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Arcadia Riptides Swim Club

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Sports, Swimming & Other Water Recreation

Mission: Our mission is to provide swimming lessons to the youths of all surrounding communities and help youths stay focus in school and other activities that will help them accomplish their goals.

Programs: To provide althletic and sporting events such as swimming lessons to the youth of the sorrounding communities.

Community Stories

5 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


Rating: 5

All of the reviews against the club were orchestrated by a group of disgruntled parents that are nothing but troublemakers and have a history of complaining for not getting their ways. It's obvious from their reviews that it's a personal attack on the club that has been serving the community for over 40 years. Take it with a grain of salt. Trust me, these individuals are immature and self-serving.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

This is NOT a properly run non profit organization. Board members are self serving, they do not care about the swimmers. You could walk into the pool any day and not knowing if your child will have the same good old coach that your child has built a connection with. There is No By-Law to guide the proper business and functioning of the team. It is run like a Kingdom or a Board member private club. The current board does not have the best interest of the swimmers in mind. In more than 5 years in the past, they have never disclosed any budget report nor financial statements to the general members, they have never held any open meeting for the members to attend, they have never held any proper board member nomination/election process, most members do not even know who the board members are. There is retaliation to members if one starts asking those questions around. They target retaliations to those members that are out spoken and tries to help the organization run more properly. Do not get your child nor your family involve in an organization like this if you don't want your life be full of nightmares.


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

ARSC is a small competitive team under SwimmingUSA. During past couple of years, two wonderful coaches (Brown and Alva) effectively trained many talented kids and pulled the team from average to outstanding level.

Unfortunately, the team board is full of political, selfish, greedy, rude and irresponsible individuals. They abused their managing power, fired good coach for some evil reasons and denied most of the legal rights of normal members. These people total ruined a team that had so much potentials.

Bottom line, stay away from this team because it will not provide your kid a healthy environment to grow.


Client Served

Rating: 1

Arcadia Riptides is organized as a parents run swim club but parents do not even have the voting right to its Board. The Board member recently fired the one coach whom many of us parents really like and who cares deeply about the kids. The parents were only informed after the fact without a legitamate explanation.

Some board members have tenors for as long as 10 years, way after their kids graduate from the club. After 5+ years with the club, I still don't know how the Board is elected. The Board to me seems a small circle of friends who pass on the board membership amongst themselves, sometimes even between husbands and wifes.

I really don't appreciate the politics the Board played and its unwillingness to make any improvements given the broad criticism from the parents. Instead of focusing on the swimmers, the Board seems to care more about their previliages in the club.

After the recent coach firing incidence and the subsequent unsuccessful parents Board communication, we have finally lost faith to our once beloved club. Same as many other long time ARSC families, we have decided to leave ARSC to join another local swim club.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

TAKE your kids else where. DO NOT join this swimming club!!! Your money will not go far for your children's swimming ability. Join others like San Marino Tsunamis, Max Aquatic or other neighboring team. I am writing this review in hope to effect change, and help other parents to know more about problems that happens to other(past) members.

This used to be a **great** swimming organization that started with the City of Arcadia with someone who is passionate about swimming whom still runs swimming programs in Arcadia Recreational Program. Later on, it changed to a non-profit organization which was 100% parent-run, volunteer, and it represent its members. All board members used to be elected by its members who pay monthly dues while their children participate in the swim club. This is true until the end of the year of 2005. Starting 2006 January, it seems to be questionable on how the club was been ran. Board members had regular meeting notes and update within the club until the end of year of 2005. 2012-2013 season, board members were all self appointing on who would participate as board members. No communication to all members in terms of helps that the team needs, qualification of any coach, firing a coach nor how decision has been made in regarding to the team. No communication to all members for 5 years prior to 2013 on what qualification it needs to be a board members. No member selection of any board members. Dues increase without good reason in 2013 nor communication when there was $56000 in reserve at the end of 2011 season (2011 Dec). Board members were hostile to its member when questions were raised on firing a perfect good coach. Board members screamed, threatening and non-responsive to its members. For members to request to view the bylaw, it was initially denied (which was in violation of both California and Federal non-profit organization law). Until pressures from so many parents, the board has finally agrees to let its members to view bylaw with extreme-high-security measure: there can be only one person at a time in the office to view the bylaw with board members over looking the process to ensure that I am not photograph the document. As a member, I can't have a copy of the bylaw. This is another violation of non-profit organization law within California. Board members showering their own kids with cash rewards which is illegal in non-profit organization in both Federal and California (For example, during Summer JO this July, current ARSC Board members' kids were awarded $50 and/or Speedo bag for making 2 or more JOs. Yet during Winter JO this February, no current ARSC Board members' kids made 2 or more JOs and no monetary award and/or bag were given.).

As a member of 2012-2013, many members have fought to seek changes. The board members are just so sneaky to refused to respond to its members concerns. When request to view their financial report, it was also denied initially. Parents start to search on their own on the web. Only after concern parents sent out emails on how to look for Arcadia Riptides Swimming Club's financial report, the board members would agree to share information with its member. What do they have to hide? This is also in violation of Federal IRS and California law. As 2013-2014 season about to start in September 3rd, I have no choice to take my family else where. I have to do what is best for my family to avoid all the crazy dramas of this organization. Current board members are there to seek for special benefits for their own kids. Try to ask for reading the bylaw, and see what the board member would say! I hope you would have a better luck on getting a hard copy!