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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Animals, Wildlife Preservation & Protection

Mission: Wildlife Haven was founded in 1990. Our main focus is on the care of injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife. Wildlife Haven provides professional care to native birds and animals, most of which are in trouble due to manmade causes, and gives them a second chance at life in the natural world.

Programs: Rehabilitation - cared for 650injured/orphaned animals with a 81% release rate. Assisted over 1600 people with wildlife questions and inquiries related to animal care/preservation.

education - presented 15 programs to over 800 people at public forums and speaking engagements, and assisted over 2000 visitors/ callers with one-on-one educational responses.

Community Stories

11 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


Rating: 5

I loved my time volunteering at Wildlife Haven. The care that goes into rehabilitating wildlife at this center is amazing. Each animal is given the unique, individual attention it needs in order to be released back into the wild. The work done by Jane and the entire volunteer crew is inspiring, especially because working with wildlife is a fairly thankless job. They draw so much happiness and satisfaction with each successful release and that's what keeps everyone going.


Rating: 4

I have worked with Wildlife Haven for 25 years. In that time I have seen the organization grow from an in-home operation to a 10 acre facility with an education area, clinic, intern housing, office and director's residence.

The first year saw 10 animals cared for. Last year we admitted over 600 and 77% of those were released back into their natural world for a second chance at life. The animals are given the best possible care - high quality diets specific to their species, clean conditions to live in while they are at the center, and caring people who do their best to keep them wild and give them the optimal chance at survival upon release.

In addition to the rehabilitation work, Wildlife Haven does a large amount of work via the telephone and internet. We receive calls and emails from all over Ohio and the surrounding states. These people are usually seeking help for an animal they have found and they are given basic instructions to keep the animal safe until it can be gotten to Wildlife Haven or to a rehabilitator in their area that we refer them to. Many callers seek solutions to wildlife problems or simply want natural history information. A huge amount of aid to wildlife is accomplised in this way!

Wildlife Haven used to do a lot of off-site education programs but at their new site they have a public display area with some permanent residents for people to view and learn about - owls, hawks, a crow, vulture, fox and bobcat. Due to the workload and the ability for folks to learn on-site, we rarely do off-site programs anymore. (Plus there is a great nature center just 5 miles down the road!)

Wildlife Haven provides a valuable resource to both the people and the wildlife of north central Ohio and beyond!


Rating: 5

I've been involved with Wildlife Haven since its beginnings. Over the years I have seen hundreds of creatures brought in for help. They are given the best possible care with the goal of getting them back into the wild. Over 75% are given a second chance due to the good work of the people at Wildlife Haven.

The organization also provides a valuable resource to the people of the area. A constant stream of telephone calls and emails arrive: people wanting information about an animal or an animal problem, people from other areas of the state or country looking for help with an injured or orphaned animal. Wildlife Haven is able to answer these questions (they direct the caller to another source if they can't!) and refer them to a rehabilitator in their area if needed.

This is a great organization that provides a valuable service to both people and wildlife!


Rating: 5

I have volunteered on and off at Wildlife Haven for almost twenty years. The animals there get such great care and everyone truly wants to help each one have a second chance and a normal life. I learn so much about wildlife when I am there and can in turn share that knowledge with others!


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

I am a veterinarian who used to practice in the clinic where Jane would bring injured wildlife for care. She taught me a great deal about wildlife and about people. Over the years I have had opportunities to work with other wildlife rescue organizations, and they all have fallen short of the work Jane does at Wildlife Haven. Hands down, this is the best facility in Ohio, and I suspect one of the best in the country. North central Ohio is blessed to have Wildlife Haven as their option for wildlife care and information.


Rating: 5

about 12-13 yrs ago we had a apple tree come down in a storm in it was a American Kestrel, it wasn't in very good shape. We called Shelby Police who gave us Wildlife Haven's number in Tiro. That is how I met Jane. We went to a Chili Dinner in Tiro and I signed up to volunteer a year later she gave me a call when she had room for 1 more volunteer. My love for animals and Jane's teachings have changed my life in a wonderful way! Wildlife Haven gives to wildlife what man takes away with cars, saws and fire I have seen animals come in and think this lil kid doesn't have much of a chance, weeks pass with lots of TLC and it goes back into wild.


Rating: 5

We have been visiting and using Wildlife Haven for many years.
They take all of the hurt animals we find and help them recover if at all possible.
After recovery, the birds and animals are returned to where they were found.
Has a very dedicated and skilled staff.


Rating: 5

Jane has opened up a whole new world to me. I have been able to watch her work with and release so many animals over the past 10 years. The reward to watching those little eyes of the ones in care and the trust that they learn to have always touches my heart. Jane educates, encourages, assists, and is always so caring. If only humans could recieve the care and knowledge that she gives to those in her care the world would be a better place. It is an honor to assist her. The animals always come first.

Client Served

Rating: 5

Jane at Wildlife Haven has been there for me more times than I can count. My family and I are some of the fortunate people that seem to have animals in distress come to our place with some regularity. Fortunate for the animals because we care, and they will be safe. Fortunate for us because we have Jane and Wildlife Haven in our neighborhood. Jane has always helped with advice from what to do if you disturb a bunnies nest to taking in injured critters and giving them the care they need. I have a great deal of respect for Jane and her staff. The amount of compassion and dedication it takes to nurse wild animals back to health is huge. We are very blessed to have Jane and Widlife Haven in our community.


Rating: 5

As a past volunteer, client & supporter of Wildlife Haven, I highly recommend their care & rehab of injured wildlife. From groundhogs, to raccoons, oppossums, rabbits, birds & more, I've seen many wild animals recover & released back into the wild. It's a good feeling to know you're supporting your local community & giving wild animals a second chance at life.