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Social psychology research has shown that among all factors that influence long-term youth development, socialization in peer groups is the most critical contributor. Unfortunately, not all peer-to-peer social interactions, which mostly take place in schools, are safe and healthy for every youth. Between 1 out of 4 and 1 out of 3 students in the United States report being a victim of bullying, in forms of physical, verbal or social abuse. Bullying causes a great amount of emotional distress in the victim, which may give rise to poor academic performance, low self-esteem, depression, identity struggles, or in some cases, suicide.

Ensuring a safe school environment is a collaborative effort of educators, policy makers, parents, and young people themselves. Organizations on GreatNonprofits are dedicated to stopping bullying and helping create safe environments. Many organizations focus on researching best practices in bullying prevention, and increasing awareness through anti-bullying campaigns - educating teachers, parents, children or teens to better identify and respond to bully behavior. Moreover, numerous organizations strive to address the root causes of bullying, such as aggression, racial prejudice, gender and sexuality discrimination, body image issues, and aim to promote compassion and empathy.

With increased accessibility to technology for the younger generation, cyberbullying has become the newest focus of many nonprofits in our directory. They strive to teach safe and responsible ways to use the Internet and social media.

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