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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Family Services

Mission: Babywearing International Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote babywearing as a universally accepted practice, with benefits for both child and caregiver, through education and support.

Results: We have held International Babywearing Week for the past several years, which has raised awareness of the benefits of babywearing as well as important safety information on an international level.

Programs: In july 2014, more than 300 babywearing educators, enthusiasts, vendors, and manufacturers gathered in tempe, az for the 2014 international babywearing conference. The highlight of the weekend was an inspirational keynote from sherry payne on the topic "head wrapping and babywearing: using afrocentric traditions to build health equity. "other events included more than 50 educational seminars, informal stash shares, rollicking parties, babywearing ballet, yoga, a "baby making party" in which participants made diy demo dolls, and incredible shopping in the vendor hall.

international babywearing week is an annual outreach event sponsored by babywearing international. It is a week-long opportunity to celebrate, promote, advocate for, and focus media attention on the many benefits of babywearing . We invite non-profit babywearing groups around the world to participate in ibw by registering as official celebrating organizations. These organizations will host online and in-person events throughout the week. Babywearing international will promote ibw through its website, twitter, and facebook accounts with contests, awards, giveaways, and other interactive events. There will also be a coordinated media outreach campaign to raise awareness about babywearing with the general public. We estimate that ibw celebrations reach 15,000 individuals each year.

Community Stories

13 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

Client Served

Rating: 5

I wanted so badly to carry my fussy firstborn but could not figure out how to use my too-small hotsling-- and knew the bjorn pack could be hard on a baby's hips. This group taught me how to carry my son on my back using a mei tai, a lifesaver. Then I learned all sorts of other carriers, and my daughter has been carried in everything from a ringsling to a wrap. It really lessened the pressure, with her, knowing that I could keep her at peace and still have my hands free. Plus, vacationing without a stroller opens up the possibilities! Have toured everything from an aircraft carrier to a cave, simply would have been impossible without the sling.

Susie S.


Rating: 5

Babywearing is such a tremendous blessing for mothers and children, and it really is not difficult, yet there are barriers to learning the skills needed to carry a baby comfortably and safely. Babywearing International helps me share my passion for babywearing with my local community with support I otherwise would not have.

Client Served

Rating: 5

I bought a pouch when my son was born, but ended up returning it. It wasn't comfortable for me and I wasn't sure my son was positioned properly. I had instructions, but no one to ask. I wanted to wear my son, but didn't feel confident I was doing it safely so I gave up.

After my daughter was born I kept thinking how great it would be if someone could show me the different carrier options and tell me how to safely use them. Thankfully I saw a posting for the local Babywearing group and went to a meeting. The women I met were extremely nice and very helpful. I absolutely love wearing my daughter and it never would have happened without these wonderful women. I only wish I had found them sooner!

Jenni T.


Rating: 5

As a new mom, I was intimidated by the number of gizmos and gadgets marketed at me, but from before I had given birth, my husband and I both were committed to baby wearing. We purchased two carriers and thought "this will be sufficient". Unfortunately, the two carriers we chose were not sufficient - one was intended for newborns and the other was uncomfortable. In my search for carriers that would suit our needs, as well as likeminded moms, I found BWI. As a result, I now own way more carriers than one would necessarily *need*, but I also am able to accomplish so many more daily tasks because of them. Now I am the mom of two girls, aged 4.5 months and 19.5 months, and I have a part time job where I can bring my girls. Without babywearing, I wouldn't be able to do my job - either at work or at home. Without BWI, I probably would have given up wearing, instead of making it a key part of our parenting approach.

Naomi W.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I love BWI because I make and sell baby slings on Facebook:
BWI has helped me understand the needs of Slings and generate a suitable product which is suitable for all mothers.
The information I have gained from BWI is second to none
So i wish to say Thank you and please use BWI for all your information about wearing your baby (something I believe is the way nature intended it)

Crystal E.

Board Member

Rating: 4

I have witnessed first-hand the impact that this organization can make in the lives of young families. It is a very empowering and rewarding experience to be able to help parents learn to safely use their baby carriers and/or helping them to pick a carrier that will work well for their needs. There is nothing quite like the look of relief and happiness on both the faces of caregivers and their babies when a carrier "clicks" for them.

Client Served

Rating: 5

Now that I know how to safely wrap my baby onto my back I have him there frequently. He peers around and loves the motion as I fold laundry or take a walk. And he feels so warm against my back. I'll be sad when he is too old for this. Babywearing International helped me learn how to do this. The women who lead the meetings are great... and very knowledgable.

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 4

I first learned the importance of wearing my babies when I became a mother for the first time. I had a high-needs baby that needed to be held upright, I had a job outside the home and I had a house and husband to take care of. I purchased my first sling very early on and wore it often even though it wasn't very easy or comfortable. When the second baby came, I knew there must be something better, but nothing I found worked for us. I was determined to make something work when I had my 3rd child. By then (2004) slings were easy to find on the internet. I read review after review and I was lucky enough to meet someone in person who could help me with a sling! I finally found something that was comfortable, practical, easy and stylish!

After I had my 4th child, a local babywearing group was started. I began attending the meetings and learning all I could. I loved babywearing so much that I decided to help teach other caregivers the joys and benefits of wearing your children close.

This group has grown and spread the love of babywearing all over the world via the internet and all over our locale with meetings and special events.


Rating: 5

I knew I wanted to wear my baby before my first was even born. I did a ton of research online for the carrier that I thought would be a good fit for our lifestyle. I decided to purchase a pouch, a wrap, and a structured carrier.

Well, the baby arrived, and I found that I was not happy with my carrier purchases. I couldn't get my little one in the pouch properly (turns out it was too big). The wrap was just too overwhelming because there was so much fabric (over 6 yards). And the structured carrier was also too big for my frame, although it states on the carrier's website that it would fit someone with my height/weight.

Thanks to the lovely internet and a wonderful thing called Google, I was able to find our local babywearing group. I was amazed at the amount of carriers that was collected in one room. I didn't even realize that there were THAT many different types and makers. The women I met were super nice and very helpful. I walked out that day armed with new information and a plan to find a carrier that would fit me.

Fast forward to today, two kids and three years later. I am now volunteer with our local group. I teach others how to find the perfect carrier for them. I spend roughly 12 hours a month dedicated to leading meetings, assisting fellow parents with their carriers, and other misc. administrative tasks for our group.

When I became a stay at home mom, I also became lost. Nothing I read had prepared me to the life of mom. I was successful in the workforce, but as a mom, I did not feel like I had direction. Yes, I wanted to be home with my kids, but I knew that there had to be to my existence than diapers, feedings and naps.

Through BWI, I have found my niche. I am able to use my skills to educate others, interact with both adults and children, and spend my time doing something that is close to my heart. The people that I have met are genuinely kind and down to earth.

While I originally came in looking for help with a baby carrier, I have walked away with a treasure chest of information regarding life, families, and friendship.

Client Served

Rating: 5

BWI has been a great asset to me and my family. It has helped us to meet the needs of our high needs daughter and still allow us to attend to our daily lives!