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Humane Society Of The Pikes Peak Region

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Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals

Mission: Founded in 1949, humane society of the pikes peak regions (hsppr) mission is a compassionate society where animals are cared for and valued. Hsppr, the largest animal welfare group in southern colorado, is a local, independent nonprofit that relies on donations from individuals and foundations to fund its many humane programs. It is governed by a volunteer board of directors. Serving nearly 24,000 animals in 2014, hsppr provides adoption options, animal cruelty investigations, subsidized spays/neuters, a trap-neuter-return program for feral cats, and other important services. In the early 1950s, julie penrose donated 10 acres of land on 8th street in colorado springs. In the year 2000, hsppr moved into a new 43,000-square-foot building designed to meet the needs of the growing community. In 2002, hsppr began providing services in pueblo. In 2007, hsppr moved into a new shelter facility built by the city and county of pueblo.

Programs: Animal shelter: provides shelter, care and adoption of stray and unwanted animals in southern colorado. In 2014, at its two shelters and animal law enforcement department, hsppr received 23,561 unwanted and stray pets, adopted 9,822 animals to loving homes, reunited 5,389 lost pets with their families, provided foster care for 1,110 animals to ready them for adoption, veterinarians provided medical emergency care for 550 animals, spayed and neutered 10,596 animals including feral cats and pets of low income owners. Veterinary staff provided vaccinations and medical care for sheltered animals. The customer service staff provides matchmaking support to families interested in adopting homeless pets, reunites lost pets to their owners and provides behavior advice to keep animals in their homes.

animal law enforcement officers investigate cruelty complaints, issue summonses, respond to aggressive dog reports, check on injured animals, investigate noisy pet complaints, educate the public on animal laws and ordinances, pick up stray animals, appear in court on animal-related cases, and execute search and arrest warrants. They also attend neighborhood watch meetings, give presentations to the community, and train new officers. They provide search and rescue response during disasters. In 2014, animal law enforcement received 49,005 calls for service and investigated 9,052 cruelty cases.

community outreach: when we show children how to be responsible and compassionate, they grow into caring adults who are committed to their pets. Our humane education programs encourage compassion and respect for people, animals, and the environment. Hsppr offers field trips and shelter tours, classroom presentations, birthday parties, seasonal children camps, and additional educational support, such as kind news magazine subscriptions for qualifying schools. Community outreach did 533 presentations and reached 20,109 people. To help increase adoptions, hsppr works with community media partners to feature available animals. More than 1,100 animals were featured in 2014. Trap-neuter-return (tnr) is a humane way to involve the community in managing the feral cat overpopulation and reduce cat euthanasia rates. Sanctioned colony managers (407) in colorado springs and pueblo trap free-roaming community cats, bring them to the shelters for sterilization and vaccination, and return the cats to their colonies. Each cat is ear tipped while under anesthesia to permanently identify them as sterilized. We sterilized 2,653 cats. Spayed and neutered cats make better neighbors and help reduce the cat overpopulation problem in our community.

Community Stories

6 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


Rating: 2

This Humane Society is all about the money. I volunteered here for a short time but could no longer spend time under their greedy policies. Volunteers got nothing in return (discount on tag fees, HSPPR items and apparel with logos?) for their time and effort and told there is no extra money for this. When I reviewed their most recent Form 990 (public information), it was disheartening to see that they bring in over $16 million and actually had a surplus of over $50 million. Where does that money go? Even worse when you see that Jan (CEO) receives an ungodly salary for a non-profit of over $180,000 plus they pay her country club dues. She is never there (I asked) and I'm sure is skating by like in CA. So very disappointed in all of this as I did enjoy helping dogs find new homes but this place needs a major overhaul from the top down.


Client Served

Rating: 1

This Humane Society cares much more about its business than it does about animals. They don't cooperate with other rescues and their live release rate is deplorable. They always seem to have money to spend on the building but not on the animals.


