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Robin Hood Project

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Nonprofit Overview

Mission: To improve the welfare of the children of Máncora, Peru through education; covering both the academic as well as social and emotional development through a 2 year after school development program for 10 to 12 year old.

Results: We have begun our 4th year at Robin hood and have now introduced Dental care as part of the main objectives. We have also kicked off Robin Hood Spanish School, with the main aim being to make our charity self-sustainable

Target demographics: Target children for underprivileged families in Mancora, Peru.

Direct beneficiaries per year: 50 children

Community Stories

2 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

Good morning Mr. Taylor,

I am a nurse of 17 years who was injured on the job almost 10 years ago. I am contacting you because you have done so much good behind the scene that many don't know about, especially with your Robin Hood Project. There is so much corruption going on with people, nurses who are injured on the job. I was injured 2/11/2008. I have had 2 back surgeries and 4 knee surgeries. My 1st back surgery was 10/08 and I never got better, I kept getting worse. Workman's compensations sent me to several 2nd opinions. My case was closed 5 teas later and I was told to file for disability. I was told I was too young and too educated until I wrote President Obama who got me a court date. But I only receive $535/month. When my case was closed I kept searching for a doctor who could figure out why I wasn't getting better. In short I found out in 2013 that I was walking around with the wrong back surgery and my bones in my spine Never healed. Everybody knew except me! Thee 2nd back surgery almost killed me and now my permanent disability was now worse. I suffer in constant pain, there is never a time I am not in pain. Workman's compensation had in their possession all of the 6 doctors they sent me to said the same thing, Wrong Back Surgery, Spine bones not healed, a panel said get her away from that man,
They kept this information from me so I couldn't sue, but even if I won the lottery today it wont take this pain away. I am suffering Mr Taylor and the doctors said there is no more that can be done, I have to find away to live with the pain. I currently still walk with a cane, because I still need a total knee replacement, but they say I am too young. The nerve damage is SO Severe, I cant stand walk or sit for long periods. If the chair I sit in doesn't have cushion I temporarily lose feeling in both my legs. When I requested my chart the doctors offices told me I had to get copies from wkcomp because they paid for the visit. I explained not only am I the patient, I am a nurse and it doesn't matter who paid I have the ultimate right to my chart. The Game these people covered up, almost killed me just to avoid me suing them. I had to go to the doctors office and cut and act the fool. My current doctors couldn't get copies either and if they sent any papers pages were missing. I have spoken to over 60 lawyers in Georgia and surrounding states. No one would take my case because the statute is only 2 years, with a 15 month extension of new discovery.
None of the news station would run my story, No one will help me. I reached out to the NAACP all they were concern with was if I got any money and how much. Right now I am suffering in pain, I have panic attacks, anxiety if I have to go outside, PTSD because they had people following me.. My kids had to grow up real quick. I had to bring my son home from a full ride track scholarship because he went into a depression. This is so hard for me and I am trying my best to stay positive but its hard. No one will help me expose this agency for who they are and changed the law that stated workmans compensation was not obligated to me so they didn't have to tell me that I had the wrong back surgery and my spine never healed. My current doctor said that when they opened me up it looked like oatmeal and he does not know or understand what the plates and screws were holding on to. My surgery should have been 3 to 4 hours it took over 8 hours. I coded twice and they were afraid to give me any pain medications so I screamed for 3 weeks. I am the parent and my kids watch me suffer everyday. I just got my daughter to go to college they are afraid to leave me alone, afraid to go live their lives because when my back flares up I am screaming in pain and rushed to the emergency room.
They treat me as a drug seeker and I am not that. I have always told the truth about everything, who wants to live like this? Through all of this I pushed myself to go back to school I just finished my masters with honors as a nurse educator so I could teach online. I have written letters to the current president, the Obamas, Oprah, Tyler Perry, Kris Jenner, Steve Harvey, Senator John Lewis. I am asking for your help please! I would like to start a non profit for nurses who are injured or disabled. There is nothing out there for us, when we are injured they kick us out like a bag of garbage. What makes this extremely worse the doctor who did the wrong surgery was the only black doctor n my case. I tried to file a report on him with the medical board but it is not made public. I called the Georgia Board of Law the lady that answered the phone was extremely rude and I started crying because it was an emotional day and she told me to hang up and get myself together. I am not a lazy person I love to work, I was born to be a nurse and now I can't get anyone to help me. I feel that God gave this situation to me because he knows I won't give up and that I will fight.
I want to change that law and make it mandatory for wkcomp to report all findings to the patient and provide copies. I am a hard worker, and I am a fighter. I want to prevent anyone else from going through this. I also want to get laws and policies benefits put in place to help RN's, LPN/LVN's who have been injured and or disabled, ge them re trained in another area of nursing or re trained in another field. None of the news stations would run my story, I told them they ran a story about a dog that was thrown off the back of a truck for 3 weeks, do I need to grow 2 more legs and bark. I love animals I have a boxer and rabbit. I am an educated young black woman, I will take the shirt off my back to give someone who may need it more. I am asking Please Please Please Help Me! Help me expose these people, Help me or advise me on starting my non profit. God already gave me the name. Disabled and Injured Nurses of America, (DINA). This isn't just for me, nurses don't get the Respect we deserve and if something is not done this country is at Risk of nurses walking out or on strike.
The only reason it hasn't happened is because majority of nurses are born to do this, this is their calling their destiny. Please Help me make this changes, create laws and policies. Your life story is so incredible and I am so thankful that you changed your life around and shining light to the dark areas of this world. I can be reached 770-316-7767 or racquel824@yahoo.com. Please Help Me! God has shown me that he will bring the right people that will give me the platform to bring awareness and change. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Racquel Sands, MSN, RN

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I have been very impressed with the work the Robin Hood Project has achieved over the last number of years. I was drawn to this project as money donated actually ends up in the project. The children benefit directly from every pound donated. This of course is down to the sterling work and dedication of the volunteers and directors of the Robin Hood Project.
I will continue to support this wonderful charity as I'm sure there is many years of success and growth ahead.