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Iron Soup Historical Preservation Co

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Causes: Arts & Culture, Historical Organizations


Results: Prior to what is listed below, since 2007, countless emergency repairs were made in the Endangered National Historical Site Including, but not limited to, boarding up of buildings to discourage vagrants and vandalism, cleaning out of city sewer drains and parks and making streets passable.... 1. Iron Soup Historical Preservation Company 501 (c) 3 Non Profit Formed and Board of Directors installed 2. WEP program participant through Mahoning County Job and Family services 3. Hands On Volunteer Network of the Valley Partnership Formed to recruit volunteers 4. GOOD360 Partnership formed with Home Depot resulting in excess of 5K in remodeling donations per mo. 5. ISHPC enrolled in Justgive.org to facilitate and track donations 6. ISHPC forms partnership with Techsoup.org to gain much needed software and technical products 7. Community Homes Owner Coalition (CHOC) formed 8. Received and successfully implemented YNDC Peoples Garden Grant, 2013 9. ISHPC involves Company Homes community’s children in planting 800 morning glories 10. ISHPC President is winner of Hands On Network of the Valleys’ Volunteer of the Year Award, Dec. 2012 11. Future Company Homes Museum site selected 12. ISHPC attends Power of the Arts Conference 13. Invited to speak at the Youngstown Historical Center of Industry & Labors’ Sheet and Tube worker reunion 14. ISHPC invited on the Morning Show with Jim Loboy 15. ISHPC selected site for participation in Natalya Pinchuks’ “Dreaming Youngstown” Session 16. ISHPC hosted YSU, Dr. Donna DeBlasio’s Dr. Leary and Applied History Students for annual tour 17. AmeriCorps selected ISHPC as a work site, summer of 2013 18. Remodeling of Main Office area Completed 19. 4 Historical Units brought out of Blight and into Tenancy. 20. New roof is near completion on the Former Company Home Garages on Jackson St. 21. Home Depot Fencing installed in front of Rental Units on Delmar Ave. 22. Home Depot donated doors, windows, flooring, kitchen and bathroom cabinets and lighting installed in units 23. MURAL by native Artist, Katelyn Gould completed at the end wall of the Delmar Row. 24. Construction Started on the lower level of the “Life in the Company Homes” Museum 25. 32 Andrews donated to ISHPC *ISHPC operating costs covered by blight to tenancy program success

Target demographics: Completely restore the Historical integrity and create a viable Historical District that creates jobs and brings economic prosperity to our region via tourism and stimulating small business.

Direct beneficiaries per year: bring three historical units out of blight and into tenancy

Geographic areas served: a blighted Endangered National Historic Site

Programs: Blight to Tenancy - To bring abandoned blighted units out of disrepair and into tenancy thus keeping with the original purpose of our historical site. Uniform Facade - To return the outside facing of the units to their original uniform designation which was a major factor in them being entered into the Historical Register. Life in the Company Homes Mural - Artist Katelyn Gould will paint a 30' tall mural on the end of one of the rows this year that will feature the life and times of Company Homes residents from the complex opening in 1918 to current day.

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Community Stories

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General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

This group is so hard working and passionate about their cause and the community their cause serves. They are completely emmersed in their organization and give every project they set out to complete copious amounts of both physical and mental energy as well as much of their own hard earned money. They believe in their cause so much that they will inspire you to not only help out but to pursue your own dreams. Their positivity is absolutely contagious! Stop by and see for yourself! You'll also be offered a plethora of information about the history of the community as well as their plans for the future. I sincerely wish them the best! I can't wait to see all the wonderful things they accomplish!

2 David253


Rating: 5

I am not a born and raised Campbell citizen. I moved into Campbell in 2003 and had a full time second shift job with an International Truck Dealership. Was a community minded person having served 11 years as a volunteer firefighter/ EMS IVT in Maryland. I know what it means to give of oneself for the betterment of the community. It is not a job but a life's passion to want to volunteer.
I met Tim and Kathol by chance while being a member of the Campbell Pride Project, a group of volunteers wanting to better the community. We did work for those in the community and started a community garden where people could reap the harvest if they so needed it. No kudos are needed when you see the smiles generated by giving. In 2012 we formed a group whose soul mission was to collect clothing and necessities for the hurricane Sandy victims and delivered it to them in New York city and locations in New Jersey. Why the lead in to IHSPC you ask. There is a group of volunteers that have dedicated their lives to restoring the things that have been lost or set aside for years. Part of the town history that in the days of American steel production were what made the town great. Now, today there is a group who want to see the past restored and bring back the pride the town once had.
I know for a fact that they spend their own monies trying to do this. They apply for grants but are not always successful. This sets them back but has never swayed them from their mission. Restoring the company homes that were built to house the workers. It is amazing what has been done and is still in process. It will be many years until the volunteers dreams are realized, but saving history is worth the battle. I hope to give them help during the winter months. Volunteering is in my blood and needless to say in my heart. No matter where I am the spirit is in me to help.
I have been gone for the summer and heard there is a mural that has been painted symbolizing the town as it was years ago. I can't wait to get home to see it. My hat is off to Tim and Kathol and all of the volunteers that are making such strides to and for the town. Donations are needed to complete their mission and I hope they can meet their goals and complete their undertaking.
David Bettinger Campbell, Ohio

