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Facing the critical issue of global warming, countries worldwide have been looking for suitable alternate energy sources as a solution to the high-volume emission of greenhouse gases. America's abundant reserves of natural gases are considered by some to be the nation's "Energy of the Future". However, the currently dominant extraction method for gas production, hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking or hydrofracking, has been associated with harmful effects on the environment.

The official investigation on fracking, carried out by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), has been slow and its research inconclusive -- meanwhile, numerous natural gas wells are being built across America's countryside. There are currently over 80,000 fracking wells in 17 States. Critics have pointed out serious environmental risks related to fracking, including water contamination and air pollution, which has greatly affected the lives of local residents. A recent report published by the National Parks Conservation Association uncovers that fracking wells pose significant hazards to wildlife habitats, water and land resources, and the natural experience of visitors in a number of National Parks across the country.

After all, local communities are those who are impacted most directly from fracking, and many communities are making their voices heard. Nonprofits dedicated to this issue range from local activist groups and residents to statewide and national organizations that advocate for addressing legal loopholes and imposing stricter regulations on the energy industry.

Ensuring a sustainable future calls for aligning our immediate actions with long-term visions. If you want to learn more about fracking or take actions, join our cause today!