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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals

Mission: Stray Cat Alliance educates and empowers the community to advocate for every cat’s right to be safe, healthy and valued. We are building a no kill nation, one stray at a time.

Results: Assisted in the spay/neuter, advocacy and/or free resources for over 175,000 cats in our 15 years history throughout Southern California.

Target demographics: General public wherever cats reside with a focus on individuals and cats in underserved communities.

Direct beneficiaries per year: Thousands of residents annually are assisted with cat related questions/needs and thousands of community and/or "owned" cats and those impounded in municipal shelters.

Geographic areas served: Los Angeles County

Programs: I Spayed LA in South Los Angeles; Care for Community Cats (Hotline, etc.); Adoptions greater Southern California; Return to Field at Long Beach Animal Care and Services

Community Stories

6 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

This organization is VITAL to the communities they serve. They provide guidance, and education on trap and release (TNR), spay/neuter, health and care for all type of cats. If it was not for the SCA volunteers guidance and support my little feral may have ended up dead. They do amazing work!

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

Stray cat alliance is phenomenal!! When no one else would help me with feral cats, they did. They responded quickly and helped me every step of the way! I can recommend them high enough! Thank you stray cat alliance!!!

2 bcrowe

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

SCA is a really great non-profit doing what very few animal organizations do. They go into underprivileged areas to spay/neuter homeless cats. It is especially needed in the Los Angeles area because we do not have winter so feral cats procreate year round. They have saved thousands of cats from starving and dying in the streets. Supporting SCA is extremely important!


General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I am so impressed with Stray Cat Alliance and their devotion to saving so many lives. I've never seen such a devoted organization! They care for each and every cat as if they are their own and give them all every chance possible. I fostered a cat for them and it was such a great experience - everyone is so friendly, professional and helpful!

5 Wilma T.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

While Stray Cat Alliance does good things concerning feral cats. Do we really know all they do? I have been looking very close at this organization for the last couple months. The reason being when a kitty adopted me, I put a post on Facebook to see if she belonged to someone. Patty from FIX LONG BEACH reached out and said she could help with having her fixed. But what I didn't realize was she was already pregnant and had the kittens at the home behind mine. I informed Patty and asked her to send me a voucher to have her spayed after she was done nursing. When I sent her my address she replied "can we meet? I can get those kittens for you." She told me she has Animal Control's number in her back pocket and can ask for an animal control officer to "step in." Of course I said yes, after all these kittens were already 4 weeks old and I know from my own experience and also according to Alley Cat Allies kittens must be handled by humans very early for the benefit of the kittens. I met with Patty and Anna who represented herself as being from SCA, ( I believe she also is an employee of Long Beach Animal Care Services - the city animal pound, one of many organizations intertwined with SCA.) They went to the home behind me but they said there was no answer and wanted my address to return my cat carrier. Wilma was there Anna made a comment about how she follows me all over the place, I love this little kitty and she loves me. She also said she was Abyssinian, I asked how she could tell and she said by the markings, I thought she looked like a an adorable petite little tabby. They left my carrier but did not give me a voucher to have her spayed. I believe this was because they knew I wasn't going to have a chance to have her spayed. Four weeks later the very day the kittens turned 8 weeks old was the last time I saw Wilma. Two days later I send a message to Patty saying I just wanted to let her know Wilma has disappeared, she sent a message back and said Anna was working on having her and the kittens fixed and re -homed. I put a post on Facebook saying they facilitated in her disappearance. Anna called and ordered me to cease and dissect and threatened to call the police. Her defense was a strong offence, in my opinion not a reaction by someone who has done nothing wrong. I can't help but wonder how many others have been bullied into silence by Stray Cat Alliance. Every week I go to all the local cat adoptions hoping to find Wilma, sadly that hasn't happened. I did see three kittens that were born behind a garage the same time Wilma's kittens were born and the foster told me they think they are part Abyssinian. I asked what happened to the mother, she couldn't look me in the eye when she told me she was feral and fixed and returned. When I see all these cats for adoption I can't help but wonder how many of the adult cats were taken from people because someone with Stray Cat Alliance did not approve of their home. If they deemed me unfit to keep her because she had kittens, that would be wrong because she came to me pregnant, I hadn't had her very long and didn't know if she belonged to someone else. Not to mention the FACT the ONLY REASON I WAS IN CONTACT WITH THEM WAS PATTI CONTACTED ME AND OFFERED A VOUCHER, WHICH SHE NEVER GAVE ME. What would you think? I have also found Carson Cats (another organization closely intertwined with SCA) has cats for sale at a cheaper price they called "Barn yard cats" these cats don't get along with people. To me this sounds like they have taken feral cats and caged them, can you imagine the terror these cats are in every second of their life because SCA has played cat God and thought they could reform them. I also know of cats that have been caged for years at their "cattery." I don't know how you can put a creature in a cage with no hope of getting out a 'rescue'. I also don't think three hours twice a week is a very serous attempt to find the more then 169 cats in their care homes. They should spend less time looking for cats to take outside of animal pounds and more time looking for homes for the cat already in their care.

Was Wilma one of the 49 cats that took a long trip to Colorado on a hot August 5th?

These are facts and opinions stated by a citizen of the United States of America and as long as I don't have Wilma I will never stop the telling of her plight.



General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I support the Stray Cat Alliance because of their hard work and generosity to provide help to the many feral cats in our need.