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Client Served

Rating: 5

My son was getting raped and having his medicine withheld in a Florida prison two years ago. I came to PCC for guidance and paid small installments for an investigation into the case. I was harassed by the police following trying to write a complaint on my own. This organization was the only thing standing by my side in this battle with the police. I am a more than satisfied customer.

God Bless Them.

Client Served

Rating: 1

The Police Complaint Center IS NOT a non-profit organization; it is for-profit scam! I and many, many others all over the US have been defrauded out of thousands of dollars by Ex. Dir. Diop Kamau and his associates. If you don't believe this, file an open records request with the FTC for copies of all complaints against this group--you'll be shocked at what you get back (and you probably won't even get all of it!; but most people receive 30 pages or more).

Next. go to http://kamaudocs.blogspot.com and view the documents posted there in chronological order, starting at the beginning of the blog, for maximum shock value.

Finally, please read and consider signing the petition titled "End Police Complaint Fraud" posted at Change.org under the Justice section.

Besides signing the petition, if you are a fraud victim of the PCC, Kamau, or one of his associates, it's very important that you immediately file a formal complaint with iC3 and/or the FTC as soon as possible.


Client Served

Rating: 1

I hired the Police Complaint Center but never received the services promised and then was promised a refund after demanding it and declairing that I could not trust them. Un beknowst to me they continued to pretent to represent me and filed letters etc which were all done after the promise of a refund, then they said they would not give a refund after deducting the alleged costs. I have filed various consumer complaints against on the internet and off against this company and have been cyberstalked in retaliation. I know of a number of other victims. Please shut this company down to save other consumers. Also how does a companu who is supposed to be a non proffit get a way with charging thousands of dollars. Who regualtes to books? In my opinion this company needs to be reviewed by the IRS because it appears that nothing was done at the time the refund was promised and the company spent all of my money against me claiming trips and phone calls after the refund was promised. The worst part is that most of this company's efforts using my money appear to be used to damage my reputation, cyberstalk me and post lies about me. WARNING: DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR WALLET AND REPUTATION!!!!!!!!!!


Client Served

Rating: 1

This company has defrauded me of $2844.00 and when I complained about the internet fraud on www.ripoffreport.com, the Owner Diop Kamau retalliated against me by posting an audio threat and by posting defamatory information on his website link at www.diopkamau.name/cases/Kamau/false_complaints.html and wwww.diopkamau.name/Kamau/false_complaints.html Diop Kamau posted false statements indicating that he rendered private investigative services on my behalf on the links above. I never met with him in person and he never came to my development. He lied that he filed paperwork at a certain agency. If he did, this would be posted on his website. He never came to my house to do private investigative work, because he is not even licensed to do private investigative work in NJ in 2008 nor 2009. This individual makes a living out of exploiting vulnerable people who put their trust in him, in my opinion. He will have to answer to GOD. The company took my money under the false pretense that they were going to conduct private investigations on my behalf in NJ, knowing that they were not even licensed to render private investigative services in NJ. They are not licensed as per two letters that I received from NJ Private investigative Licensing Bureau and DC Bureau. When I complained about this fraud on www.ripoffreport.com, Diop Kamau used intimidation tactics to try to compel me to not complain about the fraud he subjected me to, by posting a confidential complaint in pdf format in order to incite criminal organizations against me, found on the above links of his, rather than to file a law suit against us for defaming his business. Everybody on his alleged "false complaint" website has never been sued by him, because he knows we are telling the truth. The people he posts on his "false complaint" link are people who also were defrauded, but Kamau tries to defame and discredit them by turning around and using information that he was entrusted with to smear their characters, even though we all have concrete evidence of the fraud that he subjected us to. He claims he is accredited by BBB on his website, but the BBB website, indicates the contrary. I have made numerous requests for refunds and payment receipts and a billing invoice, but instead Kamau goes from host provider to host provider to try to discredit my valid complaint of the fraud he subjected me to. If he takes down all information regarding us on his website and offers us a full refund, we will work towards a mutual agreement. Until that is done, his clients will never trust him and his business.

Review from Guidestar