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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Adult Education, Christianity, Disaster Aid, Education, Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness & Relief, Religion, Search & Rescue Squads

Mission: We train everyday men and women as chaplains to respond any where there may be a disaster to help those who have lost everything or are in need. We have chaplains Deloyed during and after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. To date our chaplains have worked with thousands of people hurting or in need of help. Our mission is to have trained chaplains who will respond to disasters nationwide and worldwide.

Target demographics: Those in need within our communities Nationwide

Direct beneficiaries per year: Military families, needy families within our communities, prison inmates and their families, nursing homes, hospice care, police departments, fire departments, the military, family in need of faith based counseling, hospitals, federal agencies, perform weddings and funerals for the poor, help the poor get medication they cannot afford, helped children with school supplies, helped with member's funeral cost, helped families with utilities and groceries, helped troops with auto repairs,

Geographic areas served: Nationwide

Programs: Vision: A nation in which all chaplains and those whom they serve freely exercise their God- given rights and constitutionally-protected religious liberties without fear of reprisal. Purpose: To ensure that chaplains can defend and provide for the freedom of religion and conscience that the Constitution guarantees all chaplains and those whom they serve. Statement of Faith: Chaplain Fellowship Ministries members believe in, profess and adhere to the following Christian truths: (1) I believe the Bible is the inherent, infallible Word of God in the original languages and the absolute standard for moral conduct; (2) I believe in the Trinity; ("The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit") (3) I believe in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. (4) I believe I am saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. (5) I understand that Chaplain Fellowship Ministries is a Christ centered, Christ rooted ministry of presence. Objectives: (1) To empower Chaplains with the legal documentation r

Community Stories

25 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

18 Chaplain David Cody F.


Rating: 5

Chaplain David Cody Franz: I am a 100% Disabled Veteran with a passion to serve Christ. I have always been led to the Ministry of Helps and a Ministry of Presence. When I tried to go and use the Vocational Rehabilitation services of the VA in San Antonio, They laughed at me and told me that being in Ministry was not a viable or substantial "job" and could not help me to get a degree in Ministry! I knew that my age was against me and that having a family with 5 children, a ranch etc., college was not going to be a viable solution because of the financial burden & stress it would caused. The VA Voc-Rehab Program would have supported financially while attending college. So, we were going to live on God's Sufficiency and Provision! I was not disheartened and continued to pray and allow God to guide me where I needed to be to serve Him! After much prayer and study of God's word, it was very clear that God equips the "called" and not call the equipped! None of the Apostles and most of the 1st church disciples had any "formal education" and served the Lord just fine without a degree! Yes, a degree can help, but it is not needed to serve the Lord, praise God! The sad thing today is that we place so much emphasis on a college degree as "credentialing" and most are in a drawer somewhere. I know of several "pastors" or ministers that are not serving correctly (without using worldly judging but righteous) as seen by their fruit. The piece of parchment is not worth anything, especially to God, if one does not live the life that they propose to be living and preaching/teaching! God uses us in various ways and Chaplain Fellowship Ministries, Inc. was formed through the obedience of Chaplain Gibson to listen to God and the Holy Spirit and provide a sincere, official, God breathed and led organization to provide credentialing and screening of those that have a sincere heart to serve the Lord as a Chaplain! Because of the excellent, Doctorate written courses in Public Safety Chaplaincy, Disaster Relief Chaplaincy and the other course work offered by CFMI, CFMI has allowed me the recognition and credentialing needed to serve my Lord as the Chaplain for the Medina County Sheriff's Office and to begin creating a Cowboy Chaplaincy Program for CFMI and the BGCT! The interview is crucial to becoming an ordained Minister and Chaplain. Life experiences are investigated and references are checked to ensure that your walk is what you say it is and your focus is what you say you want it to be. Your heart must be right! If God calling you, than CFMI is where you need to be. This fellowship is member support (as it should be) and offers more than one would think. CFMI offers continuous prayer and support and accessibility 24/7 through our network of Chaplains and the staff is very highly dedicated and professional to guide you through any problems that arise. The training received is as well professionally written and self-paced to allow you the flexibility to accomplish what your goals are. If you are God led and ready to do HIs work, and need credentialing for the ministry that God has set before you, and you are ready to continue to educate yourself; if you want respect of being credentialed through a professional process and Fellowship, than CFMI is your home. CFMI is not a paper mill and our Fellowship can substantiate it's record of professionalism and Ministry through Federal and local agency recognition, not that that is needed to do God's work!

Comments ( 1 )

cfmi82349 Chaplain Franz, thank you so much for your kind words of support of the ministry. Bless you and your family!



Rating: 5

I have been a chaplain for 7 years and I have been a member of CFMI all of those years ,they have helped me get the credentials that I have and they have helped me in my ministry by supporting me and the classes they have at the conferences that w have every year and on line courses that I was able to take through CFMI. So I want to thank everybody at CFMI for there help and support and thank God for touching Chaplain Don , Tina Gibson to get this great non-profit group started. I RECOMMEND THIS GROUP to everybody that is called to be a Chaplain to get ahold of this group. God Bless Chaplain Dale Stearns.

Previous Stories


Rating: 5

Being called by God to be a Chaplain is truly a gift from God. So if that deep yearning that is in the pit of your belly is encouraging you to seek more information about becoming a Chaplain. Check out Chaplain Fellowship Ministries International; there is a great need for Chaplains in businesses, school's, nursing homes, hospice, public safety, disaster, crises, hospital, military, police, fire, youth, and prisons. The CFMI leaders are there for you as well as the members of CFMI...they have been in your shoes. My wife and I have been called to be Chaplains, we have been surely blessed and we have a monthly meeting. We meet the third Saturday of the month at High Mesa Cowboy Church, 1100 High Mesa Drive, at 5:30 pm in Brownwood, TX, so... if you are in the area please drop by and visit us.Thank you CFMI. Chaplain Dale and Chaplain Sandy Stearns



Rating: 5

I am working toward my 2nd full year as a Chaplain with CFMI and I can not say enough good about the staff and the whole organization! I am a volunteer Chaplain with a major hospital in our community. I love it, and both the organization thru the love of Jesus Christ have brighten my life.


Client Served

Rating: 4


Has given me an oppertunity to serve others with the
Licence of ordanation. May the Lord be served, in the
Upmost. To be directly involved with ministry.

Review from Guidestar


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

I can not speak highly enough of CFMI. Unfortunately we do live in a paper conscious society, one in which credentials and education are critically important; this includes the ministry. CFMI provides a critically important route for people, professionally trained or not, to map out and achieve their professional and ministerial goals (their calling). They allow people to submit to an important educational process, in a number of ministerial disciplines, and then work at their own pace to achieve their objectives in moving forward with their God given vocations. I am a retired Hospital administrator with a master's level education. When I retired, I began an entirely new career as a Chaplain and after much time and effort selected CFMI to be the credentialing agency and covering for my ministerial pursuits. CFMI is professional; welcoming; understanding; empathetic; honest; and prayerful; and I believe they are a Holy Spirit led organization. It would not be possible to recommend CFMI to any higher degree and they have my full support and appreciation.



Rating: 5

This organization has really helped me to succeed in my ministry. I have been a member for over 3 years now and have many doors open to me. It's all real here. If ministry is in your heart the tools are here for you to help you succeed in whatever ministry you have been called to. I am proud to be a member of this organization. The sky is the limit. As mentioned by another reviewer, this is no mill. This organization is filled with those who who strive to be like like Christ. I have nothing but good things to say. God bless this ministy.

4 DrSteve G.

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

I just passed the Public Safety Chaplain course and it was a very thorough course!

The staff were quick to respond to Emails and were very encouraging. I highly recommend them for anyone seeking chaplain and ministry education.

4 Addie3


Rating: 5

I am an ordained minister and chaplain since 2012 and have been blessed through Chaplain Fellowship Ministries. I am also a widow and a mother of 2. I am currently work as a volunteer of a nursing home in which I have been blessed with 7 grandparents that I visit and call them part of my family. I am working toward my Nursing Home Chaplain certification with Chaplain Fellowship certification program. God is so good to me and I pray that you all my strength in the Lord that my continue to doing the Will of God and following Jesus' example of loving my neighbor.

7 janetrobert

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

Chaplin Fellowship Ministry helped my husband get his truck fixed so he could come home and go to work. We had just been sent to Fort Hood and did not know very many people and did not know what we were going to do. Me being 6 months pregnant was not helping us at the time because I had doctor appointments and two little kids to tote around every where. My husband came home from work and told me he had meet another soldier who told him that there was a ministry in Temple that helps troops and their families some times. So we got their phone number and called them, they were very nice so we got a friend to drive us to Temple to meet them. They were happy to help us get our truck fixed and enjoyed having my girls visiting with them. This ministry was a life savers for us. My husband was getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan and had been worrying himself sick about how me and the kids were going to get to the store and the doctor or what would happen if i had to get one of the girls to a doctor with the truck being broke down. I am in regular contact with my husband Robert and we now have a new baby boy. Robert is so excited and says he cannot wait to get home and meet and hold his new son. Thank you so much you will always be in our prayers.

17 Chaplain I.


Rating: 5

CFM is an inspiring organization that helps people get involved and equipped for ministry in all forms of disaster and crisis.

I've been involved as a certified chaplain with them since 2011.
I have found this to be a sincere-- no frills, no nonsense, no hype ministry.

This definitely is a ministry for those who are self motivation and who desire to see growth in their own personal life as well as in the lives of those they seek to aid.

CFM is not only respectful of God's laws but also the laws of the land.
They do background checks on their applicants and on their website they have good sound information and open disclosure regarding who qualifies under Non-profit tax laws and exemptions.
They work hand in hand with society on the whole and training their members to serve the least of these in all situations.

CFM trains you -- they don't control you.

For those serious about being a Jesus example in our world this is a great ministry to connect with.

Chaplain Beaudoin