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Kingman Old Timers Chat-N-Chow

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General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

What ever happened to this non profit? I think they took the money and ran. They must be out of business and I am almost sure they never gave money to the meals on wheels program. Thanks to Charlie Fike this non profit folded.


Rating: 1

Show us a copy of any donation made to the senior nutrition center by the former chat n chow. They said they would provide funds and that was the reason they left. We have yet to see a dime as far as I know.


Rating: 5

The information in some of these reviews is extremely off base. The funds that were FILED through IRS and other required official data has shown that the assets in the 2009 filing included many items that the members voted to keep in the possession of the County. They also voted to move the facility to a permanent location and office by 16-0 with the Secretary and Treasurer obstaining. Mike Barratta brought the idea to the Board in August of 2009, then he left the board and the new President, Richard Graff continued the process that the membership in attendance voted on. All of the furniture assets and LTAF funding were returned to the County and the decision to leave the Sr. Center was based on the requirements given by the County for a membership that felt they would not be able to accommodate the requirements. THEY VOTED FOR ALL THESE THINGS WITH the Secretary and the Treasurer abstaining from each vote. The assets were all in tact and as of September of 2010 were still in place with an additional $3,000.00 added to the building fund that was a total verified total from the statutory agent and Charlie Fike of $41,000.00. When the Board of 2009-2010 left the office, they were into the 2nd year on a lease, had granted monies exceeding over $12,000.00 to those in need, developed a food box program, aided in donations of clothing, furniture and misc. for seniors, developed social programs for sr. and still had $4,000.00 over the amount of total assets in 2009.
There is a new Board that went into officership in September of 2010 and they hold the funds from a Board and a membership of over 300 people.


Board Member

Rating: 5

The 3 reviews in this site in December and January are EXTREMELY misleading. The Chat-n-Chow left because they voted to not continue to be a site council for the County based on a 19 page description of their new responsibilities. On the day in question when the decision was made...after days of working with Susie Deputy County Manager...an amicable agreement was that the funds that had been collected would not be turned over to the County after hundreds of people within the community understood that those funds were donated to make payment for food items. Richard Graff was the acting President on that day and there were supposed to be two different individuals coming in to take the nomination for President, after Mike Barrata vacated the position without letting any of the officers know. When those that were expected did not come in, the Secretary was asked to present the 4 options given to us with the negotiation of the County. #1: remain as the site council and perform the duties required under the 19 page description; #2: Move the Chat-n-Chow and become independent, but keep in line with the Articles of Incorporation and the By-laws; #3: disband the Non-profit and transfer the funds to another charity of their choosing; or #4: Talk to the county about taking over the entire program (this one seemed not possible because of the amount of funding needed). Richard made a motion for a vote and it was voted 16-0 (with Audrey Hillyer and Sherry White abstaining) to move the Chat-n-Chow. Charlie Fike can confirm that the building fund was at the time of his leaving at $41,000.00 not $72,000.00. There are records of confirmation dating back to 2007. There is currently $49,000.00 in the building fund because of the current Board securing and increasing those funds through management and fundraising. NOTHING HAS BEEN TAKEN and is still in tact from day one. The name was adjusted to the I.C.A.N. Center (Inter-Community Action Network) because there is no hot lunch program. Food boxes are distributed to seniors from all over; financial aid is dispursed through an in-take application process; clothing is given to those in need; social programs include (sewing, social club, bingo, and will soon include, Bible Study, an exercise program and more). All filings have been completed with the State (which the former regeme had never filed with the Secretary of State's Office) all local licensing is in place (which the bargain box had never applied with the City of Kingman and they were out of compliance) All IRS forms are filed with the current information and data. Just so every knows, we are helping in the amount of $1,500.00 per month on average to the Mohave County community. We are connecting with other organizations to see where we can help them. We are scheduling more and more events for our membership of 273 adults and will continue to forge ahead to building a wonderful Community Center when the funds and timing are appropriate. Thank you for your time and we appreciate your help. Come down to the center and check it out. 1911 Kino Avenue, Kingman (the castle).


