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Review for The Arphanage, Riverside, CA, USA

Rating: 1 stars  

Please be advised that we are a small group of independent rescuers. It was brought to our attention the condition of these animals due to trying to help move them.
Created to expose the Calif 501c3 animal rescue turned hoarder in Riverside Calif. 75 dogs and 25 cats are living in deplorable conditions, are not being provided with food, water, shelter or vetting for a variety of health conditions. We are looking for rescues and individuals who are willing and able to commit to taking some of these needy animals into their care and providing them with all the necessary care needed including finding them a forever home. The rescue and the person who is behind this cruelty will be exposed and it is our desire that she lose her 501c3 status, lose all pull rights and never be allowed to own another animal for life. updates will come soon

6458 Industrial Avnue, Riverside, CA 92504
FB Group created to work on saving all of the dogs and cats NOT being cared for:

We are working with the local animal control department, but want to get word out to NOT release anymore animals to this organization or person!

We have pictures and videos to back up the claims of hoarding!

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Review for Pal Humane Society, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Rating: 1 stars  

PAL Humane Society is a noble concept; however, Kathi Schlintz at the helm has run its course. PAL needs to put someone in charge that is more intelligent, thrifty, resourceful, able to manage funds, generate funds, monitor and audit funds accurately with purpose.
Our family found the PAL organization looking for a cake for our dog’s birthday, soon found out about Yappy hour and the Explorer Post program for kids. We have been involved with numerous humane societies from San Diego up to Apple Valley for years. When we found PAL and the Explorer Post with a daughter of 12 who wanted to volunteer and work at all of the humane societies, but due to legalities was unable to, we thought we found the perfect organization in PAL and the Explorer program for kids.

We signed our daughter up, attended our first meeting October 2009 and within a week were receiving calls from PAL staff asking us what to do with new Explorer Post member paperwork. Without asking we were put in charge of the Explorer Post. We were all too willing to help with time, money, whatever we could do. After a couple of weeks attempting to run the Explorer Post meetings with no direction, we asked Kathi Schlintz for direction and she said she was waiting for money and would my husband be interested in being the Education coordinator? The money never came in when we were there supposedly and the job never came through. We did continue for months investigating what an Explorer post was, should be doing, attending the Learning for Life training, setting up fund raisers, crafts, training sessions for what the kids were advertised to be allowed to do as an Explorer for PAL, etc… After a few months of telling parents that T-shirts were on order (which Kathi Schlintz continued to communicate to us each time we asked that the T-shirts were on order) we were advised that PAL had been collecting the entrance fee for the Explorer Post members and did not retain the money to provide the T-shirts as advertised. When we had several Explorer Post members trained we attempted to establish sessions with employees and soon found out that to our faces Kathi Schlintz was saying to schedule with the employees and then telling the employees to say they did not have time to work with the kids or would schedule and then some emergency would happen and we were told to cancel the session for the kids scheduled. The kids showed up month after month, cleaning, pulling weeds, doing everything but working with the animals as advertised and trained. So my husband and I composed the following to Kathi Schlintz:
“Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 16:30:48 -0700
Subject: Fw: Explorer Post Leadership

As you have not responded to my email should I assume that it will be a waste of your and my time to come out on Friday to go over any training the kids might participate in? Let me know.


Chris Baker
PAL Humane Society
Humane Education Coordinator
Explorer Post 156 Advisor

--- On Sat, 4/17/10, Pal Humane Society wrote:

From: Pal Humane Society
Subject: Explorer Post Leadership
To: "Kathi Schlintz"
Date: Saturday, April 17, 2010, 8:32 PM

I would really like to understand why you formed the explorer post? Up to this point, you have given nothing to these kids to look forward to except empty promises.

Today was ridiculous plain and simple. I understand that Cindy is in the hospital and therefore Sarah and Cassie could not work in the grooming salon. However there was no excuse as to why I was called and told that the girls are wondering around and making the dogs bark and they needed to either get picked up or someone needed to come out and take control. I am a volunteer not an employee. I do not appreciate being told that I need to get out there and find something for the Explorer Volunteers to do. That is not my job. I coordinate between the Explorers and your staff members for the Explorers to volunteer, set up learning experiences, and ensure the children are able to learn and grow from their experiences.

The same thing happened when Darleen quit, Mary had to cancel going out to Petsmart so the Explorers I had scheduled had to be called and told, no once again. What do you do with the rest of your volunteers when something like this happens? Do you tell them that they can either go home or pull weeds? NO you do not! They are trained so therefore they know what they are supposed to do. How do you expect these children to learn any thing if no one is willing to take the time and teach them.

