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ANE Pediatric Stroke Foundation

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Nonprofit Overview

Mission: Provide support services to children and families affected by a pediatric stroke, while increasing community awareness regarding its prevalence through outreach initiatives, in an effort to ease transitional burdens and reduce long-term stroke effects.

Results: 10/2011 - 1st Bi-Annual ANE Pediatric Stroke Foundation Golf Benefit. 11/2011 - Provided Thanksgiving Dinner to the children and families in the Neurological Unit (RCU/TCU) at Cook Children's Medical Center. 12/2011 - Provided Christmas breakfast to the children and families in the Neurological Unit (RCU/TCU/EU) at Cook Children's Medical Center. 02/2012 - Purchased rehabilitation equipment for the Neurological Unit (RCU/TCU) at Cooks Children's Medical Center. 02/2012 - Raised awareness by setting up displays and distributing over 45 information packets at Panda Express in Fort Worth, Texas. 03/2012 - Raised awareness by setting up displays, child activity tables, and distributing over 50 information packets at Chick-Fil-A in Austin, Texas on "Family Night". 03/2012 - Sponsored Fast Bash held for Adam Smith (Pediatric Stroke Survivor) by providing information flyers, F.A.S.T. cards, and a financial contribution. 03/2012 - 1st Wine Tasting Fundraiser at Times Ten Cellars.

Target demographics: Children 0 - 18

Geographic areas served: Texas

Programs: Community Outreach (Pediatric Stroke Awareness) Bill Payment Assistance Transportation Assistance Meal Assistance Sibling Care Assistance Emotional / Educational Support

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In 2010, my 16 year old son suffered a cerebellar stroke on the football field during practice. He spent 28 days in Cook Childrens Hospital in Ft. Worth, Texas. When the stroke happened he was rushed to the local emergency room in Wichita Falls, Texas. The ER doctor on call called the neurologist and he said just admit my son and he would see him tomorrow. I was NOT happy about that and the ER doctor said I will call him back and he came in, but diagnosed a migraine and just wanted to admit my son for overnight observation. My son had every sign of a stroke and when I asked the nurses who were about to leave on a shift change what was the acronym for the signs of a stroke and they hmm hawed around finally saying they thought they had heard of something like that but they weren't sure. They took for ever to get my son a CT scan and then even longer to get an MRI. Then the neurologist and radiologist diagnosed the wrong type of stroke when they finally got around to getting my son an MRI. Which only happened because my husband yelled at the neurologist and told him three time over a long period of time he had NOT had an MRI...HE HAS NOT HAD AN MRI.... finally they took him for an MRI.My son lay in the hospital bed in the hallway while the Dr. and Radiologist tried to get us to decide if we wanted Adam to have the tPA drug that is deadly when given for a bleeding stroke. They felt my son had a bleeder and should not have the tPa. I finally asked the neurologist to consult with Cooks and sure enough Wichita Falls had diagnosed the wrong stroke. He did need the tPa drug and it has a time thresh hold and we were out of time. Had it not been for Cooks there is no doubt my son would be dead right now because the ER doctors and nurses and neurologist did not know the signs of stroke and did not treat my son appropriately and by the Grace of God he is alive today. ANE Pediatric Stroke Association is educating others about the acronym FAST and that time is so important. Many dr's and nurses do not know the signs of stroke in children. The first ER kept telling us that children do not have strokes very often, they are rare. This is inaccurate and ANE is educating others that strokes are more common in children than you think. They have been very emotionally supportive and my now 18 year old son raised money to donate to ANE and took 295 stuffed animals to the Cooks Childrens Chapel "prayer bear" basket. At his FAST BASH he was able to hand out 50 ANE CARDS that tell you what FAST stands for. F = face A = arms S= speech T = TIME B = BE A = Aware S= Strokes H= Happen in children. This is a worthy organization.