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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Crime & Law, Domestic Violence, Hot Lines & Crisis Intervention, Mental Health, Protection Against Abuse, Spouse Abuse Prevention

Mission: OUR CORE BELIEFS INTEGRITY Integrity:  We conduct every aspect of our work to the highest ethical standards and hold ourselves accountable to them.  We value transparency and Safeguard the confidentiality of the people we serve. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Thought Leadership:  We are committed to learning constantly, developing innovative practices, and evolving strategies as necessary to achieve our mission and vision. EXCELLENCE Excellence:  We value performance and results. We always aspire to do our best and to embrace the challenges exceeding expectations. COLLABORATION Corroboration:  We work as a team within the organization and with a wide range of Partners outside of it including other non profit organizations as well as EMS agencies in the belief that only through these Partnerships will we achieve the broadest impact. CARING Caring:  We conduct our work with compassion, respect, and dignity and we meet all individuals with love and without judgment. PREVENTION CENTERED Prevention-Centered:   What we do is not only to help the people in need become independent, and victims of violence become survivors, but also to teach and try and prevent individuals from being putor putting themselves in that type of situation to begin with.   We begin this task with EDUCATION.​​​​​​​

Results: We have been educating Women, children, EMS agencies, Police Departments and the public regarding exactly what domestic violence is and ways to safely escape. We started broadening our Clientelle in January 2019 (As well as the name change). There are so many people in "NEED", I just could not see not helping them! Since its conception in December of 2011, Total Blessings has helped to rescued over 128 victims, Counseled over 500 victims, provided help with necessities to over 150 victims and their families, provided stuffed animals to over 150 children and educated over 14 Business and several police and Emergency agencies. We are small but to spite the difficulties we have had with an ex drug abuse client who has been slandering us, and drug users that continue to try and scam us to the politics of certain local government departments, to the lack of funding, we still continue to help the victims of Domestic Violence as best we can. We have also helped relocate 2 Mothers/Children to various locations in the US. We will contunue to help as long as the funds are available. WE are desperate need of funding!

Target demographics: Anyone who is in need and Victims of services, including Domestic Violence

Direct beneficiaries per year: Women and children of all ages. For a Total of 98 Women and Children, through counseling, relocation assistance, and providing neccessities for them as they transition from a violent home to a shelter.

Geographic areas served: Johnson Country but will help relocate any victim in any State (to or from any State)

Programs: Relocation services, Crisis Counseling, Feed and Clothe the needy as well as pay 1 Utility Bill every 6 months (If we have the funding).

Community Stories

8 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

4 Denise Q.1


Rating: 5

I like that there is still people that will go out their way to help people that are in a abusive relationship or even if its family we need more support like this everywhere to help each an everyone if you can buy coffee every day have you thought about maybe skipping one day off coffee to help save a life just the littlest things can save a life... Keep up the good work on helping people


Rating: 5

I have worked with Sally since the start of her organization. I can tell you that she has a heart of gold and will help anyone she can. She has even taken crisis calls in the middle of the night to help a victim of DV in need.

I am honored to work with her.

Client Served

Rating: 5

Ms Sally saved my life. She helped me move from a State in the NE to A State in the South. This was last year but I am now doing great and thanks to her help, I graduated college and now I'm an LVN. Thank you Ms. Sally, I will never forget your love and compassion to help a stranger in need.



Rating: 5

I have volunteered for Total Blessings before and I can tell you that the Owner and her passion and compassion for helping domestic violence victims is amazing. She has spent hours upon hours taking crisis calls, she has rescued people from their abusive homes and took them to the better shelters. She has a heart of gold and I am proud to say that I volunteered and still do for this wonderful and loving program /organization called Total Blessings. She also teaches women how to prepare to escape and just recently she helped a lady and her 2 children escape and relocate to another state. She does not receive funding so this was all on her dime. The family is now safe. She saved their lives. I am proud to volunteer for them. I love giving back.

