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Albany Helping Hands

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PO Box 2252 Albany OR 97321 USA


Albany Helping Hands mission statement is to care for those who are less fortunate. May no man, woman or child face unbearable times without a helping hand from their brothers and sisters through the love of the Lord. Needs never stop, and neither will we!

Target demographics:

Those who are less fortunate, men, women, and children.

Direct beneficiaries per year:

73 homeless residents get a job, and move on to their own home with their own job.

Geographic areas served:

Our mission is to help those in the Linn County area


Providing a nice warm place to live. Very good warm food, and a clean and sober place for those less fortunate to have a place to get back on their feet and make a better life for themselves. We also just got a grant approved to start a program that will assist the residents to find a job that suits them, help with creating a resume and providing clothes for that person once the job has accepted them. The grant is just a start and would greatly appreciate and donations to further the program to be able to provide business clothes, and other things needed for the program to be a success! Our program also recently received two houses that we are now using as a transitional house for those who have found a job, but are still needing assistance with the final needs of being on their own. Providing the abilities to learn how to live on their own without the dependency of other, and re-learn how to pay bills again, and other responsibilities that come with living on your own.

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Reviews for Albany Helping Hands

Rating: 1 stars  

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To: All Board Members, Grace Gantt and Paul Barnes Executive Director Albany Helping Hands 619 9th street SW Albany, OR 97321 Dear Mr. Barnes; This is my official resignation letter to you. I have verbally informed you that I would stay for two weeks, for two hours a day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and if needed Friday to make sure that my area of work was in order for the shelter to go forward in an orderly way. I have mentioned two candidates for my job. The gentleman that has retired from SSI that is helping Dan and the gentleman that has retired from CSC. I will inform Jim Preston of his name and how to reach him for further insight towards a replacement for me. Officially I informed you that health was the reason for my resignation and that is half of the truth. I have Hep C and I am at dangerous levels of the disease. Now it is life threatening to me. I can not have any stress upon me and right now the shelter is an extremely stressful place that increases the possibility that my Hep C treatment will not work. I can not allow that to happen. I must, get well and do all that I can to achieve that goal for myself and my family. It is also stressful to leave because I truly care about the people that come to the Shelter and I believe with my whole heart that I have talents, skills and education that can help them aid and improve their lives. I surely didn’t take this job for the money LOL. I feel content that I have been successful while I have been there and for that I give thanks to my God. It is also a very heart breaking situation that I must leave because I have formed deep relationships with each of the Senior Staff that works at Albany Helping Hands. I have been amazed at the resilience of Grace Gantt who has been here from the beginning, through the good and the bad, the poorer and richer. And even though the world would say she is too old, she has more energy than most people of 55 or so. Sandra is such a fun person and she does her job so organized and proficiently that you will be hard pressed to find someone as good as her at her job. Tina has such a heart for the people and a skill of being able to communicate to others. She is a young mother and I admire her tenacity to take on her husband, her children and still give to the people at the shelter. Bobby is such a guy’s guy. If I weren’t married, well anyway. He warms my heart with his persistence to always do his job and do it to the best for the people. He has more than proved his weight in gold for the jobs he has done here lately. He has been overburdened and over-weighted with things and he, in his determination, has tried to accomplish impossible feats. Dan Kress is my mentor, I will never ever stop being grateful to Dan for the things that he taught me. He is a manager. He knows how to manage. He sniffs out people’s skills and talents then sits back and becomes a support to them. Encouraging them, pushing them forward, and developing them to become better than they were. And he allowed us even to fail, knowing that we still learned through that process. I want to just bless all of these wonderful people here in this letter. The second reason I am resigning, and will still be a full time prayer item to me, is your character and skills to do your job there. First I want to make it very clear that I think you are a personable person and have a very warm and easily personality to like, when you want to. When it is to your advantage, you can be very likable when it is convenient and you have a goal in mind. At first I was not in your corner. You were Gnostic and I in my studies years ago had remembered what Gnostics entailed. I guess the best definition of Gnostism is being “full of one’s self”. I was afraid that as a Gnostic you would think that intellectualism was the way to God and have no insight into what Jesus Christ taught, which as a faith based organization I think is essential. Chapter 13 of II Corn. God is Love. And if you do not have God you do not have Love. You can have Eros but not agape. But as I got to be around you I was impressed with your enthusiasm and tenacity. Your willingness to listen and discuss the issues and the people and what would and would not work. You indicated to me and others that you had a skill set and experience to do this job. I got on board and gladly promoted you to others. Then you got the job. Within days, you had sucked in all the breathable air at Albany Helping Hands. It was about you and only you. Your plans (even if they were other’s plans) you seemed to get drunk on power and the fact that you were the executive director of Albany Helping