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All Terrier Rescue Hunters Crossing Inc

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18325 Sw Division St Aloha OR 97007 USA


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Reviews for All Terrier Rescue Hunters Crossing Inc

Rating: 5 stars  

Awesome experience! We've had our pup for 3 weeks. They are always there to answer any questions we have had on Barfly. Our family has had the best luck to our newest addition!

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Rating: 1 stars  

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These people flat out lied to us about the dog they wanted us to adopt. Now it's been two long years of daily training and she's nearly a decent pet. They told me she loved dogs and people, stopped whining as soon as she settled in, had never gotten in any fights with other dogs, liked the city, etc. When she was a little reactive in the petsmart they said that was not like her at all, it was just chaotic there so she was nervous. I should've known better than to believe them, but I had been so clear with my questions and what I could not have in a dog, I didn't think they'd be dishonest if they wanted to find her a good home.

She is intensely neurotic, whines all the time, extremely reactive and aggressive toward other dogs and sometimes people, everything you don't want is what they pawned off on me.

When I contacted them about her again they changed their story completely. Said that I wasn't being "firm" enough with her and that was the only problem (even though they preach positive reinforcement). Then they told me that when she got into fights with other dogs at the shelter they would spray her in the face with bitter apple! No wonder she has a phobia of squirt bottles and hates other dogs so much! Then the lady on the phone tried to blame me, saying i just didn't know the breed (this is the only breed I've owned, we've had at least one in the house my whole life).

Horrible people who will work hard to saddle you with whatever dog they're sick of. I spent $2000 on this dog the first year in specialty training and vet bills (oh ya, your dog will be sick and have the worst worm infestation you've ever seen, and fleas).

STAY AWAY from this "rescue"! They will tell you any bold fave lie they think will get a dog out of their hair for $300.

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Rating: 1 stars  

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We fostered the dog in photo attached for almost a month, I have two kids and another dog that this little guy bonded with during this time. All Terrior Rescue wouldn't allow us to adopt until they had him neutered. When they sent me a text to tell me when to drop him off to get neutered I asked them if we could reschedule because we were leaving town for the weekend. One of the owners was very rude and told me I had no choice but to drop him off by a certain time the next day. I asked where he would be staying and the response was incredible shocking, she told me "don't worry about it", and was refusing to tell me. I told her I wasn't bringing him until she told me as I was worried they weren't a legitimate company and was concerned with his well being. Finally she told me. The next day before we dropped him off we filed a formal complaint with PetSmart, who when discussing the matter with them said "She is better with dogs then people", "we have had multiple complaints before". Later that day as reluctant as I was we dropped our little guy off....little did we know that would be the last time we saw him...
When I sent a text to check and see how the procedure went, her response was "I sent you an email". As I read this email I was beyond disturbed... They told me that they were not giving him back to us because we were in "breach of contract" by filing a complaint with PetSmart. My family is devastated...this act of retaliation is NOT OK and must stop! We are trying to get the attention of those that could make a difference and are looking for your feedback on efforts you may have made to do the same.

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Rating: 1 stars  

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This so called rescue gets a big fat ZERO just as do all the rescues that buy or collect from puppy mills....for sure they must pay for these animals if not they would not be making a profit from using human drugs and keeping sick animals.
They claim these animals are "up to date on shots" and "have a clean bill of health" ..yeah, right.
I hope people wise up and stop with the HAVE TO HAVE A PET neuroses. Instead go for a walk, spend time with your kids, spouse etc...then we can start to put an end to these greedy, abusive corp. aholes!

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Rating: 2 stars  

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We adopted a puppy from All Terrier Rescue during the summer, and he's an amazing dog. Seeing the other reviews here, I assume we were lucky. ATR themselves, were much less impressive. After bringing the puppy home, (who we paid $300 for, and they made us buy other things from the PetSmart where they were adopting out their dogs), we found out he had kennnel cough. The vet also said a puppy from ATR was recently brought in with a sickness which it sadly died from, they tested our dog for the sickness (which escapes me atm), luckily he didn't have it. We contacted them, and they did uphold the health plan, but it was sketchy. They gave us the address to a house in Aloha. My dad went, and they gave him a bag of pills to give to the puppy by mouth. The kennel cough cleared up in about a week. My dad looked up the pills, and found that they were human pills from Mexico.... We got the follow up shots from the nearby veterinary clinic which has since been his main clinic.

The dog, Strider, has been great. He's very loving and playful and gets along okay with our two cats. He does have severe separation anxiety, and gets nervous and barks when he sees people outside our house.

Anyhow, I probably would have rated one star, but Strider is a very sweet boy. So I guess that makes up for it.

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Rating: 1 stars  

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Just recently adopted a puppy from here, I do not recommend adopting a puppy from here. The puppy costs 300 dollars and apparently has all of its shots and vaccines, however the day we brought home our puppy she was infested with fleas and itching and biting herself so bad from it that she got severe gashes on her forehead. She also has been throwing up everywhere. Sadly, we have to return her to this horrible place due to the fact she doesn't get along with my cat and isn't a good fit for our family, although I love her and she is an amazing dog. The thought of her having to go back there makes me sick to my stomach. I'm in tears just thinking about giving her back.

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Rating: 1 stars  

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We adored a puppy through All Terrier. Through veterinary evaluation it is aparent that the puppy is 6 weeks younger than was quoted to us. It also makes us suspicious the her medical history in her adoption paperwork has been altered. The Behaviorist also punched a dog during an adoption event for eating people food, which was left next to the dog.

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Rating: 1 stars  

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All Terrier Rescue deserves 0 stars. Approximately 5-6 months months ago a dear friend of mine adopted a dog from them. When they proceeded to get her spayed at Vista pet hospital ( scheduled by ATR) they discovered she was pregnant. ATR then took custody of their dog and puppies and said she now belonged to them.

Forward to today and the shepherd is now listed for adoption but here puppies have never been on the website!! My friends wanted to give her and the puppies a loving home but ATR was not willing to work with them and said they would never adopt out to them again.

My question is what happened to the puppies? Is ATR selling for profit on the side? And if these animals are getting proper medical treatment them how did they not know she was pregnant?

Do not adopt from this company. Instead help find a way to save the dogs they are caring for and close them down! !

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Review from Guidestar
Rating: 1 stars  

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They do not uphold their own 7-10 day health guarantee and are rude and combative when you try to work woth them towards a resolution! They do not deserve your money!

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