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Majestic Equine Rescue Foundation

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Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animal-Related, Animals, Philanthropy

Mission: Majestic Equine Rescue Foundation (MERF) was formed to provide rescue and sanctuary to abused, injured, homeless and surrendered equines until they can be placed in permanent loving homes; to provide an equine assisted therapeutic program to assist at-risk children; and to deepen the natural bond between horse and human through educational and outreach programs.

Results: We just opened our doors Jan 2011 and have had two adoptions already. I am proud to say we are helping communities through education on how to raise and care for horses, hoping to prevent equine distress & abuse.

Target demographics: For anyone interested in owning horses and need to understand how to take care of one and helping children learn to be effective adults through healing horses.

Geographic areas served: Knox County - 1 location Jackson County - 2 location

Programs: The Horsemanship program is a unique program that focuses on personal growth through horsemanship. Each student will be taught how to properly care for their horse. Anywhere from how much it costs to care for a horse, feed, water, shelter, hoof care, teeth care, horse maintenance, how much space a horse needs, to actually learning what a horse is really telling you it needs to feel safe in a new home. We will also be demonstrating personal growth by caring for something other than themselves. The personal goal for this program is to teach the student the ability to listen to instruction, learn from the experience and apply first rate knowledge to care for their new found friend and gain self-esteem through accomplishing the goals laid out in the program. Participants are welcome to use their own horse or choose one of Majestic's horses the duration of the program, They will also learn horsemanship, safety skills, horse management and eventually beginner/advanced riding skills.

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General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

If anyone is searching for this Ms Deanna Bishop I have her location you will find her in Kissimmee, Florida where she is hiding. Living in Mill Creek Campground with her 2 mini pinchers she is constantly abusing. Now in the process of running a dog rescue if you are searching for her contact Gordon park manager of Mill Creek Campground.

Mill Creek Campground is located off Michigan Avenue Kissimmee, Fl 34744

1 wilsharlaleo

General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

This is a phony rescue. IMO Do not do any business with her. She deemed a horse dangerous sight unseen sent it back to the auction house without evaluating it.

Comments ( 1 )


info 06/19/2011

What this person failed to mention was that the horse attacked the trainer sent to pick up the horse and her daughter. The horse attacked the child and tried to kick her in the face. We do have children that come here to this facility with autism. I will not risk any child's life for any animal regardless of the animal's past. Most of the children that come here are between the ages of 5 -20. They are right, any horse that would attack a child is not safe to bring to the farm that deals with children. Any horse that would attack a child has no business being at the farm period. So they can say what they want! I WILL NOT RISK A CHILD's LIFE FOR ANY HORSE or ANIMAL. So yes, I sent it back to Camelot Auction. The entire time I was on the phone with people bidding on the horse to save it. The horse was in ZERO danger. As well as, Camelot auction has not sent any horse to slaughter in well over ten years. The horse was purchased and those people also decided the horse was to much of a risk and they sold it to helping Hearts Rescue. Who also has deemed the horse a safety hazard and now the horse lives in a paddock by itself.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

Fund raised for by a "RESCUE" and now heading back to Camelot #214 from 4/13/2011 sale
Majestic Equine Rescue Foundation has just found out that Charmed One will not be coming to the rescue. She has been throughly abused and is unsafe people. She looks great in the field and the pasture. But she will attack you if you get to close to ...her. It is with great disappointment that The B.O.D for Majestic has decided NOT to take the horse. We can not as a business take in a horse that is dangerous to the people who work here or for the children who come to visit.

Comments ( 1 )


info 05/20/2011

What took place is very simple. The haffie we purchased from Camelot was aggressive and although not mean, she is petrified of people. She did try to double barrel one of my best friends and one of the best trainers I know. Diane Romano Potocki. If Diane said the horse was bad and definitely not what I need for my kids programs and is dangerous to kids, adults and me. Then I sure did not want her on my farm. Insurance wise, liability wise, or health wise I will not and can not have a horse here that would hurt someone (especially a child) be brought here. So it was with a heavy heart that I made the decision to send her back. If she tried to attack Diane and Her daughter Jet who where only trying to feed her. What would you do if a child ran up behind her and made a loud noise or lord knows threw their hands up and she double barreled them? We have children with autism come here and I can not risk a child getting hurt. Regardless of what people feel, I will not put any child at risk. Sure I could of had her taken to another facility and paid more money for her to be held onto. But would it do any good to send her to another rescue who would of blasted me for sending them a horse that was dangerous. No matter what in this situation I did the right thing. I am not able or equipped to handle a horse that is so severely scarred that she will attack you trying to feed her. I can not and WILL NOT take a chance for a child to get hurt even accidentally. She was purchased by a private buyer who is fully aware of who she is and why she was sent back. Which I knew sending her back to Camelot she would get. Did I contact a trainer to try to help her since she was beyond my capabilities? No, I did not. Frankly I was so upset at finding out that she would hurt people, my first thought was that I did not want her coming here and to the safety of the transporter and her daughter was my first priority. If it comes down to a human vs animal. I will take the human over an animal any day. That is exactly what happened. People need to accept that for me, I did the right thing. She was purchased by a private buyer who knows why she was sent back. She is forewarned and therefore will be getting the training she needs. I look forward to hearing updates on how Charmed One is doing.

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

As Founder of my own rescue I can say that Majestic Equine Rescue Foundation (MERF), is a true honest rescue, dedicated to helping equines in need. Your donates go to helping provide support to rescued horses, and when you adopt you save two lives, the one you adopted and the room you have provided for MERF to rescue another one in need.