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Gurukulam Of Tampa Bay Inc

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Client Served

Rating: 1

I was a student in one of the SAT English classes. One of the students was playing a little joke and took another student's notebook and hid it. That student complained that his book was stolen by another student. Ms. Madhavi yelled at the class for over half an hour! What could have been addressed in just a few minutes, took up most of the class time- she kept yelling for 30-45 minutes! I would have rather listened to an SAT lecture and learn something useful than here her yell.

She even yelled at the student whose book was taken and said to "Never use the word STEAL with Gurukulam." She said it would make it look bad if outside people heard that something was stolen at Gurukulam. She even repetitively kept asking the student "Now, was your books stolen? You're book was Not stolen, was it? It was just a misunderstanding. Don't go and say that your book was stolen." She would not let that poor student go until he agreed that his book was not stolen and that he wouldn't go out and say that. She in a sense "brain-washed" and "manipulated" and "coerced" him to not tell people that his book was stolen.

After reading these comments, it makes sense. Kids say "so-and-so stole my book"- usually it is not a big deal. I was shocked that you was yelling so loudly at the class for using the word "steal" and used up nearly all our class time yelling at us for something as simple as that. It was scary. She is a scary person who I have never seen smile.

I have also heard this: Since apparaently the Sekharams have not been paying taxes on this organization and are "STEALING" from the IRS and the Indian community and since Mr. Sekharam defrauded the American public with his elevation of his stocks, saying they were approved by FDA and "STOLE" from the American public who invested in his stock, perhaps he should get a lecture on "STEALING" LOL !! Haha! Now it all makes sense as to why Ms. Madhavi yelled simply cause another student used the word steal at the gurukulam which she ran.

If it got around, once again, the public would not feel secure about the organization- very similarly to what Mr. Sekharam did with his stocks. (One of the students wrote a little essay on who he looks up to and what job he wanted and wrote about Mr. Sekharam and did research on why he wanted to be like him and go into research but when he researched, he found out that he was not impressed at all about the pharm/med/research run by Mr. Sekharam since he did not do it the right way yet they yell at the students for just using the word "steal". Ironic. yet now makes total sense.

Review from Guidestar

General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

I agree with the previous person who has written on this site. The Sekharam's are dishonest people who swindle the public. They told me to pay $1,000 up front when I wanted to send my kid to the school & when I asked what the money was used for, they could not give me an answer.

The parents of the students volunteer to make the food (thus free), the teachers volunteer to teach- the company is listed as non-for-profit- yet these Sekharam's are just greedily putting the money into their own pockets and not even paying taxes on them. I looked up the business and it is under IRS investigation. I would suggest not to do business with them and be very wary in dealing with these individuals.

I would give this organization a "O" star- but unfortunately, the lowest I can pick, is "1" star.



Rating: 1

Helped with this organization- Sekherams in charge of it said to not report taxes since we got "just a small stipend/ donation" and if any of us mentioned anything bad about them or the organization, he "would take action" and threatened to say negative things about the individual who spoke his/her mind. Another friend was surprised that they were making money off this organization since originally no one got any stipend. Though supposed to be community based, shekerams told me to not make friends with the others who worked there in fear that if we grouped together and talked poorly of it, the reputation would look bad. They threatened me if i spoke poorly of the organization; They probably made about $400,000 in 20 years yet most of it they seemed to have pocketed themselves since rooms/food free by volunteers. (Saw online that taxes have not been paid for several years since existence in 1997, I believe & that it is no longer tax exempt since they never filed the forms).There are several who see past these peoples' facades of "charity". They care too much about their "image" in the Tampabay Indian community. This is not "charity" as should be truly altruistic- it is not. I feel they did for purpose to use funds for other things and to gain a positive reputation though many see past the fakeness of it. Madhavi Shekeram said they were running low on funds though the food is free, rooms are free- so where did the money go? hmm. Dont think this qualifies for charity.