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ok Im posting again in response to the other person who accuses me of being the rescue which IM not. Ive had this prfile for yrs and yrs and yrs and if u research me on any of the facebook yahoo ect u will see that I am who I say I am. I posted only because I deal with this rescue often. I call whenever anything goes wrong with my many animals and have always gotten help and when the times they didnt know they told me to go to my vet but always they were available to t me.. Ive seen them GIVE and TAKE in animals without a donation so dont even try and tell me its all about the money cause I know better. I would like to know though WHO is going to come investigate a virus? ???? tell me who?? Now if a vet suspects an outbreak they will call the said place and tell them so the place can take precautions especially a rescue because since parvo is a virus they would have dogs dropping left and right but I know of no one that does an investigation of a virgus... so enlightment me on that ok? ... I went over there today and no dead dogs ... didnt see any sick ones either... so I did see all the familiar doggie faces that would be homeless without this rescue.......... and by the way its not just dogs they give a home for all throwaway animals..... maybe some of you u post bs on here should check out some of the animal places around here and let them tell u where to go when everyone else turns u down???? enough said im not gonna argue on here anymore, some people live for drama and dont care about the damage they cause . OMG!... I just cant believe the CRAP that people post on here. First off I have know this rescue for yrs and although they may come off as gruff they are the most caring two people I've ever met. They devote 12 to ? hrs a day to their animals every single day.. there is no vacation or weekends off on that ranch. Believe me I know.. MY sons volunteer there whenever they can along with the ROTC boys from the high school. whenever all this CRAP starts again about rescue they undergo a full inspection from the animal control people and not ONCE have they ever even been sighted for vilolations... they work work work over there . AS for the man with the cat he wanted to get rid OF..... he called and called and no one would take it..... but they did..... and the man signed a release form... YOu cannot get a animal back once u relinquish it. come on... geeze... if u tired everyone to give it away ,,, why would a rescue want to give it back to u????? try giving your child away and see if u can get it back.. animals are not cars ,some of us actually consider them family members.. I certainly wouldnt trust someone who had given one away and I wouldnt ever give that person one back.. what if he changed his mind again the next day??? this rescue has a vet on call 24/7 but it is impossible not to get unheathly dogs sometimes. I dont know the circumstances with the parvo puppies but its horrible for people to condem without the full story, and knowing these people like I do I know they have one. They are very careful with their animals. Animals are their life. They take in EVERY animal out there that people throw away like garbage... they have a st. banaird out there now that they have had for almost 2 yrs and they knew when they got him (his name is frank) that he would never be adopted. He eats like a horse and he will live on that ranch until he dies and that is just one of many many many animals like that.. all misfits that nobody wants that they took.... they gain NOTHING by having him. so to say they are only about the money is total bs. I keep hearing "they wont let us on their ranch" well lets look at that for a minute....... lets just think about that.... they take in animals that people dont want.. some people wanna go on vacation and dont have a place to put their dogs or cat so they call and release them. then when they come back they want the dog or cat back.... so now they call wanting the animal back and are told NO..... in the release it states YOU DONT get them back... ok follow me here so far..... now the person is pissed off... would u want that person KNOWING where u live??????????multiply that by about 50 times a month and if u have half a brain u can figure out why they dont want people knowing where they live. That said, I will say that that normal people who are not there to adopt or relinquish animals do go to the ranch. there is nothing to hide there . like I said they have never been sited for anything from animal control their ranch is always up to standards, even beyond.... I dont think these people who write all this crap realize the problems their angry words cause . this rescue helps so so many poor animals and would be horrible if they had no homes. Ive been to the ranch many many times and i have never seen a under fed animal.. they are happy there. as for the puppies she takes in.. and again she does take just about anything we humans throw away. she accesses them and cleans them up they do shots and whatever else that needs to be done to the best of their abilities and the vet is on call , but at times some im sure slip thu.... but that is in all areas of everything in life as we are not perfect. Ive know personally 6 people that have adopted from this rescue and didnt have a problem with their animals at all... george and georgean even help with anything that comes up yrs after the adoption so dont even try to tell me they are all about the money... they live very modestly with NO LIFE except their animals. and lastly.... I think that if YOU have given up your animal YOU now have no rights to that animal and shouldnt be ALLOWED to post total Bullshit on this or any other site. AND NOW FOR THE REST OF THE STORY.........................i just contacted georginna and asked about the parvo son was over there yesterday working and said the brother and sister puppies from that litter were heathly and fine. georgina said that gentleman adopted 6 days ago and if the litter was infected its sibling would be dead or extremly sick by now... sooooo my take on this is.... parvo is a virus it can be contracted from anywhere which when i got my puppy i was warned to NOT let him down anywhere other dogs had been, meaning no dog parks , no dog stores, ect until the dog is older and has ALL shots.. so I believe if the puppy did have parvo it got it after it left the ranch BUT had that gentleman called her when the puppy got sick reguardless where it got it she would have taken care of him. also that gentleman had other animals and the puppy could have picked it up from them if they had not been immunized..and evendiently they hadnt cause the man states he had to have his dogs immunized which wouldnt have been the case if they already had their shots. cause once u have them u dont need them.. you know?" the man waited until the puppy died or should i say he put him down befor calling the resuce back. they would have taken care of it themselves and acutally they wouldnt have put the dog down they would have treated it.

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