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Rating: 5

To those who are writing bad things about this school, too bad you are not brave enough to show your names, and I must say I am a parent of two children that studied in this school for 6 years,which are already professionals. People have different experiences according to the way they conduct themselves or their children. I personally never had a situation at this school, of course my children had good manners, good grades, and were well behaved. As a matter of fact, one of my kids had a situation with a teacher, and I called the office, made an appointment and the situation was solved. There is a teacher that has been working for years at that school, I forgot her last name because it isn't common, she is an excellent professional, always willing to help the students and parents, she is a sweet, understanding and great teacher. My son was highly influenced by her, she motivated him to study, and she became his roll model. The experience,facilities,curriculum, professionals,makes this a great school.The Director has to be strict,otherwise students wont respect, she influenced my smallest son and he was able to enter the army. Don't listen to what people write, visit the school, talk to parents that have their children there, and have your own opinion.People use this tool to harm others reputation because of their own frustration.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

If you are going to put your child in this school DON'T DO IT this school has so many bad things you will be surprised so I'm going to list a few by the way me and my friends used to be a student and some still are so weve had first hand experiences. 1The school has favorites what do I mean by this is that the director has a few students as her favorites so they never get in trouble and always get good grades why do I know this I saw a students teststudents and it said 76%and when they put the grade it said 100% now you must be thinking they probably reevaluated but that's not the case because according to the school they can't reevaluate a single student it needs to be a large group whic wasn't the case.2 the school never gets mantainance why? Because there are 2 bathroom stalls in the boys bathroom and none of them work and it's been a year since they haven't fixed them said my trusted friend that stills studies there and there is never soap in the bathroom or paper towels. Also when I was there they never painted the school and they still haven't honestly for me the director just takes the money for herself. 3 Some students report not having a homeroom techer 4 same food in the lunchroom 5 You can't speak up your mind because you will get in trouble 6 lame rules example:If you have your phone in you pockets we will take it away or No girlfriends or boyfrieda if u have any we will ban u from this school for a week 7 NO SECURITY IN THE CLASSROOMS people have gotten a hold of this advantage and started stealing and the school just says we will find the person and they never did plus with the phone in your pocket rule u are forced to put your phone in the backpack and run the risk of it getting stolen . THOSE ARE some of the resons why thisb.school is bad



Rating: 1

I was a studenr for Advanced Bilingual School and to say it was a nightmare it is an understatement. This school promotes the ideals of tyranny. She has no respect for anyone and DOES NOT USE THE COMPUTER LAB OR MAKES SPORTS TEAM! I hace to say that since I hace encountered people who have been used that lie on. The school has a team of POWER GIRLS which they are hearing and seeing everything you do to run and tell the director. And what they say GOES. She controls the school in every aspect. You have no say and you can't voice your opinions. They indirectly enforce you their religion by making you by a Bible for homeroom (Catholic Bible). The Director is what ruins the school! She even makes teachers comfront the parejts when it is her duty to do as so. As a teacher you are oprresed under her commands. And you have to go by the plans, as a student even by breathing they make you pay! The director has no ability of communicating since she yells at everyone! She also does not tolerate seeing kids running in their LUNCH BREAK!

This school is great if you want to be yelled at, can't voice out your opinion and have kids of second or third tattletaling nonsense and LIES to her. This school needs a NEW DIRECTOR TO PROSPER!



Rating: 1

Anyone looking to register their childern in Advanced Bilingual School (ABS) plesae DO NOT.
This is one of the worst administered schools I have seen. The director owns the school and whatever she says go. She has her family emplpyeed and they do whatever they want and do not allow parents to voice their opinions. The director intimidates the teachers into saying and doing what she wants.
I was forewarned by other parents before regisering my little one. After a year I see they were correct. The teachers, her family and herself falsely accuse the childern and parents of behaviors they did not commit and as a parent you are not allowed to dispute it. What she says goes and since she has the authority there she can expel your child without you having chance to discuss the situation.
Her son was a simiing teacher and most girls felt uncomfortable the way he would look at them. When a parent confronted him and his mother (the irector) they denied it happened and they accussed the paren tof harrassement.
This school is a nightmare....do your research and talk to the other parents before putting your kids and yourself throught this horrible experience.
I sincerely regret regisering my children in this school.

Review from Guidestar