Hands. You took all power from the staff, you started manipulating, lying, plotting. Your anger was scary to most and they shined away from telling you. You said a few things to me that started to stir me up inside. You told me that you had studied the scriptures or perhaps you said theology, for twenty years. And yet you didn’t have even a basic understanding of scriptures. You said you had counselled people and yet I saw you making unheard of mistakes with the homeless population in counselling them, giving them harmful advise and information that was not true. I started to question your credibility. It was not anyone else that stirred me up except for yourself and your behaviours. . When you said you and I would be doing counselling together I ask what your degree was in. Did you have a counselling degree? You said no you had skipped that. I assumed that you had gotten your PHD because it is possible to skip your Masters and go to your PHD. You had started telling us that you were bringing in DHS, and Heart, and that this group of people were going to take one person a month and help them. Okay, I hadn’t ever seen them do that but who knows right. So for about a month we waited but they never did anything, and the only thing that was done was you started to rewrite the intake form with me, but any suggestion I had you said no to and you told me that you preferred Ben Atchley’s version. However, it is still my version except the format with the lines around the boxes is Ben Atchley’s and Paul added (his or Ben Atchley ???) any costs the people had. And you wanted to take out if the people had a religious preference. In fact you did state once that Ben Atchley was impressed by our original version, the first one I did. So You took a great version and fancied it up to impress Ben Atchley? Then you wrote the revision dates and times in 11 point font at the bottom. Wrong format. So two things you don’t know how to do forms and how to revise them appropriately (should have let Sandy do it. . . Next you then informed all of us that “the group” had reclassified homeless people so they wouldn’t be helping anyone here. So you didn’t know how the world operates, and you did not anticipate any problems even though we all were warning you. After the month I went to talk to you about not bringing in the others from outside because” the group” was governed by legislative rules and therefore could not do the things you said they were going to do. You then started telling me that there were no other choices because faith-based organizations did not work. And that in fact they were secular. That only the government and outside organizations were the only ones that worked. I thought maybe you had misquoted I ask you don’t you mean that government is secular, and you got mad, you ask me “ are you telling me that you believe that government is secular”? “No”, you said, “only churches are. I said no, churches are not secular and there are lots of successful faith - based organizations out there but not many governmental or secular. This ended in a fight. So we took a break to cool off. But here is where it started to unravel for me. Someone that has studied religion for 20 years and yet doesn’t know the difference between secular and faith-based? Something is wrong. Lying is a character point. Almost every day you are with someone. Almost every day you lie to one of us or lie about one of us. If I am in the room you tell me derogatory things about Tina and Sandy, if they are in the room you tell them about me and Grace. You throw us all under the bus to save yourself. Character point I’ll give a few examples: 1st example, three or four weeks ago I was looking for Dennis Peck because he had been having some problems staying sober and I had been working with him for about 6 months to get him ready to go to treatment and I believed he was ready. I pulled him into my office and talked to him about his drinking, his staying here and treatment and told him that I would help him get into treatment. He told me he didn’t want to be out there alone and that he thought treatment was the only thing that was going to work now. Yes he was ready. It is important to act when they are ready because all addicts have cycles, some are 2 years, some 5 it varies with each person and there is a window of opportunity to help them but if that is screwed up or passed you have to wait to the next leg of their cycle. This was a Thursday. On Tuesday when I came back to work, You called me into the office with Tina and told me that Dennis Peck had gotten drunk Sunday and you had to deal with it. (You had to deal with it, because You had let Dennis back 3 times while he was drinking and Bobby said no you do it, I’m not going to) Anyway You told me that Dennis mentioned he had came to see me and I had blown him off (never in two years have I blown anyone off besides Daniel Bowman (Buddah). And you stated that Dennis was suicidal and you felt I needed classes on the signs of suicide. (I worked a hot line for 2 years, believe me I know the signs of suicide) And in 2 years I have never yet missed a suicide, but it could happen but not because I am not skilled enough. You also told me that he was going to get Dennis into the Salvation Army treatment center. Well that was three weeks ago. Then the story was that you were waiting for Dennis to get the dt’s and then you and Judith would put him in Samaritan Hospital for detox. (I guarantee that won’t happen, I am a friend of the man who is in charge of Special Operations for Samaritan) It costs $14,000 to detox someone and Samaritan will not do it except under very very unusual circumstances. I know because I got Robin Williams in for detox and I know what I had to go through to do it. In the meantime Dennis is going past his cycle time. Anyway I told you I did not think Dennis was a suicidal type because of his independence. You said well you think I’m a strong personality, yes I said, well I had a gun up to my mouth and it wouldn’t go off? Good I said, I was quite angry at the time, you said. Suicide does have signs and being a strong or weak personality has little to do with it. Ability point. If you had been in counselling and, especially A & D like you say, you would also know these things. You also had Dennis Peck (Phil Selph also) (Phil is drinking some again and will relapse as sure as the sun comes up in time) sign an agreement to stay on the property for 7 days to detox on the threat