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Mission: Training orphans and poor youth in skills they can use to get a job and by their work they can come out of the circle of poverty and contribute to the Cambodian development.

Results: Since October 2011 we build a new technical center in a poor rural area (donboscokep.org) thanks to donors, though we need more funds. Near 10 thousand young people and children from poor communities have been educated and trained by Don Bosco since 1999.

Target demographics: children and young people from rural areas, orphans, abandoned children and young people under risk of human trafficking and children with HIV.

Direct beneficiaries per year: In 2012 we have 1,475 students of the technical schools and 4,303 children in the children fund. Total: 5,778.

Geographic areas served: All Cambodian provinces.

Programs: technical schools, literacy centers, female shelters, child victims of human traffic shelters, children fund, schools constructions, scholarships

Community Stories

14 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


Rating: 3


I'm Hong Vichith, I'm the Second Generation of Social Communication Section in Don Bosco Sihanoukville, I studied the Web Designer.

For now I'm working as the English and Khmer Copywriter and Designer in Advertising Agency in Cambodia.

I can say that, all happening to me now is because of Don Bosco School and because of fathers, brothers, teachers and all the volunteers who coming and shared their knowledge to me and all friends. It was the special time ever for me, that I can have the best opportunity to studied at Don Bosco School,


Heng S.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

Dear all, I am Heng Seyha I was a student at Don Bosco Technical school at Sihanoukville in Social communication and Journalism section. I am very thank to Don Bosco so much that helped me to have opportunity to work in society to supporting myself for living and continue studying more.


Rating: 5

Hello, my name is Daniel Stones. I am from Scotland and I am currently volunteering as an English teacher for Don Bosco in Kep. The School provides education for the poor and underprivileged youth. The school teaches social communication in the form of journalism, web design and audio visual studies. The school also teaches hotel skills and electrics. As part of their curriculum I am here to provide conversational English lessons. They are thirsty and eager to learn which is an inspiration in itself.
Don Bosco seeks to improve the lives of many of the young people through education and empowering the youth with skills that they can use to obtain work and earn honest money. The school also provides a safe and friendly environment for the youth to develop their skills
This is my first time volunteering for any non-profit organisation and I am finding it to be one of the most enriching experiences of my professional career. It is an inspiration to see the teachers and Fathers selflessly provide their time to help the youth here. I have also made many friends here that will hope to keep for the rest of my life. I believe that the organisation is doing a lot of good for the community here and with continued support it will provide the youth with skills and opportunities for employment that they would not have had otherwise.



Rating: 5

The Don Bosco success formula:

As a journalist I traveled all over the world and found that education is the only way to bring people to a better quality of life and so to happiness.

As a teacher at Don Bosco School in Sihanoukville (Cambodia) I had the privilege to train orphans and poor youngsters in skills they can use to get a good job. So they can come out of the circle of poverty and can contribute to the new Cambodia. Especially the participation of several female pupils made this project unique and rewarding.

I never ever saw more motivated students and colleagues-teachers.

Dr. Charles Schwietert


Rating: 5

I have been in touch with Don Bosco Kep since its revival a couple of years ago. As a Guest House we give quite a few students (front-desk and housekeeping) the opportunity to learn the practical aspects of their studies for a few months at our resort (Kep Lodge). Like this we hope the students are better prepared after their degree with a practical training .

Me personally I worked as a volunteer last year as an IT teacher @ Don Bosco and explained the students more about the World Wide Web and its structure. A smaller team helped me in 2012 to finish the website www.visitkep.com as a practical exercise in composing English sentences and learning how to work with an online database.

The school has grown significantly in the last few years and it is a pleasure to see how many poor students are benefiting from the Don Bosco school and so they can get a better job and therefore a better live than their parents!



