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South Carolina Coastal Conservation League Inc

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Causes: Environment, Natural Resources Conservation & Protection

Mission: The mission of the coastal conservation league is to protect the natural environment of the south carolina coastal plain and to enhance the quality of life of our communities by working with individuals, businesses and governments to ensure balanced solutions.

Programs: Food and agriculture: south carolina's rural landscape is primarily agricultural. In order to protect and enhance agricultural land, the conservation league works to support rural agrarian economies by promoting and advocating for policies, plans, infrastructure, and protection programs that promote sustainable agricultural practices in these threatened communities. Examples include policy work promoting water efficiency, local procurement and financing, and responsible water withdrawal practices. We work directly with farmers, government agencies, businesses, nonprofit organizations and communities to ensure that farmers are able to continue farming for generations to come. As part of this work, the conservation league operates a local food hub, growfood carolina, a project dedicated to providing sales, marketing, warehousing, planning, outreach and distribution services to local farmers within 150 miles. Since its inception in 2011, growfood has channeled more than $1 million back to farmers, directly supported more than 70 farm businesses with more than 1,800 acres of farmland, and provided local produce to thousands of local customers.

energy and climate: electricity is a necessary fixture in our daily lives, and its production and distribution have vast environmental footprints. New technologies, fuel sources, and strategies for meeting demand hold great promise for minimizing these impacts. We promote the implementation of progressive local, state, and federal energy policies related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate change. We have been a leader in passing some of the most progressive solar energy legislation in the nation, been at the forefront of regulatory reform, and have been instrumental in garnering support for issues involved with the negative impacts of offshore gas exploration and drilling along the sc coast.

land and community: balancing unbridled growth is central to the conservation league's mission. We help to influence the way developers, citizens, and public officials view and value their communities and landscapes promoting thoughtful, balanced development and land conservation in the right areas, at the right scale. From restructuring zoning codes to rerouting highways, we provide technical, professional and other assistance to residents of the region to help them preserve the south carolina coast. We have effectively expanded a protected greenbelt of land around the region, protected invaluable wetlands and ecosystems, and encouraged growth in efficiently-planned urban areas.

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An open letter to Dana Beach
Executive Director (Godfather) of the CCL

“Since founding the Coastal Conservation League in 1989, Dana has received awards from many institutions, including the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the South Carolina General Assembly, and the American Institute of Architects. In 1998, Dana was named one of ten Heroes for the Planet by Time Magazine’s, Time for Kids.”

Sounds like Dana & the CCL are “Super Heroes”. Or are you really “Super Villains”?

This may have been before you and others at the Coastal Carolina League decided that a “culture of corruption” would greatly benefit the financial status of the organization & incidentally add to your own income potential.

The CCL no better than the “Wounded Warriors Project” that has given very little to American Veterans, while lining the pockets of organization executives.

Thankfully Current National & Social Media coverage of this organization’s practices, has deeply hurt their formerly successful fund raising efforts.

The plan is to continue efforts to do the same to the Coastal Conservation League … so you decide … do you want contributions from Environmentally Concerned Citizens & Organizations … or do you want to rely on your “game plan” and continue to seek Tribute in the form of bogus Mitigation Funds from entities such as Businesses, Agencies & Taxpayers in South Carolina?

The Rape of Boeing, Volvo & the Port of Charleston at 5 million each may have bolstered your Assets over the past few years (10 million Dollars Plus) … but it has hurt the economy of our state and the taxpayers who support the state.

For years Americans, have been fighting “Corporate Greed” and now it looks like we have to add so called Non-Profit “Charitable Greed” to the list.

The rambling case you presented in the South Carolina Administrative Court will result in Horry County getting a positive judgement from the Court. It seems Amy Armstrong’s selection of witnesses as well as the presentation of CCL demands is juvenile. Going from Bears, Birds & Plant concerns to Tunnels, Fences, Lanes, Cutoffs & Future Development only shows that she is grasping at any straw that will break the back of the International Drive Paving Project. As anyone can see, (and I’m sure the Judge will agree), your case has gone from merely trying to protect the environment to totally halting any improvements to the area and it’s taxpayers.

And most disturbingly you actually have the GALL to use the taxpayer supported Court System against any opponent i8n order to reach your “shakedown goals”.

Ok, you now know the complaints against your methods of doing business (as if you haven’t seen many comments on your face book page which no longer allows comments from non-approved citizens of this state to be published).

Here is what is going to happen until you stop taking Horry County to Court.

The CCL will be fought through the print media (including Letters To The Editor) , broadcast, and social media showing that your organization is no better than the “Wounded Warriors Project & every other “non-profit” that has been set up to scam contributors and so-called recipients of donated funds. Every other Organization that is overstaffed with so called “experts”. Every other Organization that has lavish offices, holds high priced conferences and supports expensive, yet incompetent legal counsel.

It’s time to let it go, and allow Horry County to Pave International Drive WITHOUT Bear Tunnels (leading to future residential areas), and with 4 lanes and as many cutoffs as will be needed for future expansion of homes and businesses that will spread out the taxpayer base.

Enough Is Enough!

Then we will make sure that every future project that is within the CCL’s area of concern is informed that thru “Self-Mitigation” (like plans for I 73 from Route 95 to Myrtle Beach) the CCL’s business as usual (Extortion) will not occur.

Here’s the question.
Do you want the CCL to be considered a “Super Hero” or a “Super Villain”?

Scott A. Dilliard

Review from Guidestar