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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals

Mission: Silicon Valley Pet Project (SVPP) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization of volunteers committed to saving local at-risk shelter pets through rescue, community involvement and education. Our organization is focused on creating solutions that are repeatable and scalable.

Results: In our first year of operation, we rescued and placed over 150 homeless pets from our local animal shelter and recruited more than 200 volunteers.

Target demographics: homeless shelter pets get medical care and rehabilitation

Direct beneficiaries per year: 170 homeless pets from our local animal shelter

Geographic areas served: Santa Clara County, primarily in the South Bay (San Jose metro area)

Programs: foster care program, adoption program, covering medical expenses

Community Stories

5 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

I attended an event called "Pints for Pups" in May 2017 that a friend invited me to. This was an event that benefited two dog rescues, Thulani Program and Silicon Valley Pet Project. When I arrived at the event I wanted to meet the dogs and say hello so I walked into the area where the dogs were. When I first walked in, I was drawn to the senior German Shepherd dogs with the Thulani Program, but I was blocked by Silicon Valley Pet Project's staff and literally directed to their side. They did have very cute dogs, but not dogs that I was drawn to. I want to support organizations, like the Thulani Program, that do truly good work like saving senior dogs. The staff at Silicon Valley Pet Project were so pushy with me wanting me to go to their side that I had to say "no thank you" and go around them to see the senior dogs. I would have gone over to say hello to Silicon Valley Pet Project's dogs, but this pushy experience made me not want to have a thing to do with them. When I reached the dogs at Thulani Program, the poor staff were apologetic and I could tell it was painful for them to have another rescue act this way towards them.

Silicon Valley Pet Project needs to get some manners and treat people kindly. I will never support this organization.

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

I am an award winning photographer and I have been a photographer by trade for almost 30 years. I volunteered my time to take photographs of Silicon Valley Pet Project's dogs and cats. I did one photography session and then organization went quiet. I received no feedback or thanks for your time. Even if they did not like the photos, they should have been professional and responded in some manner. They claim on their website to treat people with kindness and respect, but they do not.

I suggest not working with this organization unless you like to be treated unprofessionally.

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SV Pet Project 05/22/2017

SVPP is fortunate to have many professional photographers who generously volunteer their time to take beautiful pictures of SVPP adoptable pets and events. We are very grateful to all the photographers who work with us and regret that this individual had a negative experience. We invite any volunteer who would like to provide detailed feedback to contact volunteer@svpetproject.org.


Rating: 2

I was a foster parent for a beautiful girl for several months for Silicon Valley Pet Project. She required medical treatment and training. I appreciated Silicon Valley Pet Project making sure my foster dog was in great health and set her up for training. I made myself available for whatever would help my foster dog get adopted by taking her to medical appointments, taking her to training class, working on training homework, participating in adoption events, etc. I had a wonderful foster coordinator who made herself available at all hours to answer any questions I had. It was nice to feel 100% supported and appreciated. My foster girl was adopted by the perfect family and I was so happy to be part of her journey.

Fast forward several months after her adoption, I was approached by the President of Silicon Valley Pet Project to foster another dog for them. I am always happy to help, but had already offered to foster a different dog for a different rescue and I was waiting on confirmation before I could commit to Silicon Valley Pet Project's foster request. The President responded by notifying me that Silicon Valley Pet Project would not sponsor the rescue of the other dog and asked me again to foster their dog for them. I found the President's approach to be off-putting. I did not ask Silicon Valley Pet Project to sponsor any dog. The President initiated contact with me and I had committed myself elsewhere prior to her contacting me.

I felt uncomfortable when the President mentioned the training they paid for me to go to with my first foster dog as if I owed Silicon Valley Pet Project. The training class the President referred to was for my foster dog to work on some unwanted behaviors. It was not a training class for me to become an expert in dog training. I was not paid to foster for Silicon Valley Pet Project, but the President made me feel like I was her employee and had to follow her rules.

My experience with Silicon Valley Pet Project was a rewarding one because I had the pleasure of caring for a wonderful dog that was so deserving of a happy life. I am grateful to them for taking her into their rescue. However, I did not appreciate being made to feel like I was indebted to them and could only foster one of their dogs. My experience with the President of Silicon Valley Project motivated me to find other rescues to foster for and I will not be fostering again for this organization.

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SV Pet Project 03/22/2017

Thank you for giving your very valuable time to our organization by fostering for Silicon Valley Pet Project. We are happy that you continue to foster pets because it is through foster homes that more animals are given the chance at a life they deserve. Your input, and the feedback from all of our volunteers is very important to us as we strive to build a team of volunteers that have a shared vision, want to help homeless pets, have fun and promote continuing education regarding animal rescue. We regret any misunderstanding that occurred and wish you the best with your fostering endeavors.



Rating: 1

My experience with this rescue was filled with great sadness and confusion. I do not feel this is a good rescue and will never be involved with them again. I started fostering for this rescue and, at first, really enjoyed the experience. My first foster coordinator who happened to be one of the original board members was positive, passionate, and uplifting. However, the founding boarding members pushed her out with their bullying behavior and I was left in the hands of another foster coordinator. My experience with the new coordinator was awful. The rescue decided to euthanize the dog I had been fostering for alleging biting a child. I was saddened by some of the words the new foster coordinator used at a time of extreme sadness and the fact that I could not take my foster dog for one last walk in the dog park before he was euthanized at Humane Society Silicon Valley. When I expressed my emotions of this feeling wrong to my foster coordinator, I heard some harsh words. I was told that my foster dog is lucky that he didn't have him beat up after biting someone's kid and that just because he has not bitten me yet it doesn't mean he won't turn on me (I fostered him for many many months and never witnessed any biting). I was also told he could not be trusted at the dog park around others. She made him sound like a monster in his final moments in this world, which I know he is not.

This whole experience was hard to swallow and left me with an even sadder feeling in my heart. I understand difficult decisions need to be made, but this is an animal rescue organization that claims to strive for a positive and compassionate experience for its animals, volunteers, and fosters, no matter the circumstances, and I did not feel this that day.

I emailed the President of Silicon Valley Pet Project to discuss this experience and all she said to me in response was that is was a sad situation and that the foster coordinator was "an experienced animal welfare professional and is a very compassionate person."

I later asked Humane Society Silicon Valley about the new foster coordinator's background (because I was told she was a former employee) in dog behavior and I was told she did not do any behavior for them. I am a vet tech and my experience with Silicon Valley Pet Project has affected me in a way that I will never work with a rescue organization again.

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SV Pet Project 09/07/2016

We agree that Einstein's case was extremely sad and difficult for all involved. We always strive for a positive outcome with all of the pets we rescue and for a compassionate experience for our animals, volunteers, foster families and adopters. We were deeply saddened that, despite seeking advice from a certified trainer and working with a veterinarian, the very difficult decision was made to euthanize Einstein. Einstein had multiple documented unprovoked bites and hospital records for injuries to a child. Our intent is to do the best for every pet we rescue and the people they touch. In our continuous effort to improve, we welcome all comments and suggestions.



Rating: 5

Very innovative rescue organization, a rescue start-up if you will!