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Causes: Children & Youth, Community Foundations, Philanthropy, Youth Development Programs

Mission: Our mission is to enable and empower communities to be independent by facilitating equitable access to opportunities through economic development, education and skills development, supporting people with special needs, and providing emergency relief and social welfare. Hashoo Foundation USA (HF USA) works locally to raise awareness, raise funds and promote intercultural understanding and best practices as it builds partnerships with other individuals, non-profit, and professional organizations to support the foundation’s projects in Pakistan. We envisage an ethical, equitable, inclusive and progressive society in which people live with dignity and have power over their own lives.  We achieve this by creating opportunities for vulnerable communities to be economically independent and to improve their quality of life. HF USA main focus is the Women's Empowerment through Honey Bee Farming Project - “Plan Bee”. The project creates jobs opportunities and generates a sustainable source of income through the sale of high-quality honey. The project addresses the discrepancy between the income earned by male and female beekeepers by educating the women in beekeeping and linking them to profitable markets. Furthermore, the project improves the status of women in their communities, as they become more integrated in the decision-making process within male-dominated societies.

Results: 2007 - 2009 - Trained 312 women in beekeeping - Benefiting 1200 dependants - Increased household income by 32% - Produced more than 25% tons of honey - Honey sold in 10 five star hotels in Pakistan - Honey sold in small quantities in super stores such as D. Watson, Shaheen and a chain of CSD stores (99 stores in Pakistan)

Target demographics: Plan Bee - Women's Empowerment through Honey Bee Farming- Underprivileged women in the remote areas of Northern PakistanCriteria for micro finance for Credit and Enterprise Development (CED):- Widows- Divorced/single mothers- Married with a disabled husband

Geographic areas served: Pakistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan

Programs: The mission of the organization has been accomplished through programs such as "plan bee" in houston as well as through donations to hashoo foundation in pakistan, which is a progressive and dynamic non-profit organization, leading the way in human development and poverty alleviation by implementing viable economic development, educational and capacity-building programs in pakistan since 1988. Economic development program in houston: the goal of the "plan bee" project is to enable refugee women in houston and women beekeepers in pakistan to increase their financial independence, learn financial management skills, and generate income for their families through participation in a honey producing micro-enterprise. The project benefited five refugee women in the houston area. Economic development program in pakistan: hashoo foundation usa, under economic development inititiatives, trained 12,978 individuals (1,806 men & 11,172 women) in different programs - including honey bee program in gilgit baltistan, chitral and neelum (azad-jammu & kashmir) - community empowerment through livelihood development (celd) - layyah and projects (mansehra). (new beneficiaries in 2014 totaled 420 - 333 men & 87 women) the education programs in pakistan: child education support program (cesp), 10 primary education schools, early childhood development program and scholarship program, have provided access to quality education to more than 5,643 (2,649 girls & 2,996 boys) (new beneficiaries in 2014 102 = 44 boys & 58 girls) in the remote and extremely poor areas of pakistan. Hashoo foundation distributed 103,873 books to 115 educational institutions through the rotary books for the world program, to promote literacy and education across pakistan. Hashoo foundation's skill development programs in pakistan: vocational training, life skills training and career mentoring have trained 71,652 (33,494 men & 38,158 women) (new beneficiaries in 2014 2,399 = 1,221 men & 1,178 women). Hotel management & tourism training and diplomas in ecd & education are two of the most sought-after training programs. The foundation's humanitarian assistance program has provided support to 518,116 individuals (207,688 men & 310,428 women) (new beneficiaries in 2014 51,835 = 22,673 men & 29,162 women) through medical, financial and educational assistance. Additionally, the hashoo foundation will target 3,286 of the most vulnerable internally displaced families in the district of kohat in the khyber pakhtunkhwa province, pakistan. Overall impact in pakistan: in 2014, the hashoo foundation's programs in pakistan enabled and empowered 56,894 people (25,085 male & 31,809 female) to be independent by facilitating equitable access to opportunities.

Community Stories

8 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

2 Sara91


Rating: 5

Empowering Women Today , to Let them Own the World Tomorrow

“We envisage an ethical, equitable, inclusive and progressive society in which people live with dignity and have power over their own lives” – Hasho Foundation Vision Statement-

Our mission is to enable and empower communities to be independent by facilitating equitable access to opportunities. Hasho Foundation Mission Statement-
From these two statements comes my vision about the volunteering experience with Hasho Foundation USA.

To change effectively, questions should be there. “What are these women doing?” That was the question that Sarah Hashwani raised -Chair of the inspirational Hashoo Foundation (HF), and the answer was that they are “selling honey”.

As a well reputed nonprofit organization, Hasho Foundation decided to be part of the question and to offer practical answer by empowering these women to lead a better life full of work, dignity and human aspects.

Volunteering in Culture Shock Charity Show for Plan Bee 2013, curves the human awareness of a girl from Egypt, who dreams of empowering women in a positive way through funding their small projects.

In this experience, it has been noticed that both Hasho Foundation’s vision and mission have been applied .By raising the funds to a theatrical show that is arranged by five high schools students in Houston, the Foundation buys the needed equipments for almost 22 Pakistani women to help them to lead a human life by working and producing honey.

Honey of life this is the vision of this experience. On one hand, assisting those Pakistani Ladies to work and earn their living with dignity goes with the Foundation main vision and mission, and gives credibility to its presence in community. Not only has this, the continuous dedication of its Executive Director in USA, Cristal Montanez, provided a typical positive image of how a civilized woman should be.