General Member of the Public

Rating: 2

Here's to you Mike in regards to your comment about Charlie Fike. From the Kingman Daily Miner. As for Charlie Fike, I have always said he was a dedicated Mohave County employee who always wanted to help out the seniors of this community. His life was all about the Senior Nutrition Center, Meals on Wheels, Chat-N-Chow and the seniors themselves. He was loved by all who visited the center and those who were lucky enough to have had the opportunity to meet him, all know he is an outstanding unselfish man with a very kind and gentle heart. It saddens me that certain Mohave County employees were the driving force that caused Charlie Fike to leave. Fike has now become a loss to all of us- Butch Meriwether I have personally met Charlie Fike and let me tell you, if there were more people dedicated to these kind of programs here in Kingman, a lot of people would think it is a great place to live in.- Kingman Writers' Group Member There is one person who has worked tirelessly for all of us. Ever since his first day as our site supervisor, his optimism, steadfast direction and dedication, and his unwavering persistence in working for our benefit has been a joy to observe and appreciate. His accomplishments are many, but the biggest one I must mention is the change in "atmosphere." Dealing with around 100 seniors can have occasional moments of conflict. His soft spoken words of concern, his ability to clarify intention and purpose, and resolve sticky situations, have enabled all of us to enjoy our hours and days at the Chat N Chow. He is loved and appreciated. His name is Charlie Fike. Thanks Charlie. - Shirl Graff Here were just a few. There are a lot more out there who would not support your thoughts on Charlie. He truly is one of a kind and the best man you will ever meet. He has earned the respect of many. Now next time you want to use the internet as a means to disgrace someone's name you may want to think twice. While your at it check out the laws on Slander and Defamation.


Former staff

Rating: 4

I am always amused by comments people make that have no basis in fact (especially comments by Mike who tried his best to control the Chat-N-Chow funds through absent proxy vote majority for day-to-day Board business). I do however applaud Mike for signing and taking responsibility for his comments. It is unfortunate for those at the Kingman Senior Nutrition Center that funds being accumulated with the hope of building a new Senior Center in Kingman have moved to a new location. However, the number stated is inflated and very inaccurate. For those so inclined, all you need to do is attend a Chat-N-Chow board meeting and you can ask what the fund amount is or was. One thing that needs to be understood is that, while saving for a new center is noble, the cost to purchase land and construct a new facility is immense. The money saved through sales in the thrift store and fund raisers would not cover the architect’s fees. Building a new center with the Chat-N-Chow funds could never happen in any of our lifetimes. All of the turmoil surrounding the decision by the Chat-N-Chow to move its not-for-profit to a new location was in fact a move to protect their hard earned funds. For the entire time I supervised the Kingman Center, Brad Bixler (Senior Programs Manager) and his supervisor, Patty Mead (Director of the Department of Public Health) worked hard to consume the Chat-N-Chow savings to supplement the Senior Programs budget. I have a wealth of documentation to support that. It was through the efforts of those seniors whom were aware of the constant threats to curtail meals for seniors and the pressure to open their purse so their funds could be consumed by Bixler and Mead moved to protect their funds. It ultimately came down to a choice from the County to give control of the Chat-N-Chow funds to the County or move… The wise choice was to move. Regardless of how you feel about the new structure and organization of the Chat-N-Chow, you cannot disregard the fact that seniors are still benefiting from their service to the community. They would welcome your participation. Mohave County has gone on to create a new not-for-profit to operate out of the Kingman Center and you can bet that they will never raise enough funds to build a new center and you can be certain that the money they generate will be controlled by the County, if not overtly then covertly. It was reported to me those in attendance at the first meeting of the new council received a clear understanding as to how their funds would be managed and who would control decisions. It was also reported that seniors in attendance at his Board Meeting were asked to leave as they were not welcome to participate. This did not surprise me and if anything I would urge those members asked to leave to contact the Arizona Corporation Commission and apprise them of this violation. During my tenure at the center the Chat-N-Chow donated unprecedented levels of financial support. We tried tirelessly to purchase food as other County run Senior Center not-for-profits’ had been doing but the County refused to allow the Chat-N-Chow support instead, demanding the money be turned over to Bixler so he could choose how to use it… or take their not-for profit somewhere else. In conclusion I suggest that those few submissions seeking to diminish the work of the Chat-N-Chow visit them at their new center and take a look at what they are doing. Ask questions and get involved. Get the facts straight and then enjoy your freedom of expression. You might discover a lot of good, caring people giving to this community… not taking from it.


Client Served

Rating: 5

I've been eating at the Senior Center for years. I was there when the Thrift store was relocated. I was also at the meeting where the vote was unanamous for the Site Council to re-establish to another location and no longer be controlled by the county, who was hindering the Chat N Chow from buying food for the Seniors. The Chat N Chow is now located at 19ll Kino, (the Castle)...helping to feed and clothe anyone in need. Sherry White is giving freely of her time and talent to help this community. She deserves to be commended. Thank You Sherry.


Client Served

Rating: 1

This non-profit left our senior center and took all of the money we saved for a future building. I hope someone turns them into the Corporate Commission.