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Causes: Religion, Religion-Related, Religious Media & Communications, Religious Printing & Publishing

Mission: Through MasterPath, the spiritual leader, Sri Gary Olsen, teaches and guides the students. Seminars, meetings, classes monthly mailings, and materials are available to the students. Spiritual seekers are provided with a means to investigate the path of Light and Sound to determine if it might meet their spiritual needs and desires.

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Rating: 5

I have followed the teachings of light and sound for about 30 years. In that time I have been an active chela (student) of Sri Gary for about 20. Prior to MP I studied all of the "dominant " world religions" ( Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, etc... and have embraced (willingly and devotedly) many specific religions, doctrines, philosophies, systems, and so on.

( Please note that I'm by no means "listing" my spiritual info check list for the sake of ego. It is neither for nor against anyone's credit to "know a bunch of stuff" when it comes to soul. In fact, to arrive at a teaching that is as refined as a divine discipline without wading through 40 years of everything else is likely much more evolved)....I offer this pre-historic outline of my process as a matter of reference if at all applicable).

From my early youth I followed, rebelled, believed, disbelieved, challenged, studied, questioned.....continuously searching for the Truth i have always known must exist. Finding pieces and parts of it as I journeyed and certainly gaining a substantial amount of "academic information" and more importantly, personal experience both on the 'inner" and outer, including social and cultural. Positive and negative, attracting and repelling. Teachers, leaders, gurus, shamans, prophets, givers, takers.

Master Path, The Science of Light and Sound, The Teachings of the Saints and other names and titles down through the ages are, for me, the clear and un-breaking thread which ties together all I had journeyed through prior to meeting Gary Olsen.

The various comments and (often) arguments on the topic of, specifically, Gary Olsen and more broadly, the Master Path teachings are understandable and valid as far as they go. Those who are analyzing from the outside (those who are looking at the .org, forums pro and con, etc...) and those who have studied through Gary ("members", personal experience) are speaking through their own perceptions and experiences through life.
All are worth consideration.

To the point(s) ....(some of you thinking " 'bout time!").... 1. This particular teaching and practice is not for everyone at this time. This teacher and the related membership/ students have no interest or concern with adding to the numbers so to speak. In my understanding and experience, the nature of the teachings and the teacher are as such that only a very small percentage of humanity is even drawn (guided) in this direction. Stay or go. Or never come at all.
2. "There is nothing new under the sun" Shakespeare. All the Sat Gurus through history have made it clear that these teachings have always existed. In each age of these teachings being recorded/written down or simply spoken there is a human through which it is made available to the world.
In many of the comments I've read there are references to Eckankar and it's founder and that Master Path and the writings that Gary Olsen has published are simply taken from the aforementioned, that he has not offered anything new or original. Well no kidding. Paul Twitchel's teachings, as oh so many before are not "Original" All are a time and culture-relevant offering of the same principles and guidance that has existed prior to our own origins. Any examination of previously defined "Sat Gurus" and their message will reveal this specific point. Sri Gary's claims on this point are completely congruent with those who have gone before.
3. The reality (or illusion depending on which side of the coin you identify with) of human nature is to accept, reject or be neutral. This is certainly experienced in how we regard other people, their personalities, and how or even if they have some impact on us. A "sub-reality" is that, given time we will eventually experience positive negative and neutral, all three, perceptions of anyone. The more focus we have on someone, for whatever reason, the more relevant.
At the most fundamental level of one's journey, one's "liking or disliking" of anyone or anything is irrelevant and indeed a major lesson in balancing and releasing those polar swings. Considering that we are currently our own karmic creation, and if one has an aversion to a teacher, guru, or even a parent... anyone who may be a source of information that one seeks or needs, one may want to consider that this is an important lesson in and of itself. A bit more objective way of putting it... don't miss the message because you don't like messenger.
Or- follow the immediate promptings and react accordingly to "like" and "don't like" . There is no way one will not learn something no matter what.

One of the basic questions I have learned to asked myself through all of my encounters with teachers, gurus, guides and groups from academics to trade skills to martial arts to spiritual realization is..." what is required of me to be taught by this vessel? Am I sacrificing something physically, mentally, emotionally that directly strengthens or empowers that which I follow."
My experience with Master Path, and Sri Gary as my outer master (teacher) is the only teaching and practice that has never infringed on that which is mine...never in any way implied that I should offer anything in order to "grow" or "add to" the one I'm looking to for my own growth AND had the longevity in my life to be something I continue to practice and learn from and that I recognize to be present in my experiences, changing as I do but never wavering...whether I've been in direct contact with the "vessel" or not - as has been the case on occasion for years at a time.

