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Oklahoma Halfway House

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Nonprofit Overview

Mission: To assist offenders in re-entry into the community by identifying the special needs and problems of each resident who returns from incarceration and provide residential services for a positive transition to community life.

Programs: Assist residents to ensure their successful reintegration into society by reducing recidivism and by facilitating their independence. The organization received government contract awards from the u. S. Bureau of prisons for $1,622,620 and the department of corrections for $540,505.

Community Stories

3 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

The administrator at this facility is unprofessional and should be fired. she has no problem with being unethical and i know this for a fact because i use to work with her. if you refuse to do unethical things for her,she will fire you, then lie and say this person started out good,but now they are not meeting their job duties/expectations required of the job. the Board members need to vote a no confidence in her because she is a liability due to the fact that she is abusing her power/forging documents. she tried to ask me to forge documents and when i didnt she said, ill do it. everything went down hill from their. my advice to current and previous staff, is that if you do work with her and you do not comply with her unethical demands you will end up fired or pushed out. if that happens then your best bet is the contact OHH board members and report her to the EEOC and the department of labor. also, report her to the Bar Association and the DA. I reported her to the EEOC and they took my my complaint, so don't think that nothing can be done to her just because she is a lawyer. I dont care what a persons position is he, or she has to answer to someone,but if a person never reported then nothing can be done to correct abuse of power/unethical demands.


Client Served

Rating: 1

This is the worst organization. They treat individual residents with disrespect ands do nothing to help reequip them to reenter society. I have countless stories of the atrocious behavior of their directors and they way the directors push the staff to treat the residents with nothing buyt disrespect!

Review from Guidestar


Client Served

Rating: 1

Oklahoma Halfway House is a for profit, community Medium Prison, that violates Federal and State law, with a sole purpose of grifting off Federal, State, charity, and Inmate's income to keep up the lifestyle and car collection of it's Director.
I have never seen so many drugs dealt there in my entire life (most brought in by the staff to sell to inmates).
With two incentives to violate and send as many inmates back to prison (a $35k bonus for violating inmates and a kickback from Grady County Corrections Center) it is hard to survive this train wreak of a Halfway House.
There is no incentive to get people back on their feet. Employers avoid hiring from the OHH as they are harassed as badly as the inmates of the OHH.
Constant no notice lockdowns and compound restrictions hamper visitation from relatives who often drive hours or fly in from out of state to visit their love ones.
Little funding is seen onsite.
Mandates from Eric Holder to allow RESIDENTS of Halfway Houses cellphones, transportation to and from work, and mental health counciling ignored by the Director.
No onsite job search facilities. No computers available to inmates to look for jobs. No library. No law library. No denomination religious meals available. All technology is forbidden and feared by the Director.
Eating out of dumpsters would be better than the food provided there.
Disrespectful staff that get off flogging the inmates (not residents) for little or no reason (entertainment?).
If you have a love one on the inside, it is better to avoid this FRAUD of a Halfway House. Do your time and go home. Defund this abortion.

Review from Guidestar