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Client Served

Rating: 1

Just because you believe you can offer the perfect home, and you are highly experienced with Poodles, and you are highly experienced with rescue dogs, and you are an incredibly responsible and safety-conscious person--that does not mean you will get one of her dogs.

Start by studying her contract (we didn't); my impression is that it is confiscatory. In fact, she told us that she had actually placed a little dog the day before, but apparently on his first night in his new home he was disruptive, and the unsuspecting new Poodle "owner" set him up in the kitchen for the night. Sue said she went to that home the next day and "reclaimed" the dog because he had been put in the kitchen. These are "her little girls" and "her little boys."

She called our vet. She did not call any of the other four references we provided. But we passed the fence test. We are both at home, one retired and one working at home. We are very active.

We were denied the dog who visited because she discovered our previous Poodle had been off leash in the middle of a park playing with her tennis ball. She was elderly, had a limp, couldn't run fast or far, (we'd finally bought a dog stroller for her). She was nowhere any cars or roads, and she was highly trained and responsive. Worse yet, we were accused of letting her "swim in ponds." This was because we let her play with her ball in clean clear shallow water at a beach in Ashland State Park--maybe a mile from a road. Our dog loved it! If that were not enough, we have stairs in our house! At first the visiting Poodle hesitated at them, but then she zipped up to the bedroom so Sue could see where the dog would sleep, whereupon the Poodle hopped up onto our high bed effortlessly!

This dog has been in foster care with Sue for three years.

The process caused us tremendous stress and heartache. That we are highly responsible adults with sound judgment did not seem to count.