It is a surprise to share the Project funds and sources with public people in a way to increase credibility. While raising the fund to that project, people were participating with a smile of trust to see the numbers in front of their eyes.

Empowering women cannot be attained by words or just by offering money. It is a deeper mission that needs clarity of vision and determination to achieve both short term and long term goals.

“Education is the passport to the future; for tomorrow belongs to people who prepare for it today”. When reading these words of Malcolm X , it can be noticed that these women will have the chance by the Hasho foundation empowering to send their children to schools to receive their education and own the world of tomorrow .

On the other hand, investing in Houston High Schools Students and letting them organize a show builds the leaders of tomorrow in USA. Students are effectively working together to make that project a remarkable experience.

Finally, raising a moral and human connection between all humanity of the world is the main aim. To transfer a practical message to everyone regardless of their, nationality, color, religion or political beliefs. Let’s Empower Women who are in need to Us. Let’s be their backbones to lead a better life full of work and dignity. Let’s be the source of safety to them and their children. This is how Hasho Foundation changes the world by empowering women which is only one of its main ways to apply its human and moral mission and vision as a nonprofit organization.

Sara Afifi





Rating: 5

The impact Hashoo Foundation USA has globally, as well as personally, is priceless. Hashoo Foundation USA emphasizes the importance of helping fellow humans in need. The range of people positively affected by the foundations’ program includes both the volunteers and people served alike. The programs launched in high schools and colleges prove that the youth of our country, our future leaders, are ready to jump in head first in the fight to improve the quality of life for others. Hashoo Foundation USA provides a brighter tomorrow for our fellow brothers and sisters, today.

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

This organization is addressing aducational and socio-economic needs of people living in the most remote areas of Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral through enterprise development initiatives and provides 100% education expenses of more the thousand underprivaledged children in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral.

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 3

To be a top rated nonprofit organization for Hashoo Foundation my personal experiences will elaborate what actually Hashoo Foundation does and what we are doing here at the foundation.
I have gone through several exciting and lesson learning experiences being a social welfare professional. I deal hundreds of poor and vulnerable families regarding their financial/medical/educational support what are usually provided by the Foundation as core humanitarian programme irrespective of any discrimination on grounds of race, gender, religion, region and language. Thousand of poor have been supported and are being supported by the Foundation. I become exciting and satisfied when poor come with a hop that they will be supported in their dire needs. I know many beneficiaries who totally depend on the financial support of the foundation as they have no other source of income to meet the ends. When I interview beneficiaries they look us as we are the last hope for them.
Let me share only one experience which I never forget. One day, a beneficiary came to the office who was seeking immediate financial assistance. She was a widow and worked as maid in different houses through which she was earning a menial income which was not sufficient to meet her domestic food expanses. She had one daughter. Her daughter was going to be married and she had nothing left in hand to arrange the marriage and dowry for her daughter. To give the dowry to her daughter was the main concern for her because an aging widow could only have given dowry with a set of some kitchen items and a trunk not a car/TV, Bungalow for which they would not have even dreamed. I personally looked into the detail and processed the case accordingly. At last, my observations and suggestions about her case were realized and granted some amount for the provision of the dowry. When I informed the widow that the Foundation would provide dowry, she was unbelievably excited and thanked to me as well as the Foundation. She was saying “one of my dreams was to get my daughter married and God listen me, then to give a dowry to my daughter was my last dream and Hashoo Foundation listen my last voice and fulfilled my last dream. Now, I left dreaming further and get ready for Graveyard”
After one month I called her for feedback she was not there. She had passed away few days before. She had really gone to Graveyard when she had told earlier. I shocked at first and thought that at least we had put into practice one of her dreams in her life.

Nasir Hussian (HF)


Rating: 5

Hashoo foundation is doing great work in the sector of social welfare and community development. There are already many international awards in the credit of Hashoo Foundation.



Rating: 5

I am working as a volunteer with Cristal Montanez Baylor since January of this year. My job in this foundation is as a member of the research and development committee. Since the beginning of my work, I spent much time looking for opportunities to funding the foundation’s project, “The Women Empowerment through Honey Bee Farming.” This year, the Hashoo Foundation plans to scale up based on the achievements of the activities implemented in 2007-2009, so I am looking for a grant to accomplish this project. The implementation strategy includes the empowerment and mobility of 100 women. This commitment will mobilize women into an economic environment and business setting bringing about a tremendous social change in the region in a country like Pakistan where women are confined to private spaces. This project will impact on 100 women and 800 dependents. At present, I am really excited to know that my research for funding this project has been successfully completed. At this time, I found five potentials grant sources whose programs match with the project needs, so I am planning to write a grant proposal for this summer. I expect to get funding for this community and to have the opportunity to see the happy faces of many Pakistani women who would have a second chance in their lives as a result of the grant. For many people, grant seeking is a hard work but infinitely rewarding. Certainly, this is a good project that helps people, so I cannot wait to see the fruits of my labor.



Rating: 5

Hashoo Foundation is one of the most inspiring and noble organizations I have come across as a college student. The University of St. Thomas MicroCredit Program is grateful for the Hashoo Foundation's expertise and assistance in our initiative in the northern areas of Pakistan. I have no doubt that Hashoo Foundation will achieve great things in the future.



Rating: 5

Hashoo Foundation has helped so many people it is amazing. The awareness this foundation has sparked around the world by helping one individual at a time will allow others to realize that the smallest effort can have a huge impact.