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Jody Rogers Evangelistic Association

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Causes: Philanthropy

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Community Stories

6 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

My husband was in the hospital for brain surgery. My husband had 2 brain surgeries. After Jody Rogers came and prayed for him, God has COMPLETELY HEALED my husband. They said he would be vegetable and He is completely healed. There is NOTHING wrong with him. Thank you God for this MAN OF GOD. He has a strong gift of healing!

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I needed a miracle for my husband's body. His back had been in severe pain. After being in the meeting with Jody Rogers my husband's back was healed. Thank God for this man of God. He is very real.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

My husband and I were believing God for a house. We felt the Lord tell us to give him 100.00 towards believing for a miracle. In 2 weeks, WE GOT OUR HOME. This proves where your faith is, you can have it. This man is VERY REAL, But you do have to activate your faith as well.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

This man is a fraud ye be warned! I have sent this man of God $45 and still yet no miracle. On his tv program he says to leave a msg on his answering machine if you want a free bottle of anointing oil. A wk later I received a tiny packet of anointing oil which promises a 3 fold blessing. I was a fool to believe this nonsense and I mailed him $20. A wk later I received another letter promising a financial blessing with a specific blessing yet again, still no blessing. I mailed $25 promising blessing again but again I still haven't received my blessing. I just received another letter asking me to send $42 to mail him a foot print of my foot and all this has happened in a span of 3 wks. I'm done mailing money. I'm still waiting on the blessings that were promised before year end. I'll be a fool to give him another dime. Please be warned, this guy is a fraud. I gave him $45 and none of his promises came to pass. Another false prophet of the day.


Client Served

Rating: 1

The same story though. Send us 50 dollars you will get miracle next week. I must have received so many letters and sent so much money and realised that the God they are saying is blessing people has forgotten to bless others.
The miracles are still in heaven or lost in transit. The persistent letters continue.

Once you reply it never ends. The only thing that improves is the frequency of letters and mounts asked. I also so the email about buying his shirt for 600 dollars

I realised that after getting few drops of oil, There was " no bottle of course".

When Men of God pray for you youre supposed to be the greatest benfeficiary, not them. Ask Naaman.

od can use any Vessel even if there twisting the truth sometimes. There are no perfect Men in Ministry. There only men who are used by the perfect God. ANyway sending money for blessings should be felt tangibly unless it never came from God but the pastor asking for money. WHy cant we get the blessin first, then give afterwards to be sure ? Hmmmm, WIth all the divination happening even in churches we can never be sure


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

I was experiening a very painful sickness and I happened to tune in to Jody Rogers broadcast, he offered a free bottle of annointing oil, when you call it is answering maching that you leave your name and address "I had planned on sending an offering after just because a ministry actually was blessing people with a free product". I ended up receiving a tiny plastic bag with a small amt of oil in it this would have been ok..."even though they specificaly showed and said bottle on tv" except it also came with a letter asking for a specific amount of money and to trace my shoe for special prayer and send it back...I cannot recall the exact amt but around $24.00. I did not respect the ministry at this point and threw everthing away. Then within a week I received another letter asking for over $40.00. I again threw the letter away. I then received another letter asking me to buy a shirt he wore while in some miracle service asking for over $600.00. At this point I was extemely upset this was going on, I called the answering machine and told them to take me off the mailing list and told them to look up 2 Kings 5:20 if they wanted to know why. No more mail came.