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Open Door Mission

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Emergency Assistance, Homeless & Housing, Homeless Shelters, Human Services

Mission: Breaking the Cycle of Homeless and poverty.

Programs: Overnight lodging, food, clothing, and laundry provided to families and single individuals

support to the general public by providing food, clothing, and medical care and education

training for a new life of contribution to society and working to support oneself

Community Stories

5 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

Client Served

Rating: 1

It's now a warehouse for men out of prison ... all the staff are homophobic and encourage the likeness forward Intolerance to minorities other than white or Hispanic . I remember a time when I could come there for spiritual guidance and the staff would share there discipleship with you about Jesus Christ , now if anyone dare attempt to get spiritual guidance they share white privilege to God's mercy . They encourage men to use racial slurs and derogatory comments about not only blacks but homosexuals. While h a going an Inclusive sign on there front door..Hypocrites!


Client Served

Rating: 1

My homelessness came when I was divorced, left with two children one mentally handcapped and another has sickle cell anemia...lost my job then lost my house I wound up in a homeless shelter, Open Door Mission. The employees treat the clients like door mats. The clients some are battered mothers victims of domesic violence; those mothers tell horror stories of ill treatment. They are threatened with expulsion and off course they have no where to go they have to choose which is a better hell...I'm suprised that not even this site rate service delivery rather than how the money is spent. The accountabilty should also look at the quality of the product...the product being the service. Well my story is I went to dining hall and our group had 45minutes to eat, and at 30 minutes in the workers begin to yell hurry up....my daughter mentally hand capped eats very slowly i begged for some special consideration for her at least to allow her take her food with her they said it is not allowed. Next day I tried to have her eat faster, she vomited the little she had in her stomach, the next day same thing and next day...I went and lamented and they allowed me to take food o my children in the room. For saying something I begin to create lots of enemies fast and they had to break me down...that day they saw me come out of the room left my kids in there and they send two men janitors, they opened the door and just went in there...my other daughter was so frightened she stopped showering thinking there might be cameras in the rooms...back to that day I went in the dining had to get permission every time so this time there were many volunteers in the building I had to wait longer to be allowed to take food but after the incident of the janitors entering the room without notice I was afraid to leave them kids by themselves for too long. I got impentient and I spoke to a olunteer about the ills of Open Door Mission, the CEO over heard me and said to people, this man is mentally ill so disregard anything he says. She asked her staff to escort me outside she followed me and three other guys start pushing me around telling me how I would loose my children I should never say anything about open door mission. They followed me outside their campus threatening beating and at some point the one guy sprayed pepper in my face they pushed me to the ground and they started laughing as they kicked. They went and yanked my children brought them to the front the cops came and they dragged me into a cruiser drove me back the entire time my children were watching. The children at open door mission were watching...fire fighters came to put out the fire in my eyes. My children thought I was killed..way before I called APS to report the crime and APS said homeless people are not valunarable so there is no law that protects them...The clients are not allowed TV nor any access to current affairs. One girl a staffer said to me "oh you like the Huskers? You are lucky on Thanks Giving I will work and I like the Husker so I will turn the TV on so yeah you come watch"....internet can be monitored definately hotels have wifi and they control what content they want and dont want to the net work....Someone need to investigate this racket...

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2 Michelle P.

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

A group of us from missions across North America were hosted by Open Door Mission for an annual district meeting. I was particularly impressed by the cleanliness of the facilities, the openness with which they allowed us to tour, and the kind and friendly hospitality of their missionary workers.

3 James C.


Rating: 5

I love to volunteer at the open Door Mission. I bring my son 4 year old son once a month and we volunteer at the Timberlake Outreach Center sorting clothes and toys. In fact when I wake up on a Saturady he asks "daddy can we go and sort toys today". When he gets new toys and gifts, he takes ones that he does not play with any longer and we bring them to the Timberlake Outreach center so they can be used my children that are poor and needy.



Rating: 5

Open Door Mission is a fabulous Christ Centered organization, breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty in the Omaha area.

Review from Guidestar