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Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc

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Causes: Environment, Water, Water Resources, Wetlands Conservation & Management

Mission: Ocean rehab was organized exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes to promote and facilitate collaborative work between citizens, ocean scientists, federal/state and local governments, environmental organizations, academic organizations, and others in order to improve the well being of ocean ecosystems through scientific research, education and public awareness relevant to understanding ocean reef ecosystems.

Programs: Dive for success - during 2011 ocean rehab conducted scientific baseline surveys of the south east florida coral reefs with volunteers ( citizens, scientists, students and international ngos). Our teams of volunteers collected data in all 5 counties of the south east florida reef system. This valuable information is now available online for the scientific community

dema show - at the diving equipment & marketing association show we were represented with a booth where we presented the need for understanding the ocean reaf ecosystem. We educated many of the thousands who attended and increased the awareness of everyone who visited our exhibit.

traning - ocean rehab initiative inc. Created a training and trainer program to facilitate our goals. Ocean rehab initiative promoted and trained four scientific trainers (certified) who taught 11 courses and graduated 35 scientific (certified) data collectors in the 5 counties of south east florida. Ocean rehab hosted several meetings and training courses for volunteers and citizens in 2011. Our meetings and training courses were held at pompano, boca raton, fl. Lauderdale, west palm beach, north palm beach, miami, islamorada, key largo, jupiter, delray beach, boynton beach, and stuart. We, ocean rehab initiative, engaged the public to learn more about coral reefs and coral reef health and mortality. Our classes were open to the public and were related to local reef health and scientific data collection.

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Community Stories

8 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters



Rating: 4

I am the kind of person that needs to stay connected to the natural world and as a scuba diver I am very concerned with the well being of our oceans. Participating in Ocean Rehab underwater assessment surveys on our local reefs has given me a chance to contribute to the preservation of the marine environment by aiding in the collection of data that is needed to prove to gov't agencies that more protections are required. The traning I received helped me recognize the symptoms and signs of environmental distress that I was previously not aware of. I am proud to be part of a group that helps raise awareness and humbled to be able to do my part for the preservation of the sea, for our sake and our fish friends!

Lucas B.


Rating: 5

My Family and I are very fortunate to have been extended an opportunty to dive with the Team, but we have been way too busy. I am confident that Ocean Rehab Initiative will protect our Florida Ocean resources . Ocean Rehab keeps me informed of the progress and impacts locally; and I appreciate that. Thanks Ocean Rehab. You have my support always.

2 Kathy D.


Rating: 5

As a Volunteer for Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. I can honestly tell you what an exciting and rewarding experience I had. You really feel empowered knowing that you are making a difference. I have recomended ORII on several occasions and I plan on continuing to do so. If you want to do your part to help out our local reefs then the best way to "Get Wet" is thru The Ocean Rehab Initiative!

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I am very impressed with Ocean Rehab Initiative and the excellent work they are doing! Not only do they promote scientific research and consistently strive to bring further awareness to what is happening to our beautiful oceans and reefs, but they are also right out there in the water doing whatever they can to restore and preserve this extremely precious resource. I have had the privilege of speaking with Ocean Rehab's founder, William Djubin, at various events for the past few years such as the Audubon Society's Everglades Day and Sea Turtle Day at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. His knowledge of and passion for this cause shines through very clearly and I have learned so much from him. Our ecosystems can no longer survive without us taking action. The oceans are crying out for our help and we need intelligent, informed, and involved people such as William Djubin and the members of Ocean Rehab who are committed to defending them. The future of our entire planet depends upon the success of Ocean Rehab Initiative, William Djubin, and others who are willing to dedicate their lives to protecting the waters of Planet Earth. May they keep up their very important work for many, many years to come!



Rating: 5

I have had the opportunity to volunteer with Ocean Rehab and William Djubin, the founder and director. I have learned so much about how important our oceans and reefs are through Mr. Djubin's efforts and projects. I have also been fortunate enough to be a part of the work they do on other projects in the community. Ocean Rebab, its members, and its volunteers focus not only on their own efforts, but on the efforts of other foundations and non-profits in the community as well. They view the community as a team that can come together and help protect our oceans.

Brett T.


Rating: 5

Ocean Rehab has changed the way I look at the Ocean. ORI triained me to be a Citizen Scientist by paying to get me Reef Check Certified and I have been able to join them on several dives to monitor the Coarl Reefs. I am greatful for the oppertunity to do this and make a difference. I have met so many amazing people and have experienced amazing things. I am happy to rate Ocean Rehab with 5 stars and can't wait to work with them again.

Missy T.

Board Member

Rating: 5

When I met Mr. Djubin...the Founder of Ocean Rehab, I could not wait to do things to help him succeed in his mission to help protect the oceans and educate others on the importance of doing so. I helped him start up Ocean Rehab and am so happy that I did. To date we have trained many divers and snorkelers to become Citizen Scientists. It is such a rewarding experiences to see these people become so empowered to take action and want to make a difference for the Oceans. If they were recreational divers to become people who dive for a cause greater than self pleasure! I am so happy to be a part of the amazing organization. Reef Check has recognized Ocean Rehab as the Reef Check of Florida as we use the same methodology and get our divers Reef Check Certified. I am happy for the opportunity to write a positive review on Ocean Rehab.


Board Member

Rating: 5

The Ocean Rehab Initiative Board of Directors wanted to thank you for reviewing our cause and projects. Because of the generous support Ocean Rehab received for the Long Term Florida Reef Project in 2011 we were able to celebrate several victories and also joined a few working groups to further promote our mission to “Preserve and Protect Florida’s Reef Eco-system”.

Working Groups and Active Collaborating Stakeholders:
SEFCRI- Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative- Florida- Dept. of Environmental Protection
CRCP- NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program- Federal- US Dept. of Interior
EPA/NOAA CWA- Federal- Environmental Protection Agency Clean Water Act / NOAA
CWCI/FWC- Coastal Wetlands Conservation Initiative- Federal- Fish and Wildlife Commission
PBC RRT- Local- Palm Beach County Reef Research Team
Reef Check Worldwide- Global- We are understood as Florida Reef Check/ Caribbean

Victories Shared during 2011 Reef Check Season:
Expanded our Training Staff to 4 Reef Check Certified Instructors and promoted Nikole Ordway to Board Member/ Reef Check Course Director for Florida and the Caribbean. Nikole has been active in training and course direction for SE Florida, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Haiti. She was celebrated by Dr. Gregor Hodgson PhD., President of Reef Check/ OR Scientific Advisory Board, for her training standards and commitment to our Florida Reefs.

Ocean Rehab created a Public Service Announcement with the collaborative support of SSR Video and Allegro Productions with the goal of bringing Ocean Rehab science into 1,700 classrooms Nationwide. We also plan to “Live Skype” scientists for students to directly speak with our Ocean Experts: The PSA is posted on YouTube online for fundraising support of this project.

During 2011, Ocean Rehab trained and certified 28 Reef Check citizen scientific divers and snorkelers, bringing our total number of Task Force Divers to 38. These Volunteer Data collectors surveyed 10 locations in Martin County, 25 locations in Palm Beach County and 15 locations in Broward County. We submitted vital Baseline Data to the global scientific community and local conservation managers. Our scientific data collection in now anticipated by Local, State and Federal government agencies as well as several global interests.

To bring our project and science to the public, Ocean Rehab participated in the Global 2011 Coral Reef Resilience Conference, the 2011 US Coral Reef Task Force Meeting, and the Dive Equipment and Manufacturing Associations DEMA 2011 EXPO at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando. Members of our volunteer Task Force were celebrated by the Wyland Foundation and Loggerhead Marine Life Center as 2011 Ocean Ambassadors.

We were fortunate that CBS News decided to cover our volunteer divers working on a scientific transect on a Boca Raton Coral Reef in a news story that aired all day and became the headline story for the 7 p.m. news. The CBS videographers and producers created a fantastic news video which is also posted on YouTube Ocean Rehab.

Ocean Rehab is gearing up for a very active 2012 with plans to expand our training and volunteer diver/ science base to Orlando, Tampa, the Florida Keys and Gainesville. These teams will begin to survey our Florida Reef System as early as March 15th. Our Task Force will continue to survey Palm Beach, Martin, and Broward County and should be collecting and reporting vital Baseline Data for Monroe and Dade County by June 2010.