For those who experience some level of friction regarding the teacher or the teachings and have chosen to share your view point, I can accept the challenge to- or - the validation of my own lessons. By the simple premise of this discipline, I if I am true to my own Divinity (or even just the idea of that possibility), anything which is relevant to my growth - pro or con- must be given consideration.

As to what any of this has to do with your (individual you and collective ya'll) own process is not for me to give conjecture.. I simply expect that any result or manifestation is the most perfect.

Thanks for staying with this long substitution.
Always test for your own experiences.
Thank you sincerely for your willingness to search.

Review from Guidestar



Rating: 5

God, as we're taught, is omnipotent (having unlimited power), omniscient (the capacity to know everything infinitely) and omnipresent (being present everywhere at the same time). Is that something you can wrap your mind around? Conceptualize maybe, imagine maybe but to BE, KNOW and SEE these realities is beyond the mind's ability.

Mind knows, through it's intellectual senses, about matter, energy, space and time.

Let me ask, does the mind know the soul it's attached to? If you answer yes to this question please go back to the beginning of this note and ask yourself "am I consciously omnipotent, omniscient and omnipotent". Soul, being created by the Divine, holds these attributes as native. The mind simply can't even begin to.

If in our mind we don't know or even recognize soul (that divine part of our human experience) then how are we to learn about it. Have you found a conventional western or eastern religion that focuses on soul? How about philosophical studies? New age teachings? If you have, how can you KNOW what you're leaning is the truth? My answer is provisional faith.

As a seeker of truth I inherently know and have the utmost faith that my true identity is soul. There is a part of my mind that wants to learn the truth of my existence. Why I'm here and who I truly am. After years of exposure to many of the aforementioned avenues I came to realize that none of them had the answer. None of them focused on soul.

Then one day I listened to a lecture by Sri Gary and read an introduction written by him. I was immediately attracted to the ancient and divine teachings of light and sound BECAUSE the whole focus is to awaken soul from within. Provisional faith played a tremendous role in moving forward so as I performed the exercises, absorbed the lessons and practiced living more consciously I also looked for any indication that the teachings or the facilitator were a manipulation. Sri Gary has NEVER crossed the line of personalizing his Divine mission. He is impeccably consistent in his teachings and ALWAYS directs his students to NOT depend on him and to develop their own personal relationship with Spirit, by using their attention.

After 12 years of study and practice within MasterPath my provisional faith has transformed into a rock solid knowingness that Sri Gary Olsen is the way shower. A living, breathing example of how to shift my human experience from being directed by my mind to consciously living through soul. He is the ideal, the model, the guide who's mission is to serve the Divine by guiding ready souls back home.

I gladly pay a very small monthly fee of $30 to cover the costs of the monthly written discourse sent to all initiates. These are treasures, sign posts, that build on each other and provide valuable insights into the journey Home. I also attend regional and major seminars throughout the year, gladly contributing $120 for the opportunity to be present with Sri Gary while he speaks.

I remain a student of Light and Sound by choice because the journey and experience are invaluable. After all, why would I choose to return to the sensual / intellectual dictates of my mind. To me, that would be like returning to the life and awareness of a new born infant.



Rating: 5

I have been a student of MasterPath, a Light and Sound Path for 20 years and have only experienced continued inner realizations of love, joy, serenity ; a deeper being of my true self. I have a deeper understanding and acceptance of the Brother/Sisterhood of men and women and love for all God's Creations. I served closely in the MasterPath Organization and was and continue to be always amazed by the ethical, and pure handling of all affairs, all correspondence and high respect for all students and the public. MasterPath is really an inner path of self and god realization. There is little outer involvement; a few seminars a year. The dues and fees are minimal for the studies one receives. Sri Gary Olsen always states that he is just a wayshower to the inner kingdom of spiritual freedom within each human being. Each becomes one's own master in soul and follows one's own inner path to spiritual freedom here and now. MasterPath teaches the respect for all beliefs religious and spiritual or no belief at all, while guiding those that choose to move inward to the discovery of their own inner temple. I have only experienced great upliftment and become a better human being from following my own light and sound within by the perfect and always loving guidance of Sri Gary and MasterPath teachings. So, I would highly suggest any true spiritual seeker to check it out for oneself.



Rating: 1

Gary Olsen is a fraud and has zero credibility. He is self-proclaimed to be the 'living Master'. Funny, he used to be part of Eckankar (another fradulent light and sound religion)...you don't suppose there are any parallels here, do you? Stay away from this nonsense!