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Rating: 5

Mr. Jackson (strawfly)

You wrote, among other misinformation; "There is definitely a "Founders Syndrome" going on here and the perpetual committee rubber stamp all of this rather unstable individuals wild accusations and rants."

Apparently you believe it is lawful to publicly make statements like the one above (a mixture of lies, ignorance and personal attacks) . Calling me unstable is defamation in its clearest form.

For your information, Mr. Jackson, it is the Forest Service who requires a small committee from within our club to issue the use permit to. As with most everything at the site, we are complying with the requirements and operational strategies of the Forest Service. If you don't like that, take it up with the FS. Oh, that's right, you have. Sorry you didn't like their response to you.

Both in 2010 and 2012 we've done work requested by the club you belong to. Our contact info is available to anyone who visits the Rim website. We've met and exceeded the terms and conditions of the Special Use Permit year after year since 1996. This is why the Forest Service ignores your repeated attempts to tarnish our good name. BTW, there is nothing in the use permit that requires us to respond you or anyone else. We choose do so because we are responsive to the flying community needs and keep an open mind to all suggestions - we've never ignored a single request and you have the gall to call that a dictatorship?!?!

Your negativity and personal hatred towards us is clear. Following us around just to defame us is likewise very clear and pathetic. It's a bit disturbing that someone like yourself has nothing better to do than cast aspersion on those who have worked for decades to provide the flying community a place to fly.

A small fraction of what we've done as volunteers at the Rim can be seen here; http://www.hatcreek.info/SiteImprovements.htm. Where would readers go to see all the "work" you claim to have done since 1986?

Remember, contributions are made every year by those who do appreciate what they find at the site. That's the type of feedback that keeps us dedicated to Hat Creek Rim.

Hat Creek Rim is an all volunteer effort that has worked for decades - and continues to work today despite your best efforts to undermine it. You can see donation made to the site here; http://www.hatcreek.info/FundraisingChart.htm

I'm done dealing with your nonsense. Time for you to go play with yourself...


Hat Creek Rim Pilot


Rating: 5

Mr. Jackson,

Sounds like you have a regular cult following, or so you say. Just like your other claims, you have nothing to substantiate them. May I suggest you get a life and leave those who work for the benefit of others to do their work without your continued harassment?


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

Mr Sergent (Big Bird)

You are very quick to call me a liar about my review. You neglect to point out just what I am lying about. Could it be that this non profit is run "like a dictatorship" Is that untrue?
Is it the fact that around 200 free flight pilots have absolutely no input at all in the spending of the non-profit money you collect. Is that a lie??
Defamation does have serious legal consequences and I believe you are calling me a "liar".
Would you care to enlighten me and other readers as to what I am"lying" about. You seem a little vague.
A favorable review written by the "founder" of this non profit (you) is of course very complimentary.
My experience and that of others is somewhat different. If you want to cal me a liar and threaten defamation legal consequences, please have the courtesy to enlighten me and any readers as to the ACTUAL lie/untruth that you are referring to.
As to your accusation that I am attempting to "defame your good name". I believe that you are doing a great job by yourself. I am simply pointing out some anomalies in this "non profit" group, and still hoping, that one day its handful of members, will come to their senses and run an all inclusive club, where all users, and people that donate their $ to you, have a say in the distribution of said funds, and some input into the running of this world class Hang Gliding and Paragliding site that is situated entirely on public Forest Service land.

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Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

This non profit is run like a dictatorship. The club maintains their power by having bylaws written in 2004 that maintain their "committee" indefinitely. Four people (with perpetual votes) push their private agenda and wishes on over 200 free flight pilots.
The founder and the perpetual committee have many times publicly ranted against other pilots and groups. There is definitely a "Founders Syndrome" going on here and the perpetual committee rubber stamp all of this rather unstable individuals wild accusations and rants.


Rating: 5

Mr. Jackson (strawfly),

Your attempts to defame our good name and deeds at Hat Creek are clear in your mendacious diatribe. Likewise, your ignorance is clear regarding the policies and operating strategies implemented by the Forest Service in 1996.

Our club and committee members have volunteered their time and efforts at this site since 1975. None of us have ever stood shoulder to shoulder with you while the hard work it took to develop the site was being done. There is no record of your involvement or maintenance at the site; while there is a very clear record of those you would publicly defame here.

I suggest you curtail your public attacks on us or anyone else for that matter. Defamation has serious legal consequences and is something you should consider before you post more of your malicious lies.



Rating: 5

The Shasta Sky Sailors have been actively developing Hat Creek Rim, a ridge and thermal soaring site in Northern California for paragliding and hang gliding, since we pioneered the site in the mid 1970's.
More information about flying at the site can be found at www.hatcreek.info.