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Mission: The Jazz for Peace mission is to continue our benefit concert series; continue to expand our performances to other cities, states and countries; to bring jazz back into the schools and expose Americans to one of its greatest, yet often overlooked art forms; and to donate musical instruments to underprivileged children and schools

Results: The Jazz for Peace Foundation has raised funds, publicity and awareness for over 800 outstanding organizations, as well as brought music into many schools and instruments into the hands of many children. Among far too many concerts to list, this past Feb. was our second trip to perform in Africa and we are now planning our third!

Direct beneficiaries per year: Our hundreds of beneficiaries can be found on our Past Events Page at http://www.jazzforpeace.org/pastevents.php and you can read their words at http://www.jazzforpeace.org/testimonials.html

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Rating: 5

I first experienced this amazing organization, their music, and their mission when they came to Rwanda in 2009 to perform and aid UNICEF to welcome my country back with the rest of the world after the devastation caused by genocide. Their two concerts were the hi-lite of our country's Amahoro Peace Week celebration. The publicity and awareness they created was worldwide and since then our country has thrived far beyond even our own lofty dreams and expectations from the Empowerment Tree that they have grown as part of their advocacy for each cause that they represent. It is my hope to someday be able to tell other outstanding causes about this important opportunity and significant Helpful Step Forward for their sustainable future. Ella Magera - Kigali, Rwanda

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jazzforpeace Thank you Ella! This was a truly special event and as the very first of 5 trips to Africa was a special moment in our 14 year history of "Helping those who are helping others"! See more about this event here: http://jazzforpeace.org/africaevent And HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hV8tM36x4AY

1 Timothy S. W.


Rating: 5

As an event planner myself I can honestly say the Jazz for Peace Team are some of the very best! Our event at the New York Historical Society is one I will never forget. Amazing partnerships were formed including over 21 incredibly talented Artists who displayed their paintings along with some of the most talented Chefs in NYC who honored us with their appetizers at the VIP Meet and Greet which was also sponsored by top beverage companies. However as much as I loved the formalities it was the music of Jazz for Peace that ultimately won the day! Amazing Jazz, at an Amazing Venue, with Amazing Sponsors, and for an Amazing Cause.

2 Debra R C.


Rating: 5

What is Jazz for Peace? This is a question I have answered thousands of times in the past 12 years. Jazz for Peace is an organization founded by Rick DellaRatta and its purpose is to reach out to individuals and organizations on both sides of conflicting issues, believing that if we as a species embrace qualities such as creativity, artistry, intellectuality, humanity, individuality, etc. we will all have a better chance of avoiding the behavior that leads to destruction. On Oct. 8th 2001 Jazz Greats Rick DellaRatta, Paquito D'Rivera, Eddie Gomez and Lenny White performed the first Jazz for Peace Concert at Troy Music Hall in NY. “Jazz for Peace" received world wide recognition and acclaim for their concert at the United Nations on Sept. 25th 2002 which united Israeli, Palestinian and American Jazz musicians (along with Jazz musicians representing other continents as well) in a performance which is now widely considered “One of the most significant Cultural Events of our time!" From this event heard 'round the world came funding for a Benefit Concert Series that has now raised funds, publicity and awareness for over 850 outstanding causes worldwide.

The founder, Rick DellaRatta is considered to be an innovator and a visionary. His unique and original piano playing and composing has been compared in print to Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Bill Evans, McCoy Tyner, Keith Jarrett, Joe Zawinul, Horace Silver, Oscar Peterson and Thelonious Monk while his signature vocal sound and style has been likened to Chet Baker, Billy Holiday, Joao Gilberto, Ivan Lins, Michael Franks and Antonio Carlos Jobim. Rick DellaRatta has played with many of the greatest jazz artists in Jazz Clubs and Festivals all over the world. He also has received recognition and numerous awards for his talents. 

As we inch closer to the 15th Anniversary of our Historic United Nations  Concert (http://jazzforpeace.org/makinghistory), we are proud to update you about our latest performances at the two greatest cultural Landmarks in the United States.

1. Rick DellaRatta & Jazz for Peace at The Washington DC Lincoln Memorial - https://vimeo.com/215577496  

2. At New York City’s United Nations - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHEf0ESCYqY&spfreload=10

Prompting this letter to us from Herbie Hancock.

“International Jazz Day could not happen without partners like Jazz for Peace….using concerts, community outreach and education programs to raise support and awareness for local and international charities…to promote charitable and service-based activities that help make a positive difference in the world…to unify and empower the vulnerable in our society. We are indebted to you for your steadfast support, and look forward to working with you…” ~ Herbie Hancock   

ALSO NEW FROM JAZZ FOR PEACE is our Quick & Easy ABC Checklist! NEW ABC Checklist helps you get vital Grant funds into your account FAST. 

Please review our new Quick & Easy ABC Checklist here - http://www.jazzforpeace.org

And let us know if you have any questions!

Best Regards,
Debra R Cerritelli, Senior Event Coordinator

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

Really rude and condescending on the phone which was answered with an unprofessional "Hello" only followed by a demand for my name without divulging his. The "grant" is not a grant in the true sense of the word, but rather the proceeds from a special event that the non-profit must hold (help from Jazz for Peace was promised). But since the non-profit doesn't have to pay back the proceeds from the special event (really?!), the person who answered the phone is calling this a "grant." I would steer clear.



Rating: 1

the individual founder of 'jazz for peace' naturally was more than eager to accept the various 'gratis' musical instruments donated- yet when interest was expressed to visit and see his actual operations- this flatly was denied? word to the wise. all looks good sounds well intended ideally integrity driven, though, what is being hidden here why not full disclosure in the true spirit of altruism helping others ? speaks for itself. beware, sorry to say.

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jazzforpeace 09/11/2017

This is a person who never donated an instrument to us but instead was part of a group of fraudsters who lied on their grant application and got caught not only by Jazz for Peace Board but also PayPal and The Better Business Bureau. Now he (they) goes around to various web-sites and writes fake reviews. Why on earth would anyone want to go to our storage room "closet" of donated instruments and "see our operations"? We have NEVER had such a bizarre request to look at (?) our donated instruments nor will we EVER receive such. Instruments are donated to us, repaired, and then donated to the individuals and organizations listed at www.instrumentdonation.com Its that simple. We have told GreatNonProfits who's this is and hopefully they will take this ridiculous review down. We are happy and WELCOME to receive constructive criticism that we can actually use to improve our services but we certainly can't do so when something is completely made up and fake.