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2 Connie55

Client Served

Rating: 5

I have a Mini that came through AC4H by way of a local rescue. My Haflinger I got directly from AC4H. They were very helpful getting me set up with vetting and a barn that would quarantine for me. Of course $$$ was all was my responsibility. I am ass-u-ming some people might not realize in order to save $ and in some cases these beautiful horses lives. There is some risk involved. It is my understanding AC4H pulls horses from auction, transport, feed, in some cases ride to show and try to get as much information on stills and video to the public.That is a LOT of work and not cheap! They really can't be making much money with all they do! When I picked up my girl in 2011 they were busy caring for and working with multiple truckloads of horses. Everywhere! I am sure mistakes do happen but I have found them to be caring, hardworking and would trust them again with another horse anytime if I were looking.
It is the public aka client's responsibility to make the decision if they want the horse or not. Horses do get very stressed in auction and are susceptible to all the germs around. Many even get sick in transport after the fact. That is not the responsibility of AC4H. I think they do a wonderful job!!!
I have had both of my girls for over three years. I have done many miles of trails on the Haflinger. Am just now starting to train Mini for cart and looking forward to a lot of fun learning to drive together.
I personally sick of people giving them a bad rap.


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

ANOTHER CHANCE 4 HORSES INC has been shut down permanently for NOT being a "Great Nonprofit." They ran a scam rescue for years and stole money from people over and over, and it took years of complaints from concerned and outraged victims before authorities would take action. Now they have shut this scam operation down and Christy Sheidy will pay for her many crimes.



Rating: 1

I "adopted" a pony from her after all her fees and sale price he ended up being almost $1000. And he was said to be a gelding, And it cost me over $300 to have him gelded again. I contacted her regarding finding he had testicles and she never got back to me. However, communication was good while she was adding on more fees. But then I asked help to take care of gelding him, as that was an unplanned expense. I expected he might be older than noted or need dental care, as he did. But "adopted" a "gelding" who was scheduled to go to killers by a certain date- as said in the list. But did not expect a stallion.

6 Sally S.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

AC4h was just stripped of its 501c3 nonprofit status by the IRS in May, yet is still representing itself as such. This is FRAUD! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT support this organization in any way, shape or form. As has been said so many times before, always do your due diligence before ever donating one cent of your money to a charity, to be sure it is legitimate. Too many people have let their emotions run away with them with regard to this shady organization, only to be "taken for a ride" with hundreds or even thousands of dollars pocketed by these crooks.

If you are a victim, please email FBI Special Agent Charlene Trux at charlene.trux@ic.fbi.gov or call her at (610) 433-6488.

Previous Stories

General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

To call this organization a "rescue" is a huge, and I mean, humongous stretch! They reported $300k in revenue for 2009, yet NOBODY, according to a very credible source, in the Sheidy household works a regular job at all. She has consistently claimed for years that AC4h does not own the broker horses, but where is this revenue coming from, then?

None of the money taken in benefits the horses in any way, shape or form. She claimed $27,000 in vet expenses and $56k in hay and supplements, yet virtually NONE of the horses going through the broker program get even the most basic vet care and many of them, when they leave the broker lot, are in worse shape than when they arrived.

As a result, they are shipped out sick, injured, emaciated and lame across state lines, which is a big NO-NO. Quite a few of these poor animals have had to be humanely destroyed upon arrival at their new homes.

They claim they have adopted out approximately 1,000 horses last year-- a claim that doesn't hold water in this miserable economy and many reputable and legitimate rescues are struggling to place their animals and keep them fed and healthy.

I agree with the other reviewers that the majority of these horses have been shipped to slaughter as Christy and her cohorts have failed abysmally time after time to account for the whereabouts of all the missing horses or to provide updates on them. This occurring after they took in thousands of dollars in donations and glibly assured donors the horses were no longer in peril.

Christy does not like for people to ask serious and pointed questions and she has avoided them time after time, or given very vague answers which never address the questions directly. If people persist, she deletes their posts and blocks them--all major red flags that this "rescue" is one to avoid completely. I would never support this organization and hope that she will be shut down permanently in the near future.

The photo I am providing with this review is of Faith, a grulla mare that was severely, and I mean, horribly foundered and in such excruciating pain that she did not want to walk, yet Christy's daughter forced the poor animal to move--on hard pavement at that.

Christy was told by the veterinarian that she needed to be put down, but she refused to do so--she wanted the money for this horse because of her unusual coloring-- and so a hauler had no choice but to transport her several hundred miles in her condition to the Poconos, where she was humanely euthanized. This poor animal did not receive ANY vet care at all--NONE-- while in Christy's hands, which is typical of this woman. All she cares about is the money the horse will bring her.

Review from Guidestar


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

Cease and desist order issued August 2013 by PA Dept of State.
AC4H still does not appear in the PA charities online database.


4 Sarah163

Client Served

Rating: 1

Adopted a very ill donkey and told to hold a garage sale to raise the necessary $14,000 vet care after 5 gutteral pouch surgeries and told he was healthy by the agency. Documentation from several vets can be provided. I still have my boy but he lived at the vet clinic for almost 3 months after we first adopted him.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

Christy Sheidy is the biggest scam artist around. She has a video with a dead horse in it. she doesn't even care. she is a fraud and bad person. she tried to extort money out of us and it didn't work. she is no rescue. she is a horse dealer that hides behind her 501 status. I feel bad for all the people that give money and all the horses that come in contact with her.

Review from Guidestar


Client Served

Rating: 4

No way can you judge a horse completely in the few minutes of a video. You take your chances buying a horse in this manner. These horses are kept in a communal setting, and are very likely to arrive ill, or become ill. Its part of the deal. Those of us who know horses know how to handle that, and suffer no undue expenses. Those who don't may hire vets who want to create a big deal and make a lot of money from those who don't. Find a good knowledgeable experienced person to help you thru...will save you a lot.

As far as my rescues, which are now numbering about eight - I have been more than pleased. My current riding horse is an AC4H rescue and he is hands down a better character than my husband's horse, which we bought from a reputable breeder, for five times the money! He came in sick, very frightened, and needed time and care. He is repaying us more than we could have hoped. The rest of our rescues were rehabbed and re-homed and I get pictures and letters regularly from their happy owners.

Good luck and its wonderful if you can help these horses.


Client Served

Rating: 1


FBI raids area Another Chance 4 Horses in Berks County


Client Served

Rating: 3

I'm torn as to this group.I got 2 from there.First one had Strangles and second one was beat the hell up from the Lot or the Transport.I did however receive my Horses.I do understand that when being in the Brokers Lot, AC4H themselves can't do anything for the Horses, they aren't theirs, but the Brokers.I have had great help with the Volunteer I worked with(who btw has a real job and is just THAT, a Volunteer)to help me get my Horses.IF Horses were drugged, I don't think Christy did that.They come through the Auction like that and usually takes a month to get out of their Systems.
I know others that have adopted and received their Horses.Not sure where all this missing Horse stuff comes from.They are however skinny and or sick most of the time.
Way I feel is, any horse you get from anywhere can be drugged or be sick.
However, I have seen Horses on the Site that shouldn't be ridden or are sick and should be Isolated from other Horses and ARE being ridden and not isolated, on top of it, they use the same Tack on everyone.
Point is, these are Kill Broker owned and he will ship them.I don't want to line his pockets, but I also don't want to see Horses that are young and perfectly fine, go through the Slaughter Horror.
so, yes I am torn.I guess everyone needs to make up their own mind as to what is best for them.AC4H isnt the only Organization that works with a Kill Broker.There are SEVERAL.