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Causes: Education, International, International Relief, Religion

Mission: LDS Philanthropies acts as the philanthropic fund-raising and correlating agency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its affiliated charitable organizations.

Community Stories

20 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

Client Served

Rating: 5

I have been blessed by this organization before. When I lived in Indiana I saw how contributions from the organization helped my community when it was flooded.



Rating: 5

I am a happy donor to this organization and love what it does!



Rating: 1

This is not a true non profit. They lie about what they spend your money on. I have given thousands to this church only to see them spend it on building a mega mall in SLC and fight against gay marriage in the government. I am sure non of my money went to help failies in need.



Rating: 5

I donate to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because I know that the money donated will be used wisely to benefit people all over the world. They do and help more people than we will ever comprehend. It is an example of how we should live by serving, helping and caring for each other.


Client Served

Rating: 5

Look I have been out of work and the church has been helping me by paying some of my bills and providing food for us. I also get to help out by serving in the Bishop Store House, which this helps me feel good. I am helping back not just taking. I have also seen many other people have been benefited by it. Just go to the Humanitarian Center. The Church has been there in many other places....they don't just help members they help other people. They have provided medical services where none has been...they helped out Germany with wheat after WWII or I....many pounds of wheat was sent on train carts. They also have Family Services to help out with counseling (these are licensed counselors) .


General Member of the Public

Rating: 2

Bill Gates has done more for education with his donations to the UNCF than the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ever will. And when Lakota people were dying in the Dakotas for lack of propane this past winter, the church was spending money to build condominiums in Philadelphia. The Maya children of Guatemala suffer malnourishment as high as 80%. What did the LDS church do? It built a multibillion dollar mall in Salt Lake City for the wealthy to shop in. Think about how much of a difference that money would have made in helping the Maya peoples instead of a shopping center in Utah. Other nonprofits do far more to help make the world better.


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

I worked for over15 years in South Asia and East Asia with various government agencies and NGOs and I have always been impressed by the LDS Church's charitable relief efforts. When disaster strikes, they are among first ones in - and they come with appropriate aid.

For example, we watched as container after container of LDS aid arrived in Indonesia after the big 2004 tsunami, and again after a big earthquake in a different part of the country the next year. We were in China following the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan and again the LDS were busily bringing in supplies. I can't remember a typhoon in the Philippines in the last 10 years where I haven't run into LDS relief efforts.

I was discussing the LDS with some of my classmates who work in the US and they tell me they regularly see hundreds of LDS volunteers (sometimes called Mormons) in yellow vests working in the aftermath of disasters in the US like hurricanes Sandy and Katrina.

One of the things that impresses me most about the LDS church's relief efforts is their attitude. They don't try to limit their aid to their own adherents, they are willing to help where help is needed, regardless of religion. It doesn't even matter to them whether they get "credit" for their efforts - only that the aid gets to those in need.
For example, in Pakistan after the 2005 Kashmir earthquake there were problems with local officials who were very opposed to their people finding out that relief supplies were coming from Christians (to the point that the officials were blocking shipments to starving people), so the LDS simply had their supplies repacked to remove any mention of the church so they could get through. One LDS leader told me "It's only important that the hungry are fed and the homeless are sheltered, not that we get our names in the papers". I heard a similar story from a colleague that the LDS have been quietly shipping food to North Koreans on the same "no name" basis - politics don't matter, only hungry children matter.

I saw criticism of the LDS church several years ago for a "lack of transparency" (echoed in some other reviews on this site) and I did some research of my own.
Apparently the LDS church doesn't file the same financial disclosure documents with the US IRS that big US charities do (like Red Cross), but I learned that most US churches aren't required to file them and therefore don't file either. I also learned that the LDS church has a modern internal audit department and that one of the major public accounting firms (currently Deloitte) audits the church and its internal processes and auditors.

I looked into the governing board overseeing LDS charities and it is quite impressive (and a bit eclectic, which I like), including a Stanford business school professor, several university presidents, a state supreme court judge, and even the former chief pilot of Lufthansa, All serve as unpaid volunteers.

LDS charities distribute 100% of funds donated for relief. An LDS church leader told me that their charitable relief funds are separated from the church's other funds (like their tithing program) by a one-way gate. The church can use other funds to support relief efforts (like paying for all the overhead of the relief program), but no relief funds can be used for anything other than relief aid.

Given what I have seen and experienced personally and what I have learned about them, I would be very comfortable recommending The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as a worthy charity.


Client Served

Rating: 5

When my husband lost his job and we were struggling financially for several months the LDS church offered to help us by sending us to a place called the bishop's storehouse to receive food. When we arrived I was surprised to find dozens of families like ourselves filling their shopping carts with food and necessities. I have since learned that the LDS church offers this all across the world and they do so through their members donations and investments in cattle ranches and such. We receive meats, dairy, and canned goods during the time my husband was un-employed. Everytime we visited the store house it was full of people receiving help. I'm thankful for the help we received in a time of stress and need. Thank you to all who make this charity possible.

17 D Nathan M.


Rating: 5

Interesting set of reviews. Either ex-members rate the Church with one star (anonymously) or Church members and other active donors rate it highly.

I spent 18 months as a senior missionary and was intimately involved in administering Church funds. I am thrilled to say that the donations go to the needed recipients and every effort is made that donations are both sustainable and that there is no graft or corruption. I gladly donate to the Church.



Rating: 1

Spent more than 25 years as a voluntary member of this organization. After I left (voluntarily), I was shunned by members of this organization. I was told that I was not good enough for them and many of them cut off contact with me due to the teachings of this organization.

This organization also took thousands of dollars from me with the promise of my life getting better, but like many organizations who claim this, it didn't happen. It is also a very homophobic and misogynist organization which routinely gets involved with politics (gay marriage) and I believe that it's tax-exempt status should be revoked because of that.