of being kicked out. Ability point. Likewise if a counsellor, you would know that it is kidnapping to insist on anyone staying anywhere. They can stay on their own but we have no right to ask them to. Ability point. Deter means removing a person from any toxic situation allowing them the opportunity to get clean and sober with immediate follow up with 90 meetings in 90 days with a sponsor. We can not detox anyone on this property because we have people who still drink, who talk about drinking and who look for others to drink with. Also you told me that Dennis Peck was just like you and you had got clean for 30 days and you were fine afterwards. I want to disagree with that point. People who quit without treatment end up being dry drunks, they don’t drink they still have something called stinking thinking. And you talk a lot about having a drink. Not something you see in people who have been sober for long periods of time and have gotten their thinking straightened out. Ability point. Dennis Peck or anyone is not just like anyone else. This is a major no go in counselling. Dennis has been clean before and it did not take, Dennis is not just like you or anyone else. Character point. You think you are so right you can’t see far enough to help others, only to spotlight what a wonderful person you are. I believe Tina is right, I don’t think you can say anything but “I”. “We” is not in your vocabulary. With exception: I and Ben Atchley, I and John Donavan, I and ………….. You seem to adhere to it is not what you know but who you know that matters. So there has been one guest I could not get to trust me, Tina takes care of him, Clint Bettleyou sp. And he is doing great with her. Also she has wanted to keep George but not because I can’t she just has a fondness for him. So I felt pretty down the day I left your office about Dennis, I have known Dennis for about 2 years and we always had a very good relationship. But like I said, maybe you would be better for Dennis if I did that bad of a job with him. Later that day I went by Dennis Peck and he said Hi and started talking to me. I brought him into my office to apologize to him. I told him I was sorry for blowing him off. He said where did you hear that? I never said that. I said you didn’t tell Paul I blew you off? He said no, I told him you made me feel very comfortable about going to treatment. I ask Dennis if he was suicidal. He said of course not, he was frustrated but not suicidal. Since I have talked to Dennis again, because your way failed, and he is out for 30 days, although I am sure you saw it as Dennis failed, he again stated that you lied to me and that he knew why, he said he had seen how you wanted all the glory. Next scenario: Bobby, Tina, Dan, Paul and I were in the office and you said and have said on numerous occasions about Chris Grimes “I hate that man; I can’t wait to get rid of him, when can we kick him out. He makes me so mad he uses God to get his way” (the kettle calling the pot black?) You told me specifically to find a way to get rid of him. Told Bobby the same thing. So I guess the other day, you told Dan to tell Chris to go for 6 months. . So Dan did. I guess someone was called and it came back to you. You called Tina and I into the office and asked who told Chris he was out of the Shelter? You did, I said, you did, said Tina. No you said I did not. I talked to Piper later and she told me that you had told her you never intended for Chris to leave that Dan had done that so Piper was mad at Dan. Not the truth. You just threw Dan under the bus; you were so bold as to tell Tina and I we didn’t know what we heard. Character flaw, ability point. You were asking Dan and me to bring you a hit list, people at the shelter that we thought should leave. That was a joke. Only the ones you didn’t like were targeted to go. I have been ask to have a list of people you want to go and find ways to move them on. I would not do this. It is wrong You have systematically reduced Grace’s role, Sandy’s role, my role, Tina’s role and now you’re working on Dan Kress. You are not available because of all your meetings to have a team to be with and lead. You never have time, there needs to be a balance in your life that is missing if you are to learn to do this job effectively. Friday I tried to let you know what I had against you and try to reach an agreement, but you just threatened me with me job. I am not afraid of you firing me at all. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Then you were livid because Bobby had told me you were going to kick out two women because they had not made their beds but he refused to do that. There is more, much much more, but I have gave a dim and general view of your management style and why people are unable to work with you. I think you are in over your head. I do not believe that your background warrants you doing this job and yes I have done a background check on you and I want you to know that you still have control and anger issues and should not be allowed to work with others depending on you. I don’t know when the Board finds out about you, they are still in the honeymoon stage with you. You work for them and they do not work for you so their certainly is a different perspective. But the Word of God says “be sure your sins will find you out.” It will be disclosed, who you really are Paul. I am not writing you to condemn you, because there is not one of us that haven’t had times in our lives where we were in the wrong and had to do some correction. I am writing this hoping with all my heart that you will find the salvation of Jesus Christ and find that agape Love. I believe that you have inside of you a desire to find the truth. I just believe that you think you are the truth. May God’s Peace, Love and Blessings go with you and may he reach his hand down and bless you with his very presence. I pray that this shelter is protected from the evil of this world so those who are homeless and helpless may find a haven to rebuild and refresh their lives with the Love, Supply and Blessings of the Lord. Diana Starr Guest Services, Case Manager

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My name is Matthew Montpas and, I wrote the review on the front of the web page. This letter was e-mailed to me. Paul lied the resume that he was hired with. He lied in it stating he had home business from 90-94 but was in prison at the time. Much more...

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