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East Mississippi Animal Rescue Inc

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  • EIN 64-0729604
  • (601) 553-3060
  • 2440 N Hills St Ste 105 # 107 Meridian MS 39305 USA

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals

Mission: Care and fostering of animals as well as adopting them out to families

Programs: Care and fostering of animals as well as adopting them to families

Community Stories

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1 Tammy W.1

Client Served

Rating: 1

I've talked to over thirty people now who had very bad encounters with this Paula. Thirty people in three days time. I've been told she is very rude and ridiculous in how she treats people. I've talked to Lauderdale pound employees, past and present, who cannot stand this "money making scheme that she calls a "rescue". I've also spoken with seven different rescues in MS who have had trouble with this woman. I took it upon myself to speak with several volunteers from EMAR, past and present. She takes care of Paula first and foremost. Nice vacations luxiourious house. I started this investigation after she was an absolutely witch towards me, for no good reason. You don't have to take my word for it. Ask around or ask her how many animals she actually adopts out and how many she turns over to other rescues (which pay her a percentage for them). Ask how many she has euthanized. Google her and her rescue. If you see a stray in need and ask her to do something about it/ take it in, she will ask you for money for her to take it or she won't take it. Truth! She's not much better than a puppy mill. We need to make her step down off her high horse so that the rescues who are actually doing good for animals can thrive without her interference. She hassles them and harasses them. Ask around. The first I asked told me that. Then the 2nd all the way to the 7th. That's all I did. I cannot believe the abuse by her towards good hardworking people who are making a difference with our animals. Ask on your social media what others have experienced. I hope other in Meridian will help shut her out / shut her down!!!! Come forward and post your experiences here. Make the public aware of this horrible lady.
Examples FYI: Even the ones she allowed to adopt had issues with her. One person who adopted from her got a dog with no fenced yard or house training or vet references. Said P never followed up. Said the dog was terrible. Dug up trenches in her yard and chewed everything. She ended up working on the pup and they are the best of friends now. She feels 100% certain that P was just wanting to dump that dog bc of its problematic ways. Tried to adopt again and was told no bc she works three days a week. Three days out of seven. Would any of you think a person can't have a dog or cat bc you have a job? She said, and I quote, " P bases her judgement on you based on her own personal opinions, not facts". She told another single Mom no bc it's just her and her teenage daughter. How many wonderful and strong financially secure single Mom's do you know?!? A woman and her teenage daughter can most definitely have a dog!!! That's ludicrous. Another bc they originally applied for a cat but with looking for the right cat, they found a dog they wanted. She told them no bc they weren't dog people. How can she decide this?! And what's it her business as long as they are responsible pet owners. Another she told no bc they had no vet reference but see the thing is they had never had a pet before so how the heck could they of had a vet reference?!? They are a young newly married couple who were just starting out. They had a house with a fully fenced in backyard. They explained all this to her and still she was ugly to them and rejected them. I could list more but you get it. All of these people adopted from other rescues and are very happy pet owners. Many of them have sent me photos of their happy family pets. Research and post your reviews. There are many other wonderful rescues nearby. I'd be happy to recommend. FYI I applied for five other rescues over the weekend with the exact same info that P rejected me for. I was approved for ALL FIVE. Just gotta find the right pooch now. My mission is purely to bring awareness for a bad business ran by a bad woman.Beware!!!! More to come.

Client Served

Rating: 5

I love what you all do to help these babies that cant help themselves, Its always been a dream to own my own business to shelter unwanted pets and adopt them out but just don't have the money to get it started. Now since im back living my mom and she don't like dogs in the house, I have a dog mixed that recently got pregnant and I don't know what to do....I have no cage or dog house for her..but truth is I have no money to raise puppies or feed them and her. if theirs anyone out there can take her in the Philadelphia Meridian Union Newton area or nearby PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!! I don't know what else to do. or if anyone in these areas have a fence kennel cage and dog house they want to donate maybe I can keep her. If so contact Ms Williams @ 6013837318 greatly appreciate hearing from someone that loves dogs and their well being just as I do.



Rating: 5

I've always been an animal lover, but it wasn't until I became a volunteer with Lauderdale County Humane Society that I truly understood the importance of spay/neuter. It was also the first time I personally faced what happens when people abuse, neglect and abandon their animals. It was a hard education, but one I am so glad I learned. This organization does a great job of rescuing, fostering, vetting and re-homing animals, and equally important, they do a great job of educating the community about what it means to be a responsible pet owner. They have given me a great education; they have given me an incredible opportunity to volunteer; and they have given me the chance to adopt some very precious, special four-legged children. I have moved away from the area, but I will never lose touch with the folks who make what is now known as East Mississippi Animal Rescue the awesome organization it is. I am blessed to call them friends.

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