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Mark Goldes' Character


I wish to address some comments ( ad hominine attacks ) concerning Mark Goldes that have occurred on this website. I have known and done business with Mark for over 20 years. I made his acquaintance after I had lived over 5 decades and dealt with a fair number of people both in and out of the business world. Ya' meet all kinds in both worlds :) However, Mark stood out compared to others whom I met in the world of business.

I would describe Mark as a man with impeccable integrity. Of course, that does not mean we agree on everything, or, that we have not challenged each other concerning certain business decisions and subjects! Yet those exchanges do not cause us to discontinue working toward a common vision which vision will do nothing less than change the world for the better! Yes, a big claim that slowly inches toward fruition and success. Alas, this vision has taken longer than any of us involved planned, and, therefore, the cost has increased accordingly.

The increase in a need for money has not been met by tapping some huge slush fund. No, it has not been met one dollar at a time from individuals who somehow understand that they're involved in something bigger than themselves! It is very hard, slow, and, oftentimes discouraging path by which to raise funds. The amount of rejection that Mark encounters on any given day would destroy most men or women. I simply cannot convey to you readers the hard diamond of courage it takes Mark to get this vision completed! Most of us would have crumpled years ago. Not Mark!

To write that he has sacrificed his life for this endeavor is no exaggeration! I know personally some of the cost and it is severe. Of course, he has put all of his personal funds into the project so you should realize that his requests do not go into nonexistent bank accounts on or offshore :) A fortune hunter he is not.

In closing, I would ask the trolls who inhabit the internet: what is your vision; how do you plan to make the world a better place; do you have anything constructive to offer others; what is the raison d'etre? Get a real life; it is truly wonderful and you may accomplish something positive if you change you.

Jack Wheeler

1 Mark98

Board Member

Rating: 5

This personal attack, as with others by those who hide behind pseudonyms, is composed of lies, half-truths and ignorance.

The wind-electric hybrid vehicle was the cover story for Popular Science in November of 1976. SunWind developed the electric propulsion system for what was previously a brilliant racing land yacht totally dependent upon the wind.

Room Temperature Superconductors Inc. completed four Small Business Innovation Research contracts on our Ultraconductors - including a Phase II with the USAF after the Air Force did its own tests of the materials during Phase I. Fractal Systems independently reproduced almost 1,000 samples of these materials on a separate USAF contract. These polymer equivalents of an ambient temperature superconductor are expected to be commercialized by CHAVA Energy. See Ultraconductors at www.chavaenergy.com

The science behind fractional Hydrogen, which I call ECHO, Energy from Collapsing Hydrogen Orbits, is detailed at www.chavascience.com See also The Coler Papers on that website for a history of a magnetic generator that became a Top Secret project in Nazi Germany after a 6,000 watt example was demonstrated.

What the late Dr. Robert Carroll called Pion fusion is usually known today as Muon Fusion. Active programs are pursuing it in Japan, the UK, Australia and elsewhere. See www.starscientific.com.au/
It is expected to propel spacecraft in the future. Such craft are anticipated by mainstream scientists to approach the speed of light. If Carroll's non-relativistic physics proves correct, such spacecraft will be able to far exceed lightspeed and open paths to exploration of Goldilocks planets.

This supposed evaluation of my work is a sad example of a pathetic attack. It reflects what has been called pathological skepticism and propagates false information.

To quote from the bio and AESOP history on the website: "It is little recognized that revolutionary new science and technology typically has a 20 to 30 year incubation period before practical products emerge. In the case of radically new approaches to energy, due to the need to learn by performing a very large number of laboratory experiments with inadequate funds and in the face of widespread disbelief, disparagement, and ridicule - it has taken far longer. However, independent scientific validation has begun and a variety of remarkable, game-changing, energy products are at last beginning to be born."

Think of the revolutionary engine as a refrigerator that produces electricity and needs no fuel.

Skeptics might find CIRCUMVENTING SECOND LAW on the AESOP Institute website of interest.

Previous Stories

Board Member

Rating: 4

This review above is a troll attack. The individual who posts under the name Penny Gruber, as well as others, has been an internet troll for many years. Another troll has more recently been launching these attacks and quoting Penny Gruber.

She attacks unproven technologies, most of which are inventor’s delusion. She is sometimes correct.

Her repeated accusations of fraud and scam are in this case simply false.

Partial truths and innuendo are used to back up the assertions, including unsubstantiated claims, guilt by association, etc. Much of what is quoted is simply untrue.

Thinking that a lie told hundreds of times will gain validity, these attacks are posted often.

Entrepreneurs working with inventors making claims of breakthrough technologies make mistakes, sometimes big ones. We have been no exception.

Material on the AESOP Institute website reflects decades of experience. That site opens the door to technologies with a high probability of making major contributions to accelerating a sharp reduction in the need for fossil and radioactive fuels.

A few specific comments: The wind-electric hybrid vehicle was the cover story for Popular Science in November, 1976. SunWind Ltd., a firm which I founded, created and supplied the electric drive that made it highway capable, as mentioned in the article. The vehicle was a prototype by a brilliant inventor and was never claimed to be production ready.

Magnetic Power Inc. (MPI) and its subsidiary, Room Temperature Superconductors Inc. were awarded four Small Business Innovation Research Contracts by the Department of Defense. These included a Phase II award by the USAF after successful tests of our room temperature superconductors by the Air Force during the Phase I contract. Since these are polymer materials we created the name Ultraconductors™. Almost 1,000 samples of these remarkable materials were independently reproduced for the USAF by Fractal Systems. The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy assisted with this program. Funding was interrupted by global economic factors beyond our control. Development is expected to resume under the auspices of CHAVA Energy.

Magnetic Power Inc. (MPI) was formed to explore the potential of seemingly self-powered magnetic systems to generate electricity. A magnetic generator was demonstrated in Germany in 1925 and by 1937 was producing 6,000 watts. It became a Top Secret program for the Nazi Navy which wanted to use it to recharge submarine batteries without requiring a sub to surface. The lab was bombed late in World War II. British Intelligence published a Report in 1946 indicating the work was genuine. That Report was declassified in 1979. See The Coler Devices at www.chavascience.com for more of the story. MPI Magnetic Generators are still under development under the auspices of CHAVA Energy. See www.chavaenergy.com

The patented device we once called POWERGENIE is the subject of a second patent pending and appears to have the potential to become a practical commercial product in the future.

The electric car that claimed to have run more than 4,000 miles was a hybrid that turned out to be a scam by an inventor. We should never have publicized his claim. That was clearly a mistake.

Anyone familiar with the markets for power generation is aware that breakthrough systems that need no fuel are likely to generate revenues in the billions of dollars.

New science typically takes 20 to 30 years to result in practical products. Technologies that challenge conventional wisdom take much longer. Entrepreneurs are always optimists and if they were aware of the true timetable for breakthroughs in energy they would probably never attempt the task.

The engine that needs no fuel is an AESOP Institute prototype project. It circumvents The Second Law of Thermodynamics. Until validated by an independent lab, skepticism is understandable. See NO FUEL ENGINE at www.aesopinstitute.org to learn more about what appears to have the potential to demonstrate an astonishing potential: The ability to generate electricity without the need for fossil or radioactive fuels. If it performs as anticipated, it will change the energy and economic landscape.