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Quiet Oaks

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Hospices, Human Services

Mission: To provide comfort and care to terminally ill persons and their families in a home-like residential setting.

Target demographics: Providing the opportunity to families and friends to be loved ones only to a Resident at a most challenging time.

Geographic areas served: Central Minnesota and beyond....

Programs: Quiet oaks will provide inpatient care in a home-like setting for people nearing the end of life (i. E. , 6 months or less to live) that have acute or complex pain or other symptoms that can not be managed at home or prefer to die in an alternative home setting.

Community Stories

5 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

I've been a volunteer at Quiet Oaks, and I have practiced as a hospice and palliative care registered nurse at Quiet Oaks. I feel the goal at Quiet Oaks is to give 110% and make sure the patient and family are cared for, and that the level of care exceeds expectations. Words I have always used to describe Quiet Oaks are exceptional, unique, and extraordinary.

Mary Valerius B.

Client Served

Rating: 5


If there is one thing that is certain in this life, it is change. One of the biggest, most emotional changes is when a loved one transitions from this world to one that is far greater. The death of a loved one is traumatic. In March, 2015, we received news that the life of one of my favorite people in this world was on a 6 month timeline. My dad was put on hospice care and sent home. While we struggled to adjust to our new, and quite honestly, frightening reality of caring for someone who was dying, we always tried to honor his wishes. Initially, we all felt it was the most loving thing to allow him to die at home, surrounded by things and people he loved. Thankfully, as things got more difficult, he was able to express that he didn't want us, his family, having to care for him at the level that he needed care. On June 10, 2015, we made the journey into Quiet Oaks for care. It was incredibly difficult to drive out of his driveway that day, knowing that he would not return to the home that housed so many memories. He insisted upon walking in on his own, and parking in a parking spot, not being dropped off at the door. Initially, I felt that handing over his care was almost a failure...a lack of love for him. I was wrong. The moment we walked through that door, we were met with the most amazing love I have ever felt. As we got settled, there was a flurry of activity, but I clearly remember Ginny Green holding my dad's hands and thanking him for trusting them with his care. She told him that he could relax now because they would be caring, not only for him, but for his family. She then went to my mom, gave her a hug and thanked her for doing such a great job and that she could be as involved in his nursing care as she wanted, but that her main job was to be his wife again. We filled his room with pictures of our family and some of his favorite things so it felt so much like home. A few days into our stay at Quiet Oaks, we were able to meet with Dr. Lalley. This man is a saint! He asked my dad to tell him his story, and stopped him as he began talking about his health issues b/c he wanted to know about his STORY, and cancer was NOT his story. He talked about where he grew up, where he met my mom, how many kids and grandkids he had, where he worked, what he liked to do in his free time, etc....It was amazing. He also explained what we could anticipate for end of life care and progress with a solid tumor, as my dad had. This was amazing. Finally, we felt heard and loved. The nurses, staff, and volunteers at QO tended to every need that we as a family had in the days and nights that we spent in the house. We had more laughter in our time there than we did in the months leading up to it combined. The anxiety and fear of how to care for this man that we all loved so very much was now gone. We were led by a team of experienced angels that allowed us to just be present. There are no words to express what a blessing that was. Dr. Lalley predicted that my dad would not make it to Father's Day and tried his best to prepare my broken heart to face that possibility. However, my dad, being who he is, not only lived to Father's Day, but somehow was very "present" with us that day. The grandkids decorated his room and we got an ice cream cake and we had a great Father's Day. That evening, after our family was settling in for our overnight stay, I went in an spent a good amount of time with him alone, having a necessary one sided conversation for my heart. It was a beautiful time that I will always treasure. My hero quietly slipped into God's arms early the next morning while we slept in the same house. Our tears were joined by the tears of the nurses and staff that lovingly cared for him over his 10 day stay. We shared hugs and sadness as we packed up his room. Some of the staff and attended his wake and funeral. We have stayed in touch over these past 3 years, and we are so grateful for the friendships that were formed in the most difficult time of change. Quiet Oaks is an incredible jewel within our community. I only wish I had known about the blessing it would be to our family before we needed it. It would have made the decision much easier. I know my dad would be so thankful for the care that we, as his family, received in this difficult goodbye and beyond. He loved us well and would be so grateful that the wonderful angels at Quiet Oaks ensured that we were taken care of as he transitioned to eternity. I would highly recommend Quiet Oaks to anyone facing end of life care.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

Our family brought our mom to Quiet Oaks when we were out of all options for recovery. Besides memory loss, she wasn't eating or sleeping and we were exhausted. The staff took on the task of being with mother every minute and Dr. Lalley changed her medication to help her sleep. Little by little she improved and started eating and sleeping. After five weeks, she was back in the land of the living and they found a wonderful place for her to continue gaining her health back. It truly was a miracle and I for one am ever so grateful to have more time with my mom. Thank you God and all at Quiet Oaks for your excellent care.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I have had two family members stay at Quiet Oaks for their end of life period. The entire staff is wonderful and caring individuals. Not only were my grandma and grandpa well cared for, but the staff was also comforting to all family and friends that visited. The facilities are beautiful and have a nice variety of spaces. I have recommended Quiet Oaks to friends looking for hospice care for their loved ones.


Rating: 5

Quiet Oaks is a place of compassion and professional care. I never thought of a hospice facility as a place of joy before working here as a volunteer, then staff member. Large hearts, skilled care and hospitality to all is what can be found here.