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Mundo Exchange

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: International, International Cultural Exchange, International Exchange

Mission: Mundo Exchange transforms the lives of children, families, and communities by tackling poverty and providing opportunities for equality

Results: Mundo Exchange Volunteers have served over 12 years in the poorest and most stressed communities of NE Thailand and the Highlands of Guatemala. We have built alliances with the local community health and education systems. We have improved the nutrition of children and elders, many who were suffering from malnutrition. We have taught English to 100's of students in NE Thailand, giving them a better chance of climbing out of poverty. We have sponsored children and adults in their educations - several from kindergarten through the university. We have built safe homes for families living in tin boxes. We have supported child and adult literacy programs. We have given out 1000's of toothbrushes and taught children about dental hygiene. We love our work and hope you will join us!

Target demographics: overcome poverty, educate, and empower those in marginalized comminities

Geographic areas served: Thailand and Guatemala

Programs: sponsorship, dental hygiene awareness, self sustainability lessons, english lessons, and assistance with building new homes

Community Stories

6 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


Rating: 5

I was volunteering in a village school for a month in 2008 which is still one of the most magical experiences ever in my life. My trip was organized by Mundo Exchange very professional and I could never have found this very remote village school without time. I was teaching English there, but this kids and all the other lovely local people there taught me much much more. I am so very grateful for this experience and I can truly recommend this organization from the bottom of my heart!


Rating: 5

My husband Terry and I first met Mundo through a simple Google search to ‘volunteer in Thailand.’
We had just embarked on the long journey to adopt a child from Thailand. I wanted to give something to Thailand before we received such a precious gift from them.
We went each October for 5 years and then we were matched with our daughter. We never expected to still go , but this Christmas will be our 9th visit and our 4th as a family.

Our first adventures included volunteering in Orphanges in Nongkhai . The charity then moved to Beungkhan, a more rural setting.

On one of our visits , we identified the need to assist in dental health. Our own daughter had several baby teeth removed when she came to Northern Ireland as she had previously not had a dental care regime. So we helped Mundo set up a Dental Health Programme in the schools. We were able to send over some games ( eg a Playdoh Dentist, some large teeth and brushes and a tablet with Dental game apps which proved very popular).
We also send money for toothpaste and toothbrushes.
INTERESTING FACT - a tube of toothpaste in Thailand is the same price as a pair to school trousers!!!
We also post boxes of nearly new clothes to Mundo. They are involved in many community projects and distribute these to those in need. It may not appear very ‘green’ to post that distance, but we would not be able to buy the items at the cost of the postage and they are much better quality so able to withstand lots of laundering !!!

We love helping with a small charity. Your experience is so much more personal.
Please contact Dalyn , Joanie Kayla and the gang and begin a wonderful adventure of your own


Rating: 2

I first became involved with Mundo Exchange around 2008.After trecking around the north of Thailand for many years decided I should be given something back to the people.
After searching trough many none profits found Mundo Exchange after a number of emails back and forward my first experiance was teaching in Nong Khai Because Mundo is a small NFP you are involved with some of the founders of the organisation who are only to willing to share there many years of experiance with you.
Mundo through there contacts with local Thai people are able to provide many different ventures for you as a volunteer.I would recommend Mundo as a friendly group that will provide you the opertunity to explore differant cultures in a relaxed and caring way while helping them without imposing on there cultural life style.


1 Sandra S


Rating: 5

Volunteering with Mundo was such a wonderful experience, that I continue to return.
I have volunteered with Mundo in several ways. This has included teaching English to local school children at their schools and also running an after school program at the volunteer house. I have also had the pleasure of teaching English to the Monks and learnt Buddhist ways in this beautiful cultural exchange.
My first experience was in 2009 when I was welcomed by two lovely smiling woman named Dalyn and Nalinrat. We walked to the volunteer house and they welcomed me with Baci Sou Khuan traditional ceremony. This was then followed by a dinner in which we got to know each other a little better and discussed a plan for my stay.
The next morning began with Tak Baht (Alms giving), a wonderful way to start the day, and really did set the scene for the peaceful, kind and caring time I would have.
I was privileged to spend new year's eve in beautiful Wat Pallum on the Mekong and participated in meditation and chanting under a divine full moon. The new year began with a blessing and breakfast with the Monks, nuns and local lay people. After breakfast Pra Arjan Uen (Satit) and I began the first of many English tutorials that would continue over many visits.
I feel blessed to have met such wonderful people and be part of their lives and the community. All in all, I had a wonderful time in Isaan and always leave feeling inspired, I highly recommend volunteering with Mundo

1 Lesley S.


Rating: 5

I had a great experience with this nonprofit. First, one of the things I most appreciate about them is that they are closely connected to the communities they serve. They do not impose their idea of what these communities need, but instead build relationships and ask community members and leaders what is needed. They operate with a profound respect and love of the people and cultures within which they work.
I worked with Mundo in two ways. First, I assisted my then highschool daughter and her friend in contacting Mundo to identify out a project they could fundraise for. Mundo was exceptionally responsive and quickly identified a family in dire need of a home. The girls raised money to fund the building of a home for this family, and were informed all along the way of the progress of the project.
We also went to Thailand to volunteer in a school in the village in which this family resided. We had such a lovely experience there, both helping at the school,staying in a homestay with a local family, and even visiting the family for whom the girls had raised money to build the house. From start to finish it was clear that Mundo is careful with the money they receive, and that donations go directly to the projects they were meant to support. This is an extremely trustworthy organization that is effective and well run. I highly recommend them in every way!



Rating: 5

As someone who has worked in the non-profit community in the states for the past six years, I was very impressed by my experience with Mundo Exchange. I loved that Mundo was a small organization, the size ensured a more personalized experience and also meant that my volunteer donation went straight back into the local community. Nalinrat, one of the local Thai hosts, was a wonderful guide as we traveled through local markets, spent a night at a Wat, and even made a trip to another village to meet her family! My time in Bueng Khan was a perfect balance of travel to local attractions and experiencing everyday life in a small village while completing volunteer work. I would highly recommend the Mundo program to anyone who would like a personalized volunteer experience working closely with local people and organizations!

I was an intern with Mundo Exchange for two months in 2009. I lived in Bueng Khan and helped to open a Cultural Center for the local Isaan community. As the project was just beginning there was a lot of infrastructure that needed to be put into place, from developing goals for the center to painting the floor! I was largely able to design my own goals and projects, I ended up focusing on organizing and inventorying the center’s donated artifacts and it’s collection of photos. I also was able to help build the center’s first ‘exhibit.’ To give an example of how a typical project evolves- we first traveled a few blocks away to the home of one of Nalinrat’s relatives, where we went to the back yard and cut down 20ft bamboo stalks with a machete and saw. We then drove 20 minutes to someone else’s backyard to barter for some palm fronds. Next we enlisted a neighbor (who worked on the sidewalk next to the center making baskets by hand) to help construct a model hut inside the center using our materials. The whole project, which would have taken a day and a trip to Home Depot in the states, took several weeks and the help of many community members…and was much more rewarding and fun as a result!