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Mission in Citrus Inc

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2488 North Pennsylvania Ave Crystal River FL 34428 USA


Our Mission is to help all in need to the best of our ability. We follow the parable of the Good Samaritan, as there are no requirements for our services. We constantly reinvent the wheel, and adapt quickly to make it work in any situation. The faces of homelessness can change as well as each individual's circumstances. Our founder became homeless himself, and found that traditional shelters were not working, and did not address the needs of the homeless, especially Veterans. This in and of itself was discouraging, as our Veterans fought for the rights of all, not just themselves. The Founder feels that no one should lose those rights by becoming homeless. Many fought and also died for freedom in America. The Mission in Citrus operates on love and a family atmosphere. Veterans, and many others who are homeless are helped regardless of their beliefs or unique situations. Many of the homeless Veterans have given up trusting our society, and have little access to shelter and services in rural settings. Based out of Citrus County, Florida, our program is designed for those who are less than perfect and know it, but want and need health, outreach, spiritual, and social services. We seek to empower homeless Veterans of all ages to meet their own needs. Recognizing the uniqueness,dignity, and value of each person, we accept individuals as they are, in an affirming and compassionate manner, and call upon the larger community to the same mission. The Mission provides basic and self-care supplies, free health care, housing and supportive services for the homeless Veterans that are the hardest to reach, including those who refuse to go into a shelter and live out in the rural wooded areas of our county. The Mission also provides referrals to other community agencies, such as child care providers and legal aid. The Mission in Citrus Inc operates three shelters located in Crystal River, and Inverness, Florida. The Mission In Citrus strives to help all in need - regardless of their faith or lack of. While we encourage, teach, and preach the Gospel, we force it upon no one. It is not a requirement for any of our services. As Founder and Executive Director , I have worked for seven years to improve the help we give to others.That is between God and I. But there are several projects that need to be completed before God takes me home.Most of them concern Veterans, as they are becoming the new face of homelessness each day. In the past two weeks, we have taken in six new Veterans. Not good. I am asking for help in getting them help with disabilities, contacting Congressman,and funding to offer more services. Anyone can visit the shelter at 306 south Park Ave in Inverness at anytime and meet our homeless Veterans. One is a three combat tour Veteran who only gets 30% disability after being shot in the head. It appals me.. Please help. Every little bit counts.God bless


Went from 60 tents to four shelters Opened a Veterans Shelter on less than $ 5000 Operation Mercy Call which uses Jeeps and bikes to access the woods to hand out much needed food and medical supplies, Were awarded over $ 260,000 in grants Were given over $ 750,000 in in kind donations Helped over 3600 homeless individuals and families from food to shelter

Target demographics:

Homeless Veterans,Homeless men, women, and children

Direct beneficiaries per year:


Geographic areas served:

Citrus, Marion, Lake,Levy, Hernando Counties in Florida


Drug and Alcohol treatment Help Hire the homeless program Operation Mercy Call Homeless Veteran's Shelter Disability Shelter

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Reviews for Mission in Citrus Inc

Rating: 5 stars   Featured Review

5 people found this review helpful

I have known of Mr. Sleighter's service to the veterans of our community since prior to the establishment of his Veteran's Shelter in Inverness in 2010 - his kindness and caring had provided food and some respit to those struggling to get on their feet - myself included. Many times, he offered to assist with a place to "get you back on the right track", yet I demurred, feeling that his services should go to those more in need than I: at the time, though I was transient and working only occasionally, I still believed myself capable of continued existence without continuous support.

Until this year.

I found myself without a place to live, struggling with depression and suicidal ideation, no work prospects, and no one who I could comfortably ask for assistance... save Mission in Citrus. I asked to borrow a tent... there were none, but the staff (tenants of the Inverness Shelter itself) were helpful and made sure I left with enough food to sustain myself a few days, and a promise Jim would pick up a tent. That very evening, Jim HIMSELF went to Wal-Mart and picked up a tent, letting me know I was welcome to pick it up... and AGAIN offered me the opportunity to stay at the shelter (with identification verification against any potential legal entanglements and a DD214 to show veterans' status).

I still felt I could do better without clogging up the facility. I mean, a grown man SHOULDN'T have to ask for help, right?

After two days of self reflection and rumination, I decided to accept his generous offer.

After two and a half years of fluctuating residency, living on the couches of others, struggling to make ends meet, feeling worthless and 'a drain on society', I meekly moved into the Inverness shelter.

Sleeping on a bed has never felt so luxurious.

A hot shower never so wonderful.

being able to clean oneself and one's clothes regularly raises the spirits.

And having (even in this secular world) someone who's Faith has built their reputation and their service in the actual spirit of that Faith, well...

An aside: As I think about this, I'm crying - tears of joy.

I have been at the Inverness shelter a little over four weeks now - as of date, I've only missed one VA appointment (my fault - worked over the weekend and overslept the morning of my lab), have had more response to my applications for employment (two offers in less than a month, as opposed to earlier attempts often going as long as a year without an interview or even notification), and will be volunteering with Mission in Citrus with their web presence and SEO for the charity overall (was asked to help... and you're darn right I will!); allowing me to put forth my best effort to advance a wish I have had for over 20 years... to help a business with it's IT department AND to advance my own interests in web marketing.

So many opportunities opening... and granting one thing long since denied (IMO): HOPE.

This place is where angels rest their wings. I have seen this.

Folks on their downside aided with the tools to get their own life back on track. It's NOT Jim's job to do so... it's a service he himself espouses as per his Christian Faith to those who gave their word and their blood to defend this nation. Not for personal gain, either... he's doing it because he WANTS to see his charges happy, healthy, living right, and ON THEIR FEET.

It's not 'a handout' around here, either. Residents are expected to be 'grown folk' about things: Keeping the bills paid, the house presentable, and all of us 'work' the facility as it's our job... because it's WE who are the 'face' of Mission in Citrus. WE who are the culinary staff, the maintenance team, the IT department (raises hand)... US. Not some outside agency, not some group reliant on outside funding (such as DVA, a church, etc.) and that is by design - it allows our facility to work with a level of autonomy for its members no other place - in this county, state, or possibly the nation - can match.

It gives we who live here a renewed faith in ourselves and our own abilities. It aids our Fraternity members who may suffer psychological issues opportunity to resocialize as men and women, as Humans. It's OUR house, so to speak... to treat with respect...

This, though a temporary shelter, is our HOME. These men and women, Fraternal brothers and sisters, our family.

And this... we'll defend.


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Rating: 5 stars  

My name is Micheal Scully since coming to the mission they have helped me in numerous ways like giving me a bed to sleep in and helping me get a bus pass and applying for services i needed and getting a fl id and help with getting medical and prescription care and the also gave me assistance in searching for a job and getting all the hygiene products and food i needed

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Rating: 4 stars  

My name is Ramon Saldivar i came to the mission after being in the hospital and getting robbed.They helped me get the rest i needed and also helped me get back on my feet and helped me get home to my wife and kids. I very much appreiciate the mission in citrus for all thier hard work and everything they do

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Rating: 5 stars  

I came to the mission where they are very helpful and it is like a family everyone gets along for the most part and we have a good atmosphere to be in and i couldn't ask for a more helpful place to be at i am so thankful for the mission

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Rating: 5 stars  

My name is Sharon Anderson. I am 60 years old and have been a guest at the Mission in Citrus for about six months. First of all.I want to express my gratitude for the mission, which took me in when i had absolutely nowhere else to go.I feel very fortunate to be here and have nothing but praise and admiration for the mission director and other staff, and all who make this place a temporary home. I think Katherine "Kat" Romanowski does an excellent job tending to the many and varied needs of those residing here.Her many responsibilities -- day and night ,on site and off-- often keep her from getting adequate rest yet she manages to stay on top of it all . And i know she doesn't do it for the money,because there just aren't enough funds available to pay her or any one else a livable wage. Even so, I have seen Kat rise to every occasion. For example ,when the septic tank was clogged this past summer , she was right there, getting her hands dirty ,cleaning up inside and clearing the way outside for the professionals which she had immediately called in. When an emergency arises ,if Kat's not on site, she drops everything to get there and deal with it. I know i feel safe with Kat in charge and sense the other residents do as well. I don't mean to imply that Kat is perfect ,because who on Earth is? However ,she does have the rare to be both congenial and compassionate friend as well as a stern house mother to one and all.Perhaps it's because she has spent time in these "homeless" shoes. I believe these attributes serve the people here well and have prompted many of them to stay in touch with her,and the mission in general long after they have moved on.

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Rating: 5 stars  

the mission has helped me out a lot and get my life together and helping me be more proactive with my self and get back on my feet and im very grateful

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Rating: 4 stars  

i thank God for the mission they have helped me get back on my medicine and have a safe environment to stay in

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Rating: 5 stars  

I thank God and the Mission for giving me the opportunity to have a place to live.I was staying with different people.Going from one place to the next not knowing where i would stay or sleep next.Very grateful that the mission open the doors for me where i find myself safe and a place i can call home.Because that is exactly what it is my home.The girls and the management people are very nice .We get to cook for all of us and we watch tv and we get to do things together as a family .Everyday is a gift because i have a roof over my head ,food & friends . I am very lucky to be here where it is clean and comfortable and a safe place to be

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Rating: 5 stars  

since coming to the mission i have a job and i am trying to get my life in order

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Rating: 5 stars  

i came to the mission with my three kids and they have helped me to get the resources i need to get back on my feet

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