Rating: 5

Angela and I have worked with the Salesian Technical Collages for the past 10 years, Ethiopia, Cambodia, East Timor, Philippines, Ghana, El Salvador, Azerbaijan, etc. This year we have been back to work in Cambodia, to Kep, a small village on the Vietnamese border, where Don Bosco is, as usual, doing a fantastic job of training young people to obtain work in their own villages and towns.
Most of the Don Bosco technical schools we have worked in have been training young people in engineering, building trades and electrical engineering.
This school was slightly different in training students to work in hotels and unusually for me, journalism, something I thought very worthwhile for these disadvantaged young people who will be able to record their own experiences of life in Cambodia.
The education we give them in English and Computer Studies will help many students, particularly in the area around Kep which is becoming a popular tourist area, to get good jobs in Newspapers, Magazine Publishing, and TV work either as TV interviewers or programmers.
Very few people in Cambodia are being trained in these professions,
Angela and I have been very lucky to share some of the most rewarding experiences of our lives working with Salesians and we would recommend to anyone, regardless of age, to follow our footsteps.
The more volunteers they can get from outside Cambodia the better help they will receive.
Leo Duffy


Rating: 5

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world. The consequences of the reign of terror of the Khmer Rouge (1975 to 1979) are still being felt throughout the country.
Today in Cambodia a third of people living on less than one U.S. dollar a day, many children are chronically malnourished and the medical care is inadequate.
The Salesians have been around since the eighties in Cambodia
worked. They care particularly to infants, orphans or street children, to children without higher education and to young people without school education wich have no chance in the social life in Cambodia.

We are believe of the great work of DonBosco Fathers in the world. Nobody has the welfare minors so in focus as DonBosco. Therefore, we have also supported the construction of a house for little girls, so that they have a protected housing, food and education.

Our German friends, particularly H. Küchle is always on site and help the fathers in the construction of important houses (accommodation and education). We know that every dollar is a 100% interest in those who need it and Don Bosco will help all those in need!
Help everyone you can - DonBosco Cambodia needs any helpers!

Karl und Helga Weick, Germany

Mit freundlichen Grüssen



Rating: 5

My wife Michele and I came to stay at the Don Bosco Hotel School in Sihanoukville, Cambodia in February 2012 .
We started our Cambodian holidays in Siem Reap and the Angkor Temples.
Now we wanted to see the beautiful Beaches and Islands. Through Booking.com we found the Don Bosco Hotel School.
We were intrigued by what we read about the Hotel and the concept of the school for orphaned and underprivileged students between the ages of 16 and 24 years .
We both have Hotel Management backgrounds and are Professional Butlers with Diplomas from The International Butler Academy in the Netherlands.
What we experienced in the first couple of days stay truly amazed us: the friendly, gentle nature d , eager to please students treated us so well.
When we met Brother Roberto, the Administrator of the Hotel School, we were told a bit about the history of the Don Bosco Foundation in Cambodia.
On hearing our professional backgrounds we were asked if we could not volunteer for a while as they needed help badly at that moment.
After a couple of days it became apparent that we could help a lot and we agreed to volunteer.

Our involvement with the students became deeper and deeper and many adopted us as their Mother and Father,even requesting a hug they never had before.

By July we had to make a decision, leave or stay. We decided to stay and proposed to Brother Roberto that we run the Hotel as General Managers and dedicate our time not only to the students but also to training of the Managers of each department to be more efficient.

At this stage, January 2013, we are looking for sponsors to help us pay our managers market related salaries so that we can offer them long term rewarding careers. They are mostly ex students that have decided to help by staying on . But we have to be realistic, they also have to support their families and want to be able to start their own families. On 120 to 150 Dollars per month this is very difficult.
In the Industry they can get twice to three times the amount.
In the last three month we lost five potentially great future Trainer/ managers to Industry for that reason.

Unlike untold Non Government Organisations around the world, where the money that is received from donations does not even get to the needy people, at the Don Bosco Foundation Cambodia every cent received is used to improve the education of our students.
We also provide food and accommodation to them.

In this Hotel school alone we are training and educating 100 students each year for entry into the Hospitality Industry. This means that 100 families standard of living is sustain ably improved.

We appeal to you to assist us raise the standard of our Cambodian Managers by setting up a salary fund for them and/or volunteering for specialized Departmental training.