Client Served

Rating: 1

If I could give this sorry excuse for a shelter a big fat 0, I would. I would like to inform everyone on google that this humane society is running a big fat scam that is costing pet parents an arm and a leg. A few months ago my cat went missing. I was desperate to find her. I placed several ads through them, made several phone calls and sent several emails to them. Not a single phone call, or email was returned. After several days of trying to hunt my kitty down my mother looked on their web page just to find my cat. They had her and claimed I had abandoned her. She was wearing a harness and a tag. When I went to retrieve my cat they charged me $175 to bail her out. I asked where they had picked her up from and they then gave me MY address. I asked why they hadn't called me and they then claimed it wasn't their reponsibillity. When I got my cat home I had noticed that she wasn't acting like herself. I figured she was in shock from the craziness. This continued for several days. My cat had caught a viral upper respitory infection that in more cases than not is caused by keeping sick and healthy animals together. They are running a scam and blindsiding responsible pet owners with fees that are outrageous. I am a full shelter supported but this one WILL NEVER recieve my support, nor should it recieve yours.


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

I have adopted several dogs from this humane society over the past 14 years. Last year I adopted a 9-week old puppy that had been abandoned in downtown Colorado Springs. I suspect that the puppy was dumped because she had a cherry eye. In addition to the normal spay and giving shots process, the HSPPR actually surgically fixed her cherry eye at no additional cost to me. This was above and beyond the call of duty!

I have also volunteered with the TNR program for cats. The people working with this program are amazing; and the TNR program is so very critical in controlling the feral cat population.

For the past year and a half, I have been researching dog rescues. I am a strong believer in the no kill philosophy. In order to become a total no kill facility, many things have to happen. I know that HSPPR is working hard toward this goal. They are increasing the fostering program, they are creating many new & creative ways to advertise the animals needing adoption, they are making relationships with the pet stores in town to provide more opportunities for the public to see animals needing homes; they are making relationships with other rescues in town to cooperate between rescues as numbers of animals dictate, and they have a reasonable adoption process. They WANT to adopt out their animals. They believe what you write on an application and/or contract. They do not come inspect your home, and when you adopt a pet from them, you actually own your pet. These things are important because there are many rescues--especially puppy mill and specific breed rescues--that make adopting a dog more difficult that adopting a child and, even, more absurd, their adoption contracts include a clause saying they may reclaim your dog at ANY TIME IN THE FUTURE. Thus, you are actually only renting your dog.

If you are considering donating either your time or your money to a rescue, please place the HSPPR at the top of your list. Also, please check my website and read the ten items that you should check into before donating financially to any group.

http://slicktipsaboutdogrescues.com (Slick Tips About Dog Rescues)


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

Apparently the truth doesn't matter about HSPPR. Only friends & relatives of employees of HSPPR write these reviews. The truth is that HSPPR is in the "business" of filing bogus animal cruelty charges against innocent people in an attempt to financially destory them with smear campaignsand then the courts don't even know where the money or the animals end up. HSPPR is about to be sued by a couple that was found innocent by a jury. HSPPR can only whitewash so many people, and then the truth starts coming out. Jan McHugh-Smith, the CEO at HSPPR, was run out of the San Francisco SPCA by her own employees and staff because of her greedy deeds.

Review from CharityNavigator



Rating: 4

The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region is an amazing organization of people dedicated to the animals of Colorado Springs. The care they provide and the work they do is a vital part of the community. They provide Sterilization services at low cost and a Trap-Neuter-Release program that serves the feral cats who live in the community. They provide education to students of all ages including a wonderful kids camp in the summer. They are constantly trying to improve the care to the animals and have added a surgery center that sterilizes pets before they go out into the community and can help injured animals and provide surgeries that are necessary for the animals that are in their care. They are innovative and have utilized the ASPCA in gaining and improving their adoption rate with cats. The dogs who come to the shelter are in good hands with a TLC program that teaches the dogs socialization skills that are necessary to have happy endings. I enjoy volunteering in this environment where teamwork among volunteers and staff thrives.