuses me for not loving this puppy is erroneous. It has torn our family up. If she had provided the temperament tested dog and the dog that I put the deposit on, that would be fine. She did not honor the contract. She is disreputable despite the good work that she tries to do finding homes for dogs. We made a charitable contribution to organization in excess of the cost of the puppy... but caveat emptor. It's clear to see that the puppy we were given is Suzie.

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MommynmeRescue 08/10/2017

I'm sorry you felt the need to lie about the puppy you adopted. Within 15 minutes of leaving the adoption you called me and said "I think this is the wrong puppy". I told you to please come back immediately and you said, "No, it's ok, she is beautiful and I will love her anyway". I then told you please have your vet scan the microchip to confirm that she is indeed the correct puppy. Your vet DID confirm that the chip matched all of the paperwork. A month later you told me again it was the wrong puppy and again I told you to return her. You then stated yet again, "I love her, I just want you to say you gave me the wrong puppy". Fast forward two months and you contacted me again via email (thank god for records of all of this) and you told me she was horrible and bites all the time that she is very aggressive. You again stated, she was the wrong puppy and that you wanted me to admit it was the wrong puppy.


MommynmeRescue 08/10/2017

You ranted and raved about her being aggressive at just 4 months old and claimed she had been aggressive since the moment you got her at 8 weeks. You told me you didn't want her but were not going to return her to me. At that point I became concerned that you would harm her or take her to a shelter and demanded her return. You refused to cooperate so I called the authorities and sent them copies of the contract. They then informed you that you must return the puppy, which thank God you finally complied. She was then evaluated by a professional trainer who said she is a wonderful, well adjusted, well balanced puppy. To be extra cautious we placed her in our prison program and had 4 weeks of observation and basic obedience training. She excelled at all and passed with flying colors. She was then adopted to a wonderful family and is now living the life she deserves.