When I came out to pick Cassie up and was told by Gina, that well Cindy was suppose to be responsible for them today but since she is not here Gina would take the responsibility for the day and they could stay with her and pull weeds or go home. Sarah and Cassie both have completed all of the training. If Gina was going to take the responsibility to watch the girls anyway why could they not work with the animals? She is a staff member right? She is supposed to be the resident trainer right? Why couldn’t they have been assigned to another volunteer or staff member, to help with the morning chores? Or take them up to the cattery and shown how the room is cleaned physically, since they completed the verbal training? Or allowed out in the play yard to throw a ball for the dogs? There is more to taking care of animals and the animals need more then just cleaned up after and feed. If Gina is so busy taking care of the animals when the explorer meetings end that there is no time for her to work with the Explorers; but she has time to sit with the kids while they pull weeds, seriously, there is something wrong with this situation.

Just like you told me last time we talked; “I did my part now do yours”. These kids have all signed up so that they could work with animals not to do manual labor. Dawn and I have invested a lot of time and money trying to get the explorer post up and running. We have done nothing but attempt to create a successful Explorer program, but because Dawn voiced an opinion that we cannot keep telling these kids no, you are ready to kick her off of your property? Your staff member may have been offended by the comment, but the comment was not directed at a single staff member. Then you attempt to threaten me with not hiring me if you have to deal with Dawn? If this is how you and your staff treat volunteers, it’s no wonder volunteers never return. I will say now that if things do not change for the better, then you can find someone else to keep telling these kids NO they can’t work with the animals. Dawn and I will not continue to deal with the frustration and anger from the kids and parents with no definitive solutions to give

Chris Baker
PAL Humane Society
Humane Education Coordinator
Explorer Post 156 Advisor”

After the above request / complaint was sent to Kathi Schlintz, this was sent to the Explorer Post members and parents:
“Date: Sat, 1 May 2010 13:58:04 -0700
Subject: Re: Update on Post 156
To: CC:;
To the Parents of Explorer Post 156;

The Explorer program was suspended after PAL staff and the Board of Directors reviewed the program as a whole. The explorers were not benefiting from the program in the way it was designed, which was to educate and involve them in animal-related careers. The Explorer Post is a Learning for Life program, which has regulations and guidelines that were not being met. We were previously informed by the Explorer leader that he was considering leaving the program, as it was taking up a great deal of his time. And due to the economy, PAL has been cut back to only three staff members, so therefore would not have the staff to run the program. PAL was also informed that the Explorers that were participating in meetings had decreased and that Explorers were losing interest in the program. After reviewing all of the information we had received, PAL felt the Explorers would benefit a great deal more by being allowed to come to PAL and volunteer as individuals, rather than coming as a group. This would allow them to have more training on a one-on-one basis.

Funds were sent in to Leaning for Life to cover the Explorer insurance. We have contacted them and were told that the money was sent to their national office and refunds would not be given. PAL is currently auditing the finances of the Explorer Post to discover which Explorers paid their yearly dues. Those who wish to get a refund may contact Cindy at PAL, so that PAL can issue a refund to you.

For those of you who turned in AVON orders, those orders should be in by Friday, May 7th and we will call the people from the lists given to come in and pick them up.

PAL does understand that some of the Explorers are disappointed by the suspension of the program, however, PAL will do everything it can do ensure the explorers can volunteer at PAL and continue to learn animal care.

Please contact Cindy with any questions or concerns. You may reach her at (760)240-6848 Ext.225 or email her at

Again, thank you for all of your hard work and we hope to see you soon at PAL!

We had parents and Explorer members reach out to us asking why, what happened, when will it start up again, what about the crafts scheduled, the Avon sold, etc…Since we were never advised we directed everyone to Kathi Schlintz. We continued to send emails to Kathi Schlintz asking how the Explorers would be allowed to volunteer when they were not allowed when we were getting them trained and attempting to schedule time with no success. We also requested a Board of Directors meeting to discuss the inappropriate handling of the kids in the Explorer Post and never received a response. As this is a rule/regulation of a Non-Profit Organization this is in direct violation and I have reported PAL Humane Society to the IRS and Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce.
Until PAL Humane Society has a new Board of Directors who gets involved with the CEO/President to insure that the CEO/President is executing proper Non-Profit rules, regulations, funds, etc…I will not have anything to do with this organization.

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PAL Humane Society is a noble concept; however, Kathi Schlintz at the helm has run its course. PAL needs to put someone in charge that is more intelligent, thrifty, resourceful, able to manage funds, generate funds, monitor and audit funds accurately with purpose. Until PAL Humane Society has a new Board of Directors who gets involved with the CEO/President to insure that the CEO/President is executing proper Non-Profit rules, regulations, funds, etc…I will not have anything to do with this organization.

If I had to make changes to this organization, I would...

Remove Kathi Schlintz and get Board of Directors who are involved in every accept of PAL Humane Society. Audit the books.

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Replace Kathi Schlintz

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Yes, but could of had a much bigger impact if managed differently and appreciated for what we were doing.

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Mad at people like Kathi Schlintz getting away with advertising as a good organization and behind the curtain is an evil two faced twisted person who should not be allowed to interface with the public.

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