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Give Hope Ministries

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Children & Youth, Christianity, Education, Elementary & Secondary Schools, Literacy, Religion

Mission: Our Sustainable Model. We provide a sustainable model to fund orphan care through the profits of a private school. Profits from paying students’ tuition is reinvested to pay for food, lodging, and tuition for orphans who live on campus in small group homes. Our tuition rates are competitive, and we are able to attract families in the community by hiring the best teachers and by providing tuition-paying families with opportunities to engage in sustainable, income-generating activities on campus. Our team works with the community to insure that caregivers can afford tuition. The Give Hope Ministries campus offers entrepreneurship skills as a way of equipping and empowering families with income generating abilities. Students and their families take ownership of farming the campus land, as well as caring for a sustainable livery practice.

Results: Built a safe school facility with enclosed classrooms, with finished walls, floors and roof. A kitchen to cook and feed children and staff several meals per day. Provided a deep well safe water source for the school and limited community support. Helped Orphan Children by providing a family housing unit which has a caregivers that are Adult role models to help the Orphans learn what it means to have family. We have a platform that teaches children that Poverty is not a way of Life now or in the future through education and application of skills, food, and a safe place to get it and to grow and prepare. The sustainment model mentioned in our mission description is well establish and once the facility is fully completed this facility can be duplicated in other communities so that more than just one village or community can learn Poverty does not need to be the future for anyone if they are given the Hope to know otherwise.

Target demographics: Orphans and a poor community to learn how to rise out of Poverty through education, a clean and safe environment and a Holistic teaching and training method that promotes skills which can be used to show alternate methods of taking education and skills and rise out of Poverty while helping future generations do the same.

Direct beneficiaries per year: 283 Students, local laborers and a portion of the community with clean water source.

Geographic areas served: Busia Uganda at the Proverbs Junior school facility

Programs: Full basic education to a level that allows for entering a secondary educational opportunity. Provide Health and Hygiene education. Provide clean water and daily meals so that children are not fighting hunger and diesease that can come as a result in poor daily diets. Holistic training such a Spiritual education to help round out the person and skills which can be used to build a future for themselves and no longer face Poverty by vocation skills and training beyond elementary schooling.

Community Stories

6 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters



Rating: 5

Meeting Willy Ouma here in PA and seeing how he wants to see change in the life situations of the kids and what you guys are doing in Uganda- Africa, I was inspired a lot. Every kid has a fighting chance to better themselves to become anything they want to be. It does not matter where they are from or the color of their skin, they are the kids of the future. I will donate again because I still belief in what Give Hope Ministries is doing despite all the troubles I have been through, been homeless, sleeping in my car, been addicted to drugs, got myself on my feet now. It's not about me but the kids, the people who have less than I did when I was homeless.

Louis Exterovich

5 Juli Chaney J.


Rating: 5

I've been friends with Willy Ouma for many years through our connection with Compassion International. He thought about this a lot and developed a great, sustainable model for this ministry that really works. It just takes a little support from all of us to get everything in place needed to minister to so many children. I trust his heart, his integrity, and his strong relationship with the Lord. This ministry is making a huge difference in the lives of many, many children. Willy was a needy child himself who was changed by the support of others, and this is one strong way that he can give back and help children in Uganda who face some of the same trials that he faced as a young boy. I highly recommend this ministry.

2 Deb J.1


Rating: 5

It started with Compassion International. An organization the helps children of all ages, or should I say, birth to 18 years of age and some through college. Compassion sets up sponsorships that allow common people like you & me to select a child or children of our choosing to support.
The funds support allows this child or these children to continue with schooling, Christian training, health care, food supplements, recreational training, athletic participation and protection from crime.
Willy Ouma was one of these children and through Compassion International a wonderful man from my church met and became friends with Willy. Through this friendship we learned of Willy’s goal to return to his home country and start an Orphanage School that would help the children from his home community to learn of Christ and grow in the faith of Jesus, just as Willy has.
It’s through Willy’s faith, courage and dedication that Give Hope Ministries was born. And, with Willy’s fund-raising efforts money was raised and contributors provided to help with the support of this wonderful cause, allowing Willy’s dream to come to life.
As time progressed others were brought on board to help Willy so that his dream could grow.
In 2013 I joined Willy’s team. I’m not someone important but I am someone who sees the blessings of this dream and I work to record funds donated to GHM. I send welcome letters to new contributors, record all their contributions and provide statements that allow the contributors to show the IRS how generous they are in the support of Willy’s dream. And for a time, I sent out all the correspondence updates through mailings, post office and e-mail, that inform each contributor, past and present, of the progress of meeting goals from building construction to chicken rearing. From child enrollment to graduation and everything in between. I continue to record all contributions, I continue to send out thank you cards and provide balance reports to our new finance officer and monitor the GHM media to watch the progress of new classroom construction, digging a new well, delivery of the much needed school bus and other construction, such as, from start to finish, the new kitchen and bathroom facilities.
So, with that being said, I want to say, bring us together is Willy’s doing! Keeping us together is God’s doing! God is watching over the people who make up Give Hope Ministries, from our youngest child to our oldest staff person. A staff of people who not only believe and support Willy but believe in the miracles of Jesus. Our Lord and Saviour.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I met Willy Ouma in 2010. It was quite a coincidence since I had just completed my first fantasy-realism novel called Guardians Of The Innocent. So when a woman walked into my garage sale and engaged in conversation about a young man named Willy Ouma who wanted to be a real GOTI, I was intrigued. I emailed Willy and and he related his sentiments: “I have anger inside me, I hate poverty. I began working hard so when I had children they would not go through what I went through as a child. I developed a passion inside of me to help orphaned children.” And so he did.
Over the years I was amazed at the progress that was made, but most of all are the smiles and pride in the children's faces. Give Hope Ministries gave hope, when there was none.

8 Lorraine Beale A.


Rating: 5

I have been blessed to be associated with Willy Ouma, founder and force behind Give Hope Ministries (GHM). It is encouraging to see a man with a clear vision from God move forward with faith and integrity to see the budding and blossoming of this wonderful ministry in Busia, Uganda. It has been a joy to watch the growth and impact of GHM, and I expect that, with God's leading and provision, that we will see more lives impacted for the glory of God through all that is happening there.


Board Member

Rating: 5

Always wanted to be involved with helping change lives. Seeing, meeting and being a part and partner with Give Hope Ministries really let see first hand house just a little is so amplified in Gods hands by Him using our hands. Since being with the Founder from the idea to coming near over 260 children, see these lives change and seeing they dont need to live a life as Orphans in Poverty, it has humbled me in more ways and made me a better person in the meantime. I urge anyone that takes just a little time to explore, read, view, listen and connect with Give Hope Ministries will be like the children, transformed for the better for the rest of their lives, as I have been.