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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Centers to Support the Independence of Specific Populations

Mission: Mission is to help motivate, and offer assistance programs to disabled veterans in order to assist the service related disabled veteran in regaining their position back into society. In addition to linking disabled veterans seeking employment with potential employers.

Programs: Facilitated the donation and delivery of hygiene supplies, food and clothing to operation gratitude for distribution to veterans, military members and their families through care packages.

support and help service related disabled veterans. Promoted and provided to the public through its web site a booklet designed to help veterans deal with post-traumatic stress disorder. Linking disabled veterans seeking employment with potential employers.

Community Stories

17 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters



Rating: 1

My spouse received a call from Disabled Veterans Services asking if he would donate to the cause. Having a disabled veteran son-in-law, naturally, he said, of course. Being aware that some charities are not what they make out to be, he suggested that the caller send him information about he "Services" and when we received it, we looked up the information online.

We googled "Disabled Veterans Services" and being very careful to get the right organization, as there are several non-profits that use similar words for their organization, and it was very interesting what we found out! Do NOT DONATE TO THIS ORGANIZATION. Look up www.charitynavigator.org as well as www.backhomenews21.com/article/questionable-charities. When you google "Disabled Veterans Services" open the results that start with "Scoundrels, Thieves and Rip-off Artists". It is a news report from Back home News 21 that shows thorough investigation into this particular organization.

While every disabled veteran deserves your full support and donations, please research and find the organizations that do work and are legitimate. I had to give a rating, so I entered the lowest possible rating, but in reality, I give a MINUS 5 STARS to this organization.



Rating: 1

I just received a call from this organization from a southern gentleman named, "Brian." I told him that I would be more than willing to support disabled veterans, but I wanted to look up their information online first as I was already scammed by the Firefighter's Charitable Foundation. Now, in comparison, at least some of the funds donated to the Firefighter's Charitable Foundation actually do go to help victims of fires and there is a working number, but much of their donated funds are used for more fundraising and to line the pockets of the past and possibly present leaders of the organization. I found this in information at America's Worst Charities: Firefighters Charitable Foundation-www.tampabay.com

However, the Disabled Veteran's Services Inc, does not appear to be legit at all. When I told "Brian" that I was doing a quick Google search on the "organization" that he said that he was calling from, he seemed to get flustered and started repeating his prepared monologue. BEWARE this is a charity for donations to Disabled Vets that is NOT LEGIT THAT HAS A VERY SIMILAR NAME TO ONE THAT IS! DO NOT BE SCAMMED! I am happy that I decided to do the research while he was on the phone, but I am wondering how much communication these companies have with one another as mere moments after hanging up from "Brian" at Disabled Veterans Services, I received a call saying that my husband is being given $9,000 from a government grant. When I asked, the lady to verify where she was calling from, she assumed that I was my husband whose name is, "Steve", so that's not even a non-specific gender name! When I said that I was not going to send any money in order to receive money, our phone connection "mysteriously" got disconnected!

I feel that it is best to follow the mantra that my mother raised me on which is, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." I am also no longer going to accept ANY phone calls for donations unless it is a local organization with which I am already a member and can see an obvious benefit to our community through my charitable donations.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

I just received a cold call from this "organization" and while the caller was very polite and professional sounding, I know that there are MANY vary shady and/or downright dishonest "Veterans" charities in which most of the $$$ is paid out to the fundraisers, or in the much publicized case of the Wounded Warrior Project, lavish salaries to the top management officials. I appreciate everyone submitting their reviews so that I could verify my suspicions of this being just another scamming organizations. My suggestion is that if you really want to help Veterans, volunteer at your local VA facilities or VFW. I'm sure either of those can use the help and point the direction to the best true Veteran's charity organizations.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

Phone Number 702-786-0622 just called our upstate PA, unlisted phone number, and knew us by name. Identified their organization as a Disabled Vets Organization. Scam.

29 Jennifer307


Rating: 1

Do NOT donate to this organization. It is a FAKE. You cannot get a hold of them. Their contact # from their web page goes to a messaging service, which then goes to another messaging service (RHQ they said, but could not find them anywhere online).
There is NO tax id information for them anywhere and when you donate, you do not receive a statement which is required from non-profits.

29 Karl3

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

I received a call a few minutes ago from an organization calling themselves Disabled Veterans Services. Never heard of them and I am fairly active with both retired and active military. Being a disabled vet this peaked my interest. I questioned the gentleman what the ratios were and gladly went forth and claimed what they do for the vets. I asked him what parent company he worked for and he would not answer the question. He stated they have a 85/15 ratio, i.e. 85% going to veterans services. With this, I immediately assumed this was another scam. probably by Dytel.
I told him he was full of bull---- , he made me sick to my stomach and that he should be ashamed of himself for what he is doing. This is pure and simple scamming people using the need that our veterans have. These SOBs should get castrated.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

Based on their reported earnings and expenditures, in 2011 this organization spent 61% of its revenue on "professional fundraising services" alone, for a total of $3,717,894. That's not a great ratio. Does not constitute proof of fraud, but your money could be better spent.

The source is below:



General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

"Disabled Veterans Services, Inc."

Envelope address is a UPS Store, Google this zip code "53211-2042"

According to one report, 35% of funds collected goes to vets, half goes to fund raising (telemarketing scam?)

HQ is in Pompano Beach, FL. Found more than four other addresses for this organization. Something is very fishy about this. You can find many better vets organizations.

See http://www.military-money-matters.com/questions-about-veterans-charities.html

And especially


29 Marilyn21

General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

Received a phone solicitation from this group, the woman claimed that she was Laura Lipinsky( sure it is Laura) and that she had talked with my mother earlier. She also claimed that my mother had pledged $15.00 and Laura wondered where it was. I told Laura, as my mother's Power of Attorney, we will not be giving to her group. She insisted that Joan gave many times in the last year which was total "trash". You see my Mom has Alzheimer's Disease, & I now handle all my elderly Mom's finances. I asked "Laura" to put us on her "do not call list" and that seemed to be a problem for her. She was very pushy about my reason to request this and it really started to irritate me. Because my Mom has Alzheimer's Disease and was given money to every group out there, it has been an up hill battle getting these "charities" to stop pestering us via the phone calls & the mail.
Finally in totally exasperating, I went outside & at the "top of my lungs"screamed at her in colorful language and hung up. All I can say is that felt good, even though I know they will still be pestering us!


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

Like others in the reviews, I had not made a contribution to this organization. Although the phone call was friendly, I still had my reservations. When I received the bill, I felt unease, especially since they spelled our name wrong, so I started an investigation. I was able to find the finicial report of 2010 on New Jersey records. The contributions were 49.6 % to fund raising, 47.5% to services, and 2.8% to management and general expenses. We did not like the percentages and will not be contributing to the organization. We sent the bill and decal back with a letter of explanation and request to be removed from any further contacts.