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Causes: Animals, Wildlife Preservation & Protection

Mission: The Purpose of Beak n Wings, Inc. shall be to furnish and exchange knowledge about and to promote the humane breeding and / or raising of pet birds, and to introduce the general public to the field of aviculture

Programs: Bird adoption program

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Rating: 1

You will watch good birds come in and their training will slowly fade away as they are removed or shoved back into their cages with towel restraint. Attempts to solidify prior training with positive reinforcement will be physically interrupted by the overbearing hand of force from other volunteers. Those who do not believe that treats are “bribes” are simply ignored or worse, mocked in private.
The money situation is sketchy.
They ask more of their volunteers than anyone should ever be asked to do and the entire business side is collapsible by a hair trigger because of it. There is no financial report, no itemized register for anything. Birds are regularly denied veterinary care, especially the small ones who “don’t bring in much money”. You have to be persistent and annoying to get your foster birds to the vet.
Good people are taken advantage of and asked to do far beyond what is reasonable. Honestly I don't understand why they don't start their own charity.
The president has the final say on everything, which is probably why they don't report numbers. It is also illegal for them to operate that way since they are a 501(c)(3) organization. There isn't supposed to be any person with sole control and your leader is supposed to be voted in but that's not how it is.
Some birds become flat out neurotic or otherwise mental because they’re crammed into homes that are bursting at the seams with parrots. There is literally no limit to the number of birds they will give the foster homes, yet adopters have to jump through hoops and cut through red tape in order to adopt one. They refuse to have limits and standards because the person in charge and **some** (not all) of the homes willing to take in this many birds are hoarders who are incapable of basic cleaning and care for the birds.
Minimum requirements by law for sanitary conditions are considered “too anal” by the person in charge. There are no public reports of how many birds get adopted each month and which ones went to new homes. Most of the big birds have been here for years. YEARS as a foster, despite being fairly good natured. Sometimes foster birds die and nobody knows about it for months. They have no official policy with steps to take on animal cruelty or how to handle it within their shelter. The one sentence that acknowledges this is in any way basically says (paraphrased) 'go to the proper authorities but also let us know if someone is talking bad about us.' Riiiight, like totally sketch.
Education is run by someone with antagonistic ignorance, who doesn’t know how to identify many common species or differentiate between those who are sexually dimorphic. The educational presentations include such gems as “which parrots in the rescue are extinct in the wild”. That’s right folks, they are so exotic and specialized that they have extinct parrots (/s).
They don't even have the education person present the things that matter. They know.

They bring your surrendered parrots to birthday parties as if they were clowns. it makes me cringe to write this but it is a sad, sad truth. They are so incapable of fundraising appropriately that this is what they do. These are rescued parrots, not trained performers. No wonder they pluck and bite and scream.

If you can’t stomach the sight of such atrocities and more at the heart of a shelter, don’t volunteer here. Adopt the birds but for the love of God, don't surrender to them.



Rating: 5

I found this group when i was given 3 large birds and knew nothing about them or what i should do for them. as i learned i became a member and now a foster home for the club birds. in the year and half that i have been with the club i have learned what i could and still learn and now have a level of comfort with all of the birds. its so amazing and i couldnt have done this without the club.



Rating: 5

I have been a member/volunteer of this club, Beak N Wings, for several years. The goal being to educate more people about parrots. Their needs, which include; good nutrition, personal attention, toys, correct cage sizes, health, and grooming. Also discussed are the many things that are toxic in our homes and environment for our pet birds. To prevent having so many that are neglected, fed improper diets, not provided with toys, never seen by a veterinarian, and given little to no attention.

We participate in many events around the metropolitan area. Which provides awareness of our club, and our monthly meetings. Which are free and open to the community. Our meetings are educational and fun. These events also allow us to show case our foster birds and make them visible to our communities, to help find them new homes.

All of our birds are released by owners who for whatever reason, are unable to keep and care for their birds any longer. We then take them into our program, for re homing. But before we receive them we have volunteers/club members lined up, who take these bird into their homes and become responsible for getting them seen by one of our many club veterinarians, and thirty days later, to as many of the monthly events as is possible. Depending on the information we have received about the birds, we assess them, and treat them medically as needed. We then allow them time, 30 days, to adjust into their foster homes. We spend time a lot of time with them and try to place them in good, responsible homes.

All of our foster homes and adopters homes and given a home study before birds can be placed in them.

Beak N Wings inc, is a 501 C3, we operate solely on donations which include cash and items that we always need. http://www.beaknwings.org/