We thank you for reading this review and look forward to hearing from you

2 Pietro Hublitz


Rating: 5

Well, my teaching experience at Don Bosco Technical School ( Sihanoukville) has been one of the most rewarding and interesting points of my entire professional career.
I think everyone should spend a period of volunteering ; it is very important that the disadvantaged youth of the World get a chance to learn some skills to improve their status in the society, and this is what Don Bosco Salesians around the planet are trying to do. It is a pity that there are so few of them...they are modern saints, and they deserve to be helped by us in any way possible. We cannot be so selfish and ignore their hard work towards the youngsters coming from poor families. Their struggle could be easier if all of us give a little help. Not only donations, which are very important, but also our skills and working experience should be put at their disposal to allow poor youngsters to stay away from drugs and crime.
My former students have already a job; all the former students of Don Bosco Cambodia do have one, it is the most important merit of this non-profit.
I consider the work that Fr. John Visser, Fr. Albeiro Rodas Torres, Br. Roberto Panetto and other Salesians in Cambodia are doing as the most results-giving in a Country which counts hundreds of NGOs . Don Bosco, amongst Khmer people, means excellency in education.


Rating: 5

The Don Bosco vocational center in Kep is a place, where you have to be. In Oktober/November 2012 I was there and taught students radio journalism. It was a great event and a great experience for me. During teaching I learnt a lot about the aims of the Salesians and I was very impressed. Kep is a place of education, of responsibility, of solidarity with the poorest, and also a place of humour and friendship. By the way , Cambodia came nearer, the culture of the country, his history. I think, this has to do with the philosophy of the Salesians. They don`t want do dominate people, they want, to understand people and to help them with education and more knowledge. So I am very thankful, personally Father Albeiro, and i wish him, now far away from Kep in the rainy and cold Berlin, success for his plan, to found a cultural radio station. A great idea and very helpful for the development of Cambodia and also for the people, who lives around the Don Bosco Vocational Center in Kep.
In friendship Wolfgang Bauernfeind and Uti Hennecke



Rating: 5


my name is Michael I studied Product Design in Germany and I am here in Don Bosco Kep since a little bit more then 3 weeks. The reason what brought me here to Don Bosco was my interest in new farming techniques in developing countries. The approach of Don Bosco Kep is to sustain the youth and staff with self produced food from there own farmland. At the moment we are growing, salad gourd, eggplants, sting beans, corn, pumpkins, chilies, tomatoes, banana trees, etc…. and started raising chicken, rabbits and goats.

Additionally we are working on a waste management system to separate the waste and use biological matter in our compost to improve the soil quality of the farmland. A aquaponic system is in planning to produce fish and vegetables simultaneously. This includes a lot of work and material but will help the youth and farmers here to understand different farming technologies and the necessity of organic food production.

Don Bosco is doing a great job, not only in teaching the youth in hotel management, social communication etc. but also in creating a sustainable environment for them.


Board Member

Rating: 5

Dear friends, I am glad to share with you about my love and experiences with Don Bosco. I was a past pupil of Social Communication and Journalism Section in the Don Bosco Sihanoukville in 2007 - 2009. Nowadays, I am a teacher in this section. I confessed that I love to help the poor youth from the rural areas as followed the way of Fr. Bosco. I can say that my new life was given by Fr. Bosco through the education and the helps of the donors to this school. So, I am Cambodian, I must help Cambodian as well as Fr. Bosco and other Salesians help them. Thanks you! May God bless you all!



Rating: 5

We are Roula and Gianni, Salesian Cooperators from Italy. Within the frame of our apostolic tasks we spent in 2012 three months in the Don Bosco Vocational School in Kep, southern Cambodia.We shared the gifts and the skills God gave us with the local young in need especially in the areas of education and of healthcare. Our work resulted in a deep human and spiritual growth and we want to send the message that this educational structure is worth being developed and supported by all means, because it is absolutely vital for the future of many poor and unemployed young of the local rural region. God will always bless you


Rating: 5

It is very easy to declare why I worked 12 times only for Don Bosco Mission in the Demokratic Republic of Congo and Cambodia, ten times in Cambodia in 4 different towns.

At the very first time I thought, I have to work in one of many organisations around the world, working for the youth in poor countries. But very soon I knowed more about the work
of Don Bosco in the world and special in Cambodia.

Don Bosco does not make plan for short terms, this organisation plans in long periods. Hundreds of help organisations appear and disappear and a lot of money, ideas and work is lost. Some organisations help only the organisators and not the people who need the help. Often the organisations need more money than help arrive the people.

150 Years help for the youth of the world, that is great! 22 years in Cambodia work for the poorest children,

I have seen children and students of all religions in your school, all working hard for a better future. Salesians Don Bosco give them a chance for a good job and to create their own live.

As long as possible I will support this great organisation.

- Hans Juergen Kuechle