4 Marie D P.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I am so thankful for Total Blessings, even though I am new to the site, just by reading the post and comments, it is a big help to me. I am so grateful that I came accross this site and that there is someone out there that cares and is willing to help. I read the reviews from others and i disagree, with the ones that are saying that this is a scam. Even if you are a non profit you still have operating cost, no matter what kind of organization you have. I have no problem donating to a well worth it charity!!!

Comments ( 1 )


CCofTexas 11/03/2013

Thank you so very much for your sweet comments I am glad that I am able to help the hundreds and hundreds of people that I do help and especially you you're such a sweetheart and I'm glad I was able to help you. Thank you also for standing up against the one person that is slandering me and committing illegal federal offenses against me especially on the site..... I was only asking for help with a car so I could pick up victims and take them to a shelter where they can be safe and I can save their lives and I was asking for help also from my 800 number for my crisis line so I can keep it going it's about $40 a month to keep that running and I volunteer my time to answer it 20 to 30 calls a week that is a lot of volunteering a lot of time but you know what I enjoy what I do I love helping people I will always be dedicated to helping others and total blessings will be open soon are 100,000 square foot facility even know there's a couple of people who don't want a shelter why I don't know and I don't understand why they want women and children to continue to suffer that I will never ever give up total blessing and giving total blessings two people that call me for help I will go out of my way and do everything I can to help the better women and children because I am a two-time survivor and one of those relationships I did get pregnant with my first child and after an abusive episode I lost that child and even now this one slandering person is making fun of it I don't think there's anything funny about domestic abuse and the murder of a child which is what he did. I don't think that's funny like Cindy does but the people who truly count the people that need help and I'm here to help them and I will forever dedicate my life to helping others as I've done the last 27 years of my life thank you again for the wonderful and more than that the truthful review and God Bless you u


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

TOTAL BLESSINGS IS A COMPLETE SCAM. She goes all over the internet begging people for money for herself, but she says it's for her shelter. Girl, please. She gets pissed off when people call her out, so she spreads lies to get sympathy votes. WHATEVER.

Fact: She's cancelled multiple Total blessings events over the years - most at the last minute. Fact: She's always asking for money for her 'shelter' but when you don't give, she guilt-trips people into giving. Fact: She's a compulsive LIAR. Someone stop her and get her some professional help! There are plenty of us in Burleson and the surrounding counties that know who Sally REALLY is.

Comments ( 2 )


CCofTexas 10/24/2013

This is so slanderous "CINDY", and cant you even spell Gary ALLAN's name correctly? You have nothing better to do than harass me, really, just wait for the attorney to call.


CCofTexas 10/26/2013

Unfortunately everyone this is what can happen when you have a so-called client that gets kicked out of a shelter for having drugs on them...of course I'm not saying that she was I'm just saying that people who have been that is against others have a reason and one of the reasons might be because of being kicked out of another shelter for drugs or fighting or whatever it may be or even severe mental illness. Not sure exactly what her issue is except for the mental illness but there has to be some other issues going on being that I don't even know this person she's never works for me never volunteer for me I have no clue why she's doing this and trying to slander someone who is working and has worked for the last twenty seven years Dedicating my life to helping others into serving others I don't know how some I could find song with that but obviously it is someone with a lot of mental issues.

4 Kathy109


Rating: 4

When I learned of this organization and its founder, and saw the passion she gas
For hurting women and the blood, sweat, and tears she gas poured into it....
I knew this is where I wanted to give my time and heart to. This will be a one of
A kind facility to heal the broken hearted women and children who have nowhere else to turn.
Here they will have EVERY resourse imaginable to help them turn their whole life
around. I want to be a part of this miracle moving oportunity. Won't you take a
moment to seriously stop and think what a TOTAL BLESSING it would be
if you could one day help someone you know get to this safe haven!
It could even be you!

6 Karen108


Rating: 5

This is a charity that helps women and children who have been abused. I am donating time and money to this worthy cause. This is a true necessity for our world. Women and children who have been abused need a safe place to build their strength and confidence. Please help this wonderful organization. We need places like this to encourage women and children to speak out!