Review from Guidestar



Rating: 5

I have been a volunteer and foster home for Toy Poodle Rescue for several years. The President-Sue is one of the most honest, caring, hard working people I know. I have fostered and volunteered before for several rescue groups and none compare to the way Sue runs TPR. The dogs want for nothing, if they need anything they get it with no questions asked, all foster homes are supplied with top grade food, supplements and anything else that is needed. Vet care is provided at the expense of the rescue and foster homes pay for nothing. Sue grooms all the dogs and I have never had a dog arrive
un-groomed, or infested, they are always, cleaned, de-infested and fully groomed before they go to a foster home. The only thing we are responsible for is to get our foster dogs to vet appointments and love, care and exercise them. If you cannot transport a dog another volunteer will be arranged to help or many times Sue will transport. Sue is an extremely hands on participant in TPR. She goes to every home visit with the foster parent. She is one of the most respectful people I have dealt with in rescue. Her approach is she wants to keep her volunteers happy and will jump through hoops to make sure everyone is not stressed or take on too much so they don't burn out.
Regarding the review from Hepdog, I was the foster who took your foster dog from the vet. You seem to have left out a lot of information in your post, so let me add to your review with some clarity and honesty which is certainly lacking. There is no vet or Dunkin Donuts in Dover, MA! You were willing to take two dogs but after your home visit it was decided ALONG WITH YOU that a singleton would be better because your house is small and your yard is not fenced and on a busy road. Fosters and adopters are called everyday for 7 days and then every other day for 7 days to check in and see how the dog is adjusting and for support. You were called twice a day for all the days you had the dog and the only issue you had was your husbands aggressive cat, the cat did not like the dog so you were separating them by a barrier in the living room and keeping the dog with you at your desk. You reassured Sue that it was fine and you were working it out, or Sue or a volunteer would have come and got the dog. Foster and adoptive homes are told and know that you can call Sue 24/7/365 with any issues. I have put this to the test several times, I have called Sue at 3am when I had to take a dog to emergency after having surgery, not only did Sue answer her phone she was at the emergency hospital waiting when we arrived and anything that dog needed it got, no expense spared.
The veterinary office TPR uses opens at 7:30am and any dog receiving an anesthetic MUST be there on time so bloodwork can be done and processed. You were not told 7am, but you also could not remember where the vet office was. This is the rule of the vet office not Sue, many rescue's I've had from other rescues don't even bother to do bloodwork due to the cost! I know you would not have been expected to take a dog to the vet if it was not discussed with you and you agreed. That morning at 11:30am you called Sue and burst into tears on the phone and said you could not do it because your husband was upset that his cat had to go into the basement, as the dog was trying to get over the barrier to play with the cat. At which point Sue said ok no problem, as she did not want you stressed out or the dog in that situation and called me and asked me to take the dog from the vet along with my foster dog and transport them back with me. You were relieved, it is obvious your husband was upset and did not want the dog there but you did not want to feel like a failure. That is not anyone's issue but yours.
Everything was fine and all moved on....until you called Sue and wanted to foster again. You still had the aggressive cat and your husband and nothing had changed. Why would ANYONE place a dog again with you when they had had the experience TPR had! When the dog and rescue needed you most, while the dog was in the vet office getting surgery, you were on the phone crying you couldn't do it, the reality is YOU want to foster a dog, your husband and his cat don't!
I was taking my foster dog to the same vet that day and could easily have picked up your foster dog. Transporting the dog to the vet was absolutely discussed with you and you absolutely agreed to take the dog. So VERY dishonest to say this was not prearranged.
It was just lucky I was at the vet that day and could transport your foster dog or Sue would have been running around looking for someone to get the dog, or would have had to left her work and done it herself. It's very dishonest of you to post only HALF the truth, the sad thing is you have been allowed to write this review anonymously with no accountability or proof.
Thankfully TPR keep ALL correspondents and your emails (posted below) will show your dishonesty.
If any dog is removed from a foster or adoptive home it is for the well being of the dog, that is the job of a rescue group, these dogs have been through enough, no one in their right mind would leave a dog in a situation that is stressful, they are not wanted or the home is not providing them with what they need.
I notice that the negative reviews are from people who have either failed at fostering or adopting and the dog removed from their home or from people TPR wouldn't adopt to! TPR is NOT registered with this site, due to the fact that no accountability is required to the honesty of the reviews and no real names used. That is a very skewed approach to honest and fair reviews. If you want to see reviews from people who have actually adopted from TPR, go to their website and read the happy tails page. Thank you. http://www.toypoodlerescue.net/happy-tails
Please see the email correspondents below from Hepdog with TPR.

From: Kathleen H thehepdog@
Sent: Monday, July 27, 2015 3:14 PM
To: Sue - Toy Poodle Rescue
Subject: available for fostering

Hi Sue,
Thank you for being so understanding when I called you that day about Pookie being too much for me to handle. His puppy energy, and his ability to hop over our gates so easily, made it hard for me to manage him plus the cat, and I ended up very stressed out. I'm so happy to see Pookie has been adopted!
I wanted to let you know I've built a better fence for my driveway (please see attached photos) in order to have a more secure yard for very small dogs. I'd like to try to foster again. Our household would be perfect for a low-key senior dog -- it's very peaceful and calm, and we're here all day and almost every evening. Please let me know if you need such a home for one of your rescues.
I still have the food and toys you left for Pookie because I was hoping I'd foster again soon. Let me know if I should send them back to you as we originally talked about.

Kathy then called Sue and wanted to foster again and Sue explained she did not feel that Kathy's demeanor, home, other pet and her husband were conducive to successful fostering and was denied any further participation with TPR. This was Kathy's response.

From: Kathleen H thehepdog@
Sent: Thursday, July 30, 2015 5:57 PM
To: Sue - Toy Poodle Rescue
Subject: future fostering

After some thought, I think it would be best if I not foster through your organization. Not because I don't think I am an excellent and committed caregiver for dogs, and could provide your dogs a loving and safe temporary home, but because our communications thus far do not bode well for a healthy collaboration in the future.
I am emotional, and not a fast talker. I just wasn't able to get my points across to you effectively on the phone, and instead I got extremely upset. It's taken me until now to really calm down. While you questioned my commitment and ability to handle fostering, I disagreed strongly with your observations and characterization of the situation, but I was not able to convince you otherwise. I just got more upset.
If you want more specifics, I'll be happy to send you the long version of this email, but for now I'll just say that's it's probably for the best that I look for fostering opportunities closer to Medford.

From: Toy Poodle Rescue [mailto:toypoodlerescue@verizon.net]
Sent: Thursday, July 30, 2015 6:17 PM
To: Kathleen H thehepdog@
Subject: Re: future fostering

I totally agree. If you are incapable of picking up the phone and having a conversation that will not work for anyone.
The day we took Pookie back you called me at 11:30am crying saying you were stressed out. I don't want anyone of my dogs being in that situation and I had to jump Into action and make sure I had a back up plan.
Pookie, although young, was a well behaved boy with good manners and totally potty trained. He has gone into a new home with a cat with absolutely NO issue. So you have to ask yourself why was there such an issue at your home? Please don't try to shift blame to the dog or me. I addressed the situation immediately and rendered you, dog and responsibility free right away.
When you contacted me again to foster the only thing that has changed was the fencing, hence I had to address the situation and you don't like it. With 9 dogs surrendered in less than two weeks I need solid fosters who are not going to bail on me at critical times. Plus if you have a cat that can be aggressive that is just not conducive to a harmonious situation and the cause of your stress.
Please mail back Pookies bag to:
POBox 274
Dover, MA 02030
Thank you. Sue.
Toy Poodle Rescue
Tel: 508-533-8251

The fall out of a failed adoption or fostering is they retaliate by posting dishonest, negative reviews and sites like this allow it.


Client Served

Rating: 1

These people- the President and her Treasurer husband, turned a dream come true into an absolute nightmare for me. I waited for 3 months after my application was approved to get the dog I wanted to adopt, which was 10 yrs old and blind. I was and he was part of Senior to Senior program so no adoption fees, but they absolutely broke my heart and I'm sure it was traumatic for the dog as well. They brought him down on a Thursday and took him back/demanded him back the following Tuesday. I had signed a 9 page contract to which I didn't read because who would think something could go wrong with a dog adoption? I've owned toy poodles for 40 years! Per the contract you never really own the dog and the husband and wife are in your life forever. The reason(s) she demanded "her" dog back was because: I didn't follow her instructions, the dog had a few pee accidents (which I did not care about - he was 8 lbs) and pee'd in MY house! She accused me of teaching him bad habits. She went ballistic on the phone several times and hung up on me as well, even dropped the "F bomb". She even went as far as telling me that I had a memory issue! She even threatened me with the police if I did not give them MY copies of the paperwork - so I called the police. These are mean people who, based on my personal experience, do NOT have the dogs' welfare at heart nor the potential adopters. Very mean people whom I was tempted to follow up on with legal action; however, THERE IS ALWAYS KARMA. Be careful if you decide to deal with them.


Client Served

Rating: 1

The owner called to deny my application which is okay but she proceeded to question me and was emotionally charged making me feel like I was going to abuse or neglect the animal. She tried to scare me by making claimed that I will "loose my house" if my dog but a client of mine. Unprofessional, rude.. Here's the letter I wrote her: Hi Sue, Thank you for considering my application. When you called today it was clear that I was not going to be a candidate for your dogs, which is fine with me however when you asked me what if I "could stand not go to the bathroom for 9 hours" to make a point that the dogs couldn't either, I felt like you thought I would abuse/neglect my animal. Also, claiming that I will "loose my house!" if my dogs bites one of my clients I felt was presumptuous, emotionally charged, and unprofessional. Clearly you care about your animals and I'm certainly okay if I'm not a fit, but I didn't appreciate being treated like this.

Review from Guidestar


Client Served

Rating: 2

They were not truthful or honest in what they stated. An experience I would never want anyone to go through.