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Causes: Health, Specifically Named Diseases

Mission: Run by and for people with adhd, our purpose is to empower children, adults and families affected by adhd, educate those who impact us, and enlighten all people as to the courage and competence of our singular community. A 501c3 nonprofit, adhd aware was founded with the conviction that our needs are unique, substantial, and worthy of attention. We provide dynamic programming responsive to the diverse populations affected by adhd and, through outreach and direct engagement, seek to increase public and professional understanding regarding the diagnosis and effective treatment for adhd and to decrease social stigmas associated with it.

Programs: National go girls and go guys clubs program which provides online training and downloadable club curriculum modules to facilitate the replication of the clubs nationwide. This project uses the paradigm of local clubs to create an online clubs website. The website is a multi-purposed international home for children with adhd and the go girls and go guys club. The online video training and downloadable podcasts to educate facilitators on the basic science of adhd, effective coping strategies and available resources, as well as, provide facilitators direction on how to establish and facilitate a go girls club in their community. Downloadable curriculum modules will include specific lesson plans, activities, supply lists and additional resources for each meeting and will be available on a monthly basis. The website, www. Adhdaware. Org , will facilitate the replication of clubs and provide pockets of refuge and empowerment for children affected by adhd throughout the country.

4th annual symposium on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder adhd aware. In conjunction with national adhd awareness week, the symposium seeks to raise the public's understanding of the impact that adhd can have on individuals, families and the community, at large. The conference entitled "the many faces of adhd " explored the dynamics of empowering children to advocate for themselves, permission to fail and adult adhd. The conference also included an update about the genetics and neuroscience of adhd. Featured speakers include, dr. Russell ramsay, assistant professor of psychology in psychiatry at the university of pennsylvania's school of medicine, and co-director of penn's adult ad/hd treatment and research program, dr. Russell ramsay, ph. D. , licensed psychologist and assistant professor of psychology at the university of pennsylvania school of medicine and co-founder and co-director of penn's adult adhd treatment and research program, dr. John shaken-kaye, a forensic and counseling psychologist and educational consultant, and dr. Donna lynn antonucci, md, faap, an affiliate of the department of pediatrics of the children's hospital of philadelphia and is part of the community medical staff at st. Christopher's hospital for children in philadelphia, pennsylvania. She is founder and medical director of a neurodevelopmental disabilities practice located in suburban philadelphia. Specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of ad/hd in children, teens, and adults, as well as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and school/work difficulties.

the national adhd youth leadership summit was held on july 7, 2012. It is an annual leadership conference created for children and teens with adhd where families affected by the condition can meet, share experiences and learn from one another, as well as expert medical professionals, about the condition. The summit also seeks to address the lack of direct services for children affected by adhd and specifically the lack of opportunities for these children to nurture their self-esteem, develop leadership skills, and celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of our community. Finally, we intend to create systemic societal change through media coverage of the summit by decreasing the social stigma associated with adhd, in particular, and stigmas associated with mental illness, in general. The daylong conference for children ages 8-18 which offered workshops on subjects from school to social skills and place special emphasis on leadership and empowerment. It will also provide an opportunity to explore through education and supportive play the means to improve our children's self-esteem and learn more about adhd. Co-sponsored by the university of pennsylvania's adult adhd treatment & research program and center for cognitive therapy and housed on their historic campus, the summit featured successful speakers and mentors affected by adhd, and impressed upon our boys and girls their unique potential and power while providing tools for their own activism and empowerment. Speakers included dr. Anthony rostain, dr. Patricia quinn and other noted luminaries from the field, including drs. Littman and ramsey.

adhd aware reverses the negative trend of stigmatization by empowering and activating the adhd community. By producing video and audio psas for national media coverage, enlightening and encouraging action from lawmakers, educators, health providers and other professionals, providing easily accessible and downloadable online information and resources, creating training materials and webinars for our volunteers and organizing symposia, speakers' series and consciousness-raising events, adhd aware accomplishes the important mission of raising awareness, reducing stigma and breaking the cycle of failure associated with adhd. Locally, we provide community programming where families find information and strategies designed to specifically designed with the realities of their lives in mind at our educational seminars and workshops. Programs include chaos & kisses: an retreat for mothers raising children with adhd, controlling the chaos: an evening for fathers raising children with adhd, 504 & iep's : getting your child's needs met, science and strategies of adhd.

adhd aware launched a national awareness campaign that kicked off during national adhd awareness week. Our efforts included the making and distributing of a you tube video entitled " i am," which has been viewed by over 40,000 people, the mailing of hand-signed letters to all members of the house and senate, the publication and distribution of the "are you adhd aware? " quiz, a facebook campaign and national google adwords awareness campaign.

adhd aware website -our website provides, parents, caregivers, children and the general public with a unique opportunity to learn about adhd, to experience videos of real children and adults bravely confronting the challenges before them and to access the latest research. Our landing page on the adhd aware website is home to downloadable versions of fact sheets and other resource materials, as well as information on how to hold "stride for adhd pride" or other positive community events. This is critical so that individuals and families not already associated with adhd aware can also be recruited to participate in the campaign and educate members of their community about adhd. In addition to raising awareness and empowering the adhd community, our website encourages understanding, empathy and compassion from the general public. Among those who will see and hear our messages will be families and individuals affected by adhd, many of whom will then become involved with the organization in some capacity, as well as medical and educational groups, non-profits and for-profits, and professionals working with benefit of all these groups and individuals. Adhd aware also provides an "aggregator calendar" to promote all events nationwide, "adhd factcheck" to provide up-to-date information and analysis of media coverage of adhd, and a vehicle for recommending and

halloween adhd awareness campaign - adhd aware sponsored a nationwide campaign this halloween to help dispel myths and raise awareness about adhd, a disease that affects more than 10 million americans, including millions of children, by distributing "adhd sugar card" to families across the country to hand out with their halloween candy. Many americans think that adhd is caused, or made worse, by the consumption of refined sugar and candy. According to the national institutes of mental health, "the idea that refined sugar causes adhd or makes symptoms worse is popular, but more research discounts this theory than supports it. "1 according to adhd aware founder natalie knochenhauer, halloween provides a great opportunity to dispel this myth and educate people that adhd is a serious disease of the brain. The organization is doing that by asking parents to distribute small, halloween-themed cards along with candy on october 31. "adhd is not caused by bad parenting or unruly kids" said knochenhauer. "it's a real disease that affects more than 10 million americans. However, because people often belittle or joke about adhd, many families are reluctant to seek a diagnosis or support for their children. " according to knochenhauer, distributing cards on halloween is one small way, adhd aware, can reach people. Knochenhauer, a mother of four, has adhd as do all of her children. Families across the country were reached through facebook and were shipped for distribution.

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Great organization for educating the public about those living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder [ADHD]. Living with ADHD and raised three children with the same, I found much needed support from their website.