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Mission: Hannah's House provides a safe place where divorced/separated families can come together to resolve conflict for the sake of the children. We protect children from being caught in the middle of custody battles. Hannah's House prevents family violence/abductions during break-up/transition of the family. We reduce conflict in the families & communities we serve.

Results: We served over 2500 San Diego county residents in 2011 - parents and children - with a budget of $200,000. Help us expand our program to eliminate our waiting list and reach more parents with domestic conflict.

Target demographics: Children between birth and age 17 who are caught in the middle of custody disputes

Direct beneficiaries per year: 2500 San Diego County residents

Geographic areas served: San Diego County

Programs: Supervised Visitation, Supervised Exchange, Parenting and Coparenting Classes, Turtles Travel Too Children's Program,

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Rating: 1

This place is a scam and will write down ANYTHING they feel is wrong about you and towards you. It is a profit entity, not sure how they are getting around as a "non profit". The staff is very liberal left wing agenda nuts.

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

Hannah's House has been helping families and children through the trauma of divorce when one parent needs to be supervised in contact with the children. It is important for children to stay connected to both parents in most cases and this is the safe place to allow it to happen. The new program Transitions offers services to reunify children with their parent. Hannah's House has been a stable, important part of the divorce community for over 20 years and I support it 100%. Jan



Rating: 1

Supervised Visitation Scam!!!!. Do your homework and goggle about Susan Griffin - Hannah's house. It's a dirty business.

News: Although Hannah's House was suspended during the first three and a half months of 2005 by the Secretary of State (Hannah's House operates under Real Solutions), Parents should demand a refund, as neither Susan Griffin, her son Travis, nor Jan Stocks, an attorney and boardmember, alerted the City Attorney, local judges, or parents ordered to use the visitation facility.
- The state once suspended her agency. Griffin was fined by the State of California for practicing therapy without a license.
- Why Susan Griffin, currently repaying the County of San Diego, $69,000.00 for putting children at risk, and misleading officials about her educational background?
- Until 2002, parents didn't know the County's audit revealed Griffin's facility was unsafe and unsanitary for children.

How safe are San Diego Children in Griffin's care?

Lets put it this way. After all of the above, instead of being prosecuted for fraud, Griffin became instead, a Family Justice Center, favorite. That's right. She headed up the visitation program after all this came out.

Which is why we recommend appealing any order to use her facility; and filing a 170.6 for any judge ordering anyone to use her services or facility.

That Casey Gwinn "co-partnered" with Griffin after she made the cover of San Diego Magazine for her bizarre behavior, and "accounting irregularities" demonstrates how little care San Diego officials demonstrate to San Diego's most vulnerable.


Client Served

Rating: 1

4002 Park Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 294-9852
Hannah's House
Category: Divorce & Family Law
This is just a terrible place and dishonest place for having supervised visit
1. They did not correctly write what have had happened during each visit
Such as co parent was late and they said he is on time
Hannah house staff said the co parent has well prepared on child food while the co parent not even try to feed or give it to the child or did not even bring anything and then the Hannah house staff will refuse to provide co parenting form to other parent ( cause the co parent did not provide anything to the child or say the child can talk , with the policy that they have , custorial parent cannot ask anything during the visit , and now they asked us to just ask the child , this is contridicting ) and they require is to write the coparenting form to the noncustodial parent but then noncustodial parent is not required to do so ???
2. This place is super unfair to custorial parent cause all they write about custorial parent is negative thing while custorial parent bring up the concern , they will write on court report such as "custorial parent is over reacting " " custorial parent cannot control emotion and all" while you as a custorial parent to bring up a concern or complain, they will just write something untrue to the court
3. They over charge parents either custorial or noncustodial
4. They did not really care about the children at all, with the fact that children should have well protected since it's supervised , the children will get hurt in the little room such as burning or bruises from something ( who knows what happened in the room) and all they said was " we keep out eyes very closly to the child " if they really keep an eyes on the child then the child should not play with fire or get hurt !
5. They said we can't bring guest and then non custorial bring guest and they allowed them without consent
6. The credit card transaction , they can just randomly find someone to sign for your name , what if they just swipe the card few times and who knows ?
7. They said they concern about the children , while parent asked the staff questions relating to children sake then they said we cannot ask and they said we can ask our child , while the policy said we can't ask the child what happen, they contradict themselves again
8. This place all they care is money but not the Children , they hired some random staff as a supervisor who cannot even speak good English , really do not understand why family court will assign us to them while the kid will be in risk
9. Anyways this place is just a waste of money while all we want is the safety of the child and feel secure , this place giving you unfair situation , unsafe environment and insecure information (dishonest information)
10. When the child is asleep , they pull the child off from you and go into the room with noncustodial parents
11. While they said they are the supervisor and I asked if we can take her word for it and then she said " you have to ask the other supervisor" ???? What kind of supervisor is that ????? So irresponsible and pretty much one of them telling you se information and the other one will have different answer for you
12. They keep hiring random new people and do not know the procedure and then end up having issue with the visit

Honestly really not sure where we can bring up the complain, while we want to talk to the director , they block you and they said director will not take side and said director won't care about your situation , so who are we supposed to talk to ??

We all care about our child and for the sake of the child they should do something good or reasonable stuff , all they will tell you is " no we are not doing it such as providing coparenting form " and then on the policy is not even clear about everything , while non custorial parent violate the rules such as videotaping the child and post it on social website , and they said " he is ok to do so " while the policy said no recording .... Anyways

I believe lots of parents think the same of this place but just afraid they write negative information on the court report
I really hope that with this review can bring up the light of the parents who think the same and can bring it to family court
Really disappointed with this place and if I get to choose where my child go for supervised visit site , I will definitely not recommend this place


Client Served

Rating: 5

Well let me first start off by saying that I am a man and have never dealt with this before, so I can't compare them to any other place. I can say that they were very courteous, responded to my emails very quickly, very respectful, and didn't treat me like I was the bad guy. Yes their fees are high, and yes their rules are lengthy. But I am sure they are that way for a reason. And besides can you really put a price on spending time with your children? All in all I was happy with them.


Client Served

Rating: 5

My experience with Hannah’s House staff and Susan Griffin was in the span of an eighteen month period. The first visit was tough for our children and myself, I have to say it was not positive. I wrote a letter to Susan Griffin and she immediately did everything she could to assure me that she and her staff had our children‘s best interest and well being at heart. Because Ms. Griffin took the time and made the effort to explain the process to me I soon realized my first impression was totally incorrect and the next 17 months far exceeded my expectations. Children are their primary focus and they are extremely neutral and professional. Both our children were treated with respect, concern and kindness. I also had the peace of mind knowing I was leaving our daughter in good hands and she was well protected. She knew this as well. I would highly recommend Hannah’s House and any of the staff.


Client Served

Rating: 5

You will find no one more dedicated to the well-being of your child than the Executive Director of Hannah's House and their genuinely concerned staff. What is in the best interest of the child is held as the utmost goal as they go through one of the most difficult period of their lives. They offer programs that assist parents stay on course during this turbulent & stressful period, and become better parents. As my son goes off to Stanford earning a sizeable scholarship, I have to look back and see who and what contributed to his success and stability. Hannah's House ranks at the top of the list of positive influences in his developement. God Bless Hannah's House!