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Eternal Divine Path the Mission of Maitreya

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Causes: Unknown

Mission: 1. To worship and promote the worship of the Almighty God, proclaiming unity of all religions, nurturing of the immortal Souls, reaching out to all the earth to educate humanity through the Revelation of our Scripture, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament, and other materials and literature given by Maitreya and available on our website, www.maitreya.org, as well as through ordained Teachers, that there is One God and all the religions on the earth have come from Him, and to establish Communities of Light based on the teachings of the Church which is the Eternal Divine Path. 2. To make our religious materials available to the general public by means of books, writings, classes, electronic devices, including videos, CDs, TV, Internet, and any and all media made available in which one can participate. 3. To create an environment in which all people, regardless of race, color or creed, can learn to live and worship under One God in one world in unity.

Programs: - Outreach: So everyone in the world can hear this Message at least once! - Creation of the Communities of Light: The base of the Kingdom! - Establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth: To Heal the earth!

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2 Noor E.

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Nothing could contribute more to social justice than the Revelation of the truth behind this universe, why we are here, what the Goal of Life is, etc., and an explanation of how to live life in harmony with God's Way and Laws (Nature). In Revelation in the Bible, it is prophesied that God would remain a mystery until the Seventh Angel comes. Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya (not related to other Maitreya groups) is the Seventh Angel, and has brought the seventh and final Revelation of God. His teachings show how the religions of the world are not contradictory and opposed, but complementary and indeed all from the same One God.

Maitreya also shows the way to bring the Highest form of social justice to the world, through the way each individual should live their life, to the development of strong family units and communities, and eventually to a world governmental system based on God. His teachings encompass all parts of human life, and are complete in a way no other religion has been (as was prophesied and Planned by God).

The Goal is: Peace on earth and a world unified and strong under truth, the minimum needs provided for all humans, going back to the natural way without pollution and destruction of our environment (still using technology, but without pollution or negative side-effects), reaching to space for unlimited resources and room for growth, and much more. Overall, it is the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, as it is in Heaven!

We do not ask anyone to accept and believe these claims blindly, but ask that they study Maitreya's teachings for themselves and prove to themselves that it is the Truth and from God. All of Maitreya's writings and discourses, the prophecies he has fulfilled, etc. are freely available for anyone to study for themselves on the Mission of Maitreya website: www.maitreya.org . Do not take anyone's word for it, but go to the Source and find the truth for yourself!