2 Eveie H.

Client Served

Rating: 5

I remember the first time I met Tim. I had just moved back here to Ohio and was staying with family. It was overcrowded and Tim said they had an apartment available. I seen all the work that was needed for this beautiful historic area and I said "OK lets do it. I loved living there in 2009 due to there was always something to do. Whether it was cutting grass, cleaning up the area, I just knew it was going to make an impact. I am so proud to say that 5 years later I went recently to visit Iron Soup. I just couldn't get over all the improvements!!! A wonderful non-profit charity that I will never forget!! I donate now to just help out and also to spread the word. These are awesome people doing a wonderful thing for the community. I can't wait to see what they all do next. Please donate either time or especially money to this wonderful non-profit. Not only are you helping them with their efforts, you are helping a neighborhood get it's pride back. God Bless You all!!!



Rating: 5

My first experience with the Company Homes was about 5 years ago. There was always something to be done, and whatever it was the leader made sure it got done. Everyone took on roles to do their part; as a teenager it helped me learn responsibility, commitment, and has helped me in the job field today as an adult with am experience. I spent a lot of time helping out, and typically loved every moment of it. Keep up the great work!

3 Leah I.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 4

I became familiar with Iron Soup as a student at Youngstown State University. I admire this group's unshakeable commitment to their cause, and their use of innovative methods to raise awareness of a variety of issues in the community.

3 Nick43

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

As a former Member of Council in our City, I was not only a part of revitalization efforts in our City in the Company Home area, but I have over 30 years in restoration of abandoned and contaminated industrial and private properties and "Brownfield" sites throughout the State and Nationally. Despite what some think about this and other sites that have been vacated, or even left for nothing by owners who would rather walk away when the tenants left and left the mess for the City and residents to deal with the blight created, this Non-Profit Group did the opposite: they cared; they got creative; they get dirty; they struggle still with those who don't care; yet still they have stayed focused. They have have sponsored community events for all residents, they have used simple technology and turned otherwise waste into unique energy opportunities. The CEO is a truly visionary individual who not only brings the energy to this group tirelessly, but he initiated the efforts that led other outstanding individuals to become part of this Organization. Many are proud and appreciative of their efforts, especially those of us who know what they are doing, and live in this area.

3 Keri L.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I have lived in the company homes since the day I was born. Most of my family (myself included) still live in them now. I've watched over the years the amazing things that ISHP has done and what they continue to do. The members of Iron Soup Historical Preservation Company are the nicest most brilliant, kind hearted people that I have ever had the pleasure of saying I know. The things they are capable of are breathtaking and miraculous. If everyone could be more like them, the city of Campbell could be a much greater place to call home.



Rating: 5

As I look back to when I first moved to the company homes there were grass growing super high that you couldn't even see the streets, the buildings had vines growing all over them the vegetation was taking over the homes people were trying to burn them down at one point till Tim and Linda came around. they have done so much cleaning up to make these homes look good. They cleaned up the vegetation that was growing over into the streets, they have fixed up 4 apartments and made them livable with very little money everything they used was donated by many people and companies. Its been a daunting task cleaning up the vegetation they have a few lawn mowers that tend to break down every time they cut the grass but it gets done. there has been many changes in these homes but a lot more needs to be done to make these homes the way they were back in the day but better. Its been amazing watching the changes happen. I wish them the best of luck may God bless you guys in everything you do. Keep up the good work

3 Chuck S.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

It's been a pleasure seeing the neighborhood comming up and comming back to life , great job iron soup it's been a pleasure working with you and helping out with the museum and cleaning up the neighborhood , I am an owner in the neighborhood and seeing my home comming up and the hard work that iron soup puts in everyday , I look forward to working with iron soup for many more years

3 Rick39


Rating: 4

This is a great non profit organization directed at cleaning up the Historical Sheet and Tube homes in Campbell. Their efforts on restoring these old apartments and making the neighborhood a better place to live is outstanding. We need more people like Tim and Linda to help bring our city to a better level. Please check us out on Facebook. Any type of donation will be greatly apprecited.

2 Tim_48

Board Member

Rating: 5

I am honored to be the President of ISHPC. We are an organization of unpaid volunteers struggling to save a monumental piece of American History. From our Board of Directors to our Volunteers we all go above and beyond the call in regards to time and effort put into this project.

Over the next few months we are slated to leap forward opening new avenues for funding, creating new events and partnerships and bringing even more historical units out of blight and into tenancy. This is how we continue to move forward and realize our goals.

From our Blight to Tenancy project to our "Life in the Company Homes" Benefit Event we are always moving forward, innovating and finding